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Audio Production Services

Mixing / Mastering - Rates & Descriptions ov Services
We have been planning on making these services available for a while now. They are open to ALL bands whether you intend to release on Satanica or another label. i.e you pay for the work, so you own it to do with as you wish. There are many out there whom offer these services now, from the cheap & truly awful to very good but very expensive. We offer something a little different - a quality service at a realistic price!
Any questions or requests for the services can be directed to and following are the rates:
Premium Mixing or Mastering Service - $50NZD per track (song)
The prices are in "per track" as there is no real time limit on how long we will spent on working a track. Whether it be mixing or mastering, once we receive your raw tracks we will begin the work & provide you with Mp3 progress mixes via email as they happen. You can then decide from these whether you like the direction the material is heading in or to suggest any changes necessary.
Once the mix or mastering is finalised we will send you the result as 24bit Wave files on a DVD disc, and we will include on the disc any other format you require plus a normal playable audio CD will be provided also.
Premium Mixing & Mastering Combo - $80NZD per track (song)
Exactly the same as the above services but a discount due to ordering both processes at the same time.
The above rates may be negotiable depending on how many tracks you are doing & what your band/personal situation is etc. And also note that these prices are for mixing / mastering only, no editing. (apart from the usual tidy up ov the beginning & ending ov tracks during mastering process ov course!) i.e. the performances ov the instruments / vocals are already satisfactory & the song is ready for mixing or mastering.
How do you know if our services are any good? Simple! Purchase one ov these releases below from this page & instead ov the usual Satanica free gift you will instead receive a bonus disc containing some tracks from the release before they were Mastered.
(We only have an example ov mastering available at present, but a mixing example will be added in the near future.)
If you buy any ov these and then proceed with one ov our audio services (including the Quick Polish!) the cost will be deducted from the fee!
Purchase this release if you wish to hear how our mastering can improve source material that is already mixed to a good standard. 
Purchase this release if you wish to hear what we can do to improve raw & coarse source material (in this case recorded live to cassette).
"Quick Polish" Mastering Service - $45NZD for EP length, $60NZD for Album length
Maybe you don't have the budget for a full mastering job? Well then, perhaps our Quick Polish service is for you.
For a super low fee we will improve the sound ov your entire release. Obviously you can't expect the supra results ov our premium service, but nevertheless it will be a worthwhile improvement to your release at a very modest outlay! The time we spend on these is capped at around two hours & we will send one progress Mp3 if you require it during the course ov the service. The results will be sent to you as a normal playable CD which you can easily duplicate or a data disc with 16bit wave files if you prefer.

How to pay for Audio Production Services
We can invoice you via PayPal - that would be our preferred method. But you can also send a bank check or prepaid credit card via the mail with the master. But if you do these methods it would pay to register and/or insure your package. We expect payment upfront for the Quick Polish service & at least 50% upfront for the Premium services - in this case the Master discs will be sent when the balance is paid.
How to send your source material
Realistically if you are requiring mixing, due to the amount ov data it will have to be on a DVD disc or multiple CDs sent via the postal service.
We would also prefer you send us material for mastering this way too, and in 24bit Wave or AIFF files. However, if necessary you can send it online as 16 bit Waves for EP length releases or 320kbps Mp3s/WMA for album length releases. There will be a $10NZD data handling fee for receiving material online.
Email :


Compilation CDs

"Most Unholy Convergence"
100+ bands on CD-ROM in Mp3 format. Far too many bands to list here, although we might make a link available soon to the tracklisting. A pretty good sampler - although by no means exhaustive - ov the current underground. Comes in a DVD style case.
Produced by: Dan o))) from S.O.D.D. 2010
Length: 100+ tracks, bloody long! $20NZD
Released on Satanica: 5 June 2010


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Exclusive: new video for a friend, and a new profile for my side band!!!

Crank it!!!

and some links to my side band Grim Funeral Technos new main site at reverbnation !!! -D!/grimfuneraltechno

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ABISMO - Occasus A Lux Enimus Candelae review (Dracolord)

When I listen to this album, which I'll refer to as Occasus due to the title being very long (just like the songs), I am reminded of two bands: Mortiis and Devin Townsend. It's not too difficult to see why Occasus reminds me of Era I Mortiis, but you may be asking why would a a dark ambient album remind me of a Canadian metal musician. Well Devin Townsend actually has released two ambient albums, and his ambient release after the split up of Strapping Young Lad, The Hummer, reminds me a lot of this album. Both albums feature droning, trance-like ambient songs that have low volume mixes (compared to industry standards). For anyone who knows anything about me, it's needless to say that comparing you to one of my favorite musicians, Dev, is a high compliment.

Coming in at a staggering 78 minutes, Occasus is a wonderful listening experience that is made for those seeking enlightenment and solitude. The dark droning soundscapes that are presented on this album are perfect for meditation. I could easily see putting this album on and shutting out the rest of the world to quiet my mind.

The unfortunate thing about this kind of music is that it doesn't lend itself to general play. It really requires an optimal listening environment to enjoy. The focus on low frequencies means that this album can be easily drowned out by environmental factors. There's no way you could truly appreciate this album on a car ride (unless you were driving an electric car that doesn't generate fake engine noise), at a party, or at work. The only true way to enjoy it is to set up a room with a nice surround sound system and a single chair or daybed in the middle and just crank it up.

While this isn't a recent release from Abismo, it has definitely turned me on to the band in general. If you like dark ambiance or you just need new meditation music (that isn't new-agey), then check this album out.

Abismo can be found at

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This is the first time I have ever written an update as such onto a facebook page. Six months there is no way you would have found me even considering using facebook for anything, let alone Satanica.

Well, things certainly change don't they? And, unfortunately so has Myspace - to the point where it has become unworkable for us to use now. The last straw came this morning when I could not even open the "customize" option on myspace to add a new release to our profile there. Despite now being on a superior internet connexion than what we had at the old HQ, albeit running on a slightly older PC.

Therefore I had the choice ov trying to get a computer that would run myspace or get a social networking site that would run on this computer. Guess what I chose? heh

I instructed Baphgirl to establish us a presence here on facebook & we will be moving the business we did on myspace over here in the immediate future.

It is probably a wise idea as from what we have learned on the web, myspace is in deep shit & may indeed disappear compleatly in a relatively short period ov time. Yes, the rats are already leaving the ship!

The idea is to replace showcasing the upcoming & recent releases on myspace with doing it here. However if that does not prove to be practicable we will simply put them up on

It is nice to be able to type into a site that doesn't hang up for several minutes after as little as 30 seconds..! ;)



PS: We will not be deleting the myspace profile as such, we will just be directing all business away from it. Which we have already been doing for quite a while. The best way to contact Satanica is through email:
SATANICA IST KRIEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -D

BAL SAGOTH - DEMO I (fun review 1# new)

I am going to start doing random reviews from time to time now, mostly based on my favorite albums, demos and such. Been meaning too for awhile but never got to it, but at this rate, I wont be able to do it till I start now!!! Sorry underground bands, I just would love to review my favorites too, but at the same time, SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND!!! hey, you would do it too, if you were me. Right??? -D

I never really got into Bal Sagoth until tonight. I remember watching the Emperor video of a fine day to die cover live on the Anthems To Welkin At Dusk cd I bought as a bonus feature, and the singer of Bal Sagoth was on stage with a huge fucking
medieval times sword from the time of dragons, and mysticism, and such. He screamed out some Bathory lyrics, and I thought he was bad ass then I truely wanted to set out and find out what this guy really was all about today. His discography I heard is real epic sounding, and fantasy like, which I yet to listen to it all, but the first thing I made sure to selfishly download from them was the 1st Bal Sagoth Demo from 1993. Thinking it would might sound like their later albums I yet to hear but more rawer and dirty, I downloaded this bad boy off a site called MEGAPORN, not megauploader, MEGAPORN lol it just so happened that I found their discography on a blog spot, and the demo said follow this link, so I did and hahahaha my freaking ass off. I got the demo though all joking aside, and um I opened it on winrar, got the songs transferred to my Realplayer library and started listening and FUCKING DAMN... this is totally what I have not expected!!! It is like a cross of 80s brutal technical death metal, elements of OLD darkthrone, and the vocal prowess of Napalm Death in its hey day, and fucking BOLT THROWER. Shit this demo is great. It also has some passages of a lighter but darker side to it on a short instrumental in between a track and at the end of the demo but it is totally thrashing and powerful for a recorded onto tape demo and never released, but just circulated around to labels for secretive notice. This demo I recommend to anyone starting to listen to Bal Sagoth like I am, and I look forward to collecting the rest of their albums, but hopefully to pick up one of their cds, a shirt, and hopefully a Bal Sagoth vinyl would be fucking excellent. To sum up this review, download it now from this megaporn site hahaha! and enjoy its powerful sound and technical cunning-ness. -D

Demo, Independent
December 1993
- No cover was made for this demo

This demo was never officially released; it was just sent out on the underground
tape trading network in 1993 in order to be circulated.

Track 1 is sampled from the film "Masters of the Universe". Frank Langella,
playing the part of Skeletor, speaks the lines.
Track 2 is a different, shorter version of the song that later appeared on "A
Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria".
Track 3, after extensive lyrical and musical changes, eventually became "Shadows
'Neath The Black Pyramid" from "A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria".
Track 4 was eventually dismantled and had some of its constituent parts
incorporated into other songs.

Tracks 2 and 3 are both featured as exclusive bonus tracks on the Japanese
pressing of the Bal Sagoth album "Atlantis Ascendant".

Contrary to popular belief, there is no cover artwork for this demo. The band
sent this as a blank tape to record labels and copied it onto other blank tapes
for fans who requested it. The picture shown was thrown together by someone
using an old band photo and some photoshop working. Funnily enough, this cover
IS shown on the official Bal-Sagoth page.

After the last song, there is a short outro sample resembling a gate grinding to
a close. The whole is only around 8 seconds long.


2.Dreaming of Atlantean Spires (Alpha)04:58
3.By the Blaze of the Fire Jewels (Zero)05:34
4.A Shadow on the Mist05:27
Total playing time16:35


Welcome to Transylvanian Forest E-zine, how are you doing today?
Hi, it's all good. Thanx...(Alen bottom/right, spiky hair)

1)what made you guys want to start this band, and why?
Some 7 years ago we were on a party under influence of alchohol and the idea of making a band just popped out. The founding members, Glax and Dac played some drunk covers of SOAD and Pennywise and we all have been attending hardcore, punk and metal gigs in our local club "Baraka". That brought us together.

2)what are your main influences in the realm of music?
I'd say it's the swedish school of death metal, especially bands from Gothenburg: At The Gates, early In Flames, Dark Tranquillity but also Amon Amarth, The Crown, The Black Dahlia Murder.
3)what bands have you gigged with? past or plan to gig with soon?
The most famous band we've shared the stage with is Behemoth. We've also played a gig in Slovenia with guys from Bleed from Within. In Croatia we mostly share the stage with E.N.D. and Sufosia.

4)what does your band name mean?
Our first drummer Kvrga was a World of Warcraft addict so he suggested the name Moltencore which is some kind of a quest in the game. I'm not sure. At that time we didn't care much about the name so we easily agreed.

5)If you had a choice of doing music in a live setting or strictly in the studio setting, which do you prefer, and which one do you thrive best in?
Live shows by far. Of course you have to enter the studio from time to time to record the songs but we don't prefer it too much! It's kind of stressful time for us!

6)How long has the band been around for and has their been any line up changes, and who plays what in the band now?
It all started in the early winter of 2004. First line up was: Kvrga on drums, Dac on bass, Glax and Mishel on guitars. Koshpa joined the band in 2005. as a lead vocal. Dac was replaced by Che and soon after that Kela joined the band. Also Kvrga was replaced by Brane. Current line up is:
Koshpa – vocals
Glax – guitars
Mishel – guitars
Alen – drums
Adi – bass

                                                                 (LATEST ALBUM)
7)How would you define your music if you had to catergorize it?
It's melodic death metal with some thrash (Slayer&Metallica!!!) influences.

8)What is your latest album about lyrically, and how was the recording process?
The lyrics are mostly personal but are also related to some social and enviromental issues.

9)Is their any fun stories while on the road or gigging you guys like to share?
There's always a funny story on every gig and it's mostly under the influence of, well you know, but we'll keep it to ourselves. ;)

10)How much longer do you think you will be making music for and what do you think of the metal underground of today?
We'll make music as long as it makes us happy and satisfied rehearsing, touring and playing live. The amount of free time will be the most important factor. There are many great underground bands here in Croatia. The technology available today makes it easier for an underground band to sound pro, so soundwise, the line between underground and pro bands is thinner than ever.

11)If you had to sum up 3 words to describe your band, what would those 3 words be? Hmmm?
Wine, beer, wine. :D

12)Do you guys think you will hit the states any time soon, and what is your future plans with your band Moltencore?
No, I think we won't become globaly famous anytime soon. :D Currently we're recording the new EP with 5 brand new songs. The plan is to finish the recording and mixing of the EP as soon as possible and play live as much as possible.

13)I appreciate the time to interview you guys, and being patient with me haha, Do you guys have any last words? shout outs? family, friends, wives, girlfriends, relatives, fans, fellow bands, any thing to say at all? Stay strong brothers! cheers! -D
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to present ourselves to the visitors of your webzine. Shouts?!

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Schizophrenia - Suicidal Reverberation

This band is the secret side project of the founder and creator of the band ABLAZE ETERNAL. This side band will also be teaming up with my side band Grim Funeral Techno for a split release on DUNGEON OF DARKNESS called "Techno-Noise Apocalypse". Here is their album for download and info.

01. Fall Of Equilibrium
02. Negative Hallucinations
03. Sickness Syndrome And Depression
04. Suicidal Reverberation

Duration: 60:00 minutes
Format: Free Download
Quantity: N/A
Release: 5th December 2010




Tovarish - Da Tovarish Review (new review by Dracolord)


Da Tovarish is one of the most depressing albums I've listened to in a long time. While bands like The Cure and Joy Division can inspire feelings of melancholy, Tovarish fills me with absolute sorrow. The bad thing is that I love it.

Da Tovarish, self-described as Soviet Doom, is one of the best produced albums I've heard come out of the underground. While some people spend years chasing after the thin “true” sound to give their music character, Tovarish instead wins you over with an eclectic array of samples and impressive sound mix. Combine this with soul-crushing guitar chords played at < 30 BPM and some classical instrumentation and you've got absolute despair in audio form.

While most of the lyrics are screamingly incomprehensible, the true heart of the music comes out through samples of old political speeches, what sounds like old propaganda radio broadcasts, and gunfire. It seems a lot of people have tried this combination of political speeches to music in recent history (mainly focusing on presidents and other country leaders discussing various military conflicts), but I've yet to see it pulled off so poignantly as I have with songs like The Very Heart of Darkness.

Da Tovarish is a dark, atmospheric journey through despair that I always enjoy (in my own pessimistic sort of way). It is available on iTunes for $7.00, and I urge everyone to go out and buy it.

You can find the band at the following sites.

@ myspace:
@ reverb nation:


TRANSYLVANIAN FOREST E-ZINE has a NEW partner now for the e-zine! Dave, aka Dracolord of ex-ssunfuck and 1st member I worked with for my most recent side project Grim Funeral Techno. He has stepped up, and wants to do reviews for the e-zine, and this is going to make the download-able reviews get done one by one with me and him working together to improve the e-zine. Sorry if your album is not reviewed yet, I have much work to do, and Dracolord and I will be working together to getting them done. Thanks for reading. -D -l-
P.S. the new logo will be coming soon from the lord of logos Christophe and I will have some modeling work/promo shoots done for the e-zine with the lovely Leah Succuba!  :)(IF any more women want to join in too, let me know!!! WE could make a awesome collage pic for the e-zine together!!!)SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND!!!! (p.s. NO competition ladies, this is for fun, and for the e-zine, please join in, and support!!!)

CLAYMORE - Prolonged Active Antagonism REVIEW

Bone crushing and unrelenting symphonic metal to my ears! This album is the last full length offering from the warriors of claymore!!! This album has been out since 2008, and the songs radiate mysterious knowledge, only to those that listen closely! The music sometimes gets thrown around, place to place, in a weird sort of symphonic, but black metal edgy-ness to it. The album is filled with 10 mystical tracks belted out from these guys that are from the metal underground of Bulgaria.

The music is a cross of many lyrical themes involving fantasy, dreams, war, warriors,  times good, and bad. Their is no lie in their music, and it stands on its own well, with its own defining sound. Songs from centuries of chaos, warriors ready, and built to kill. It is the ultimate album to go to war with! Also it is fun listening to while playing World Of Warcraft, or playing Mortal Kombat III ! This band has had a few demos in the past, but this is their most solid, and strongest sounding album yet. New tracks are also on the way, and these songs for this album Prolonged Active Antagonism can be found on their reverbnation for free download. This band has been involved with bigger acts as well in the underground scene while gigging, with bands such as Napalm Death among other greats. Very metal, and very persistent this band is. I could imagine seeing this band hit the states soon! This would be great if more bands from other countries from the underground such as this came overseas, this would really raise awareness to the metal scene of what great bands like this are out now doing their thing, and doing what they want to do, and that is, kick ass!

The songs are progressive, fast, not too exhaustive, pretty effective nonetheless and each track offers something new I think. If Dream Theater went 1000 times faster, and had more blackened vocals, you get Claymore. This band is on a role now recording new tracks for their next release, and have merch out now for you to buy, shirts, and more. This album I say is recommended to fans of Children Of Bodom, Dream Theater,  Dream Evil, Dark Tranquility, Evergrey, and Symphony X. I suggest you check this band out, and keep the underground alive! Very dynamic, and elusive indeed! This band is on the road to glory, warriors of claymore, stand strong!!! -D (main site)

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Welcome to Transylvanian Forest E-zine Mr. Selonath, how you been?

1) How long have you been making music for, and why did you start this band called Selonath?
Maybe for two years. I really wanted a metal band. I could find the best musicians here.. But always somebody suggest a better chance for them, they left me alone again.
So I decided I Will do everything all by myself! That is why Selonath is not really a band. It is my "name" that I use in my music world...

2) How many albums/demos/ep/splits have you done?
My first "Album" was "My Mysterious World". It was never released, I uploaded it to my site, but I don't know if there were anyone who listened to it.
My second work was Light in Might that you listened to.
I wrote one track (called "Spero") for a Hungarian underground magazine.

3)What label(s) are you associated or worked with?
Not Black Metal. But I think it is unequivocal.
Anyway I do not want to class my work anywhere... It is the critical's charge.

4)How does the recording process work for you?
Well, I did everything in Light in Might project. Now, I have many problems with guitar sounds, so maybe I will go with that to the studio to record in better quality.

5)What is the lyrical content of your songs mostly about, or about in general?
The Nature is the most important thing in my lyrics. Our world, science, rapture.
I want to see the rapture in everything, especially in music!

6)What are your main influences, and what inspires you to make music?
The good answer is the Nature. Our life depends on that. I think that... If we want to find the most interesting things (ancestry, energy, mystics, beauty), We have to search in the nature.
Obviously it is my opinion. Maybe for many people the "stupid woman in the bloody tub" is the most beautiful thing that he or she can see all of his or her life... and not the light in our mind.

7)How much longer do you think you will be making music for?

Well, If I have something to write down, I will.
The issue is another question. I don't know are there anyone, who really understand my words, and love them?
8)What instruments do you play? or machines do you use?
I use many instruments, piano, guitars, drums etc, but I can not assert that I can play any instruments very good.
Machines? I use a Mac. I do everything with it. If you think about music machine, I do not like the plastic instrument or computer sound. If I use a virtual instrument this is real recording, not a generated sound by a computer.
9)Have you collaborated with other artists before?
10)What is your album "Light In Might" about?
The Light in Might album is a really short story about my mind. People can love it, or hate it. If someone can not "see" the light in his or her brain, when listening to my works, well… Than it is so unnecessary to listen.
If someone can, those people can love my works, because they understand that I want to tell.
The life is not a theme park. Everybody knows that (naturally most of them don't want to know that). We have to see the rapture in our nature, not in other person. We have to see our future in OUR life, not in a other persons life..  We always have choice. Two ways, a right, and a left way. The choice is mine what I want to achieve in the future.
But… If someone else will tell, what the good, and bad things are, or will choose the appropriate way, than our personality will die. We will die. And many people choose that life, because it is really easy, and "happy" way...
The album of Light in Might shows you another way… That I choose, and maybe who listen to my works, will think about that, what I just told you, you will see, that there is more.. that someone can see around themselves...
11)If you can do something that could change this world, what would it be?
Nothing. Many faces live in our world.. and many will live. We can not change that process. Therefore some (very few) people will "hang out" from this mob. Naturally not those people who think that about them. I think this is another life, that is really hard to realize.
12)I hear a lot of orchestra-like music on the demo Light In Might, and choir vocalists, is that the main theme of Selonath, or music you personally like to listen too? many dark landscapes, and a ambient feel.
Yes, the main theme, world of Selonath is the Orchestral music. I don't know why, but I have to use sometimes the "metal" themes, to tell that, I want.
13)What is the underground scene like in your area and what do you think of it?
My scene is not the underground world, so unfortunately I can not answer to this question.

14)I do not know too many Hungarian based bands, would you like to name a few that you know of?
Like you, I do not know Hungarian bands. Obviously I heard some, but I don't know them.

15)How has the reaction been to your music?
Well.. People told me that, this is a good album with good songs, but I can not believe it!
The criticism (I think) is not 5 sentences, that the censorious "hear". Nobody writes about the background, the deeper mind, aspect of it all… nobody.
If somebody will write positive opinion, and a good delineation about that my work told him or her about.... Do you understand what I am trying to say?
(yes I do Mr. Selonath)

16)How do you think the new year will turn out for Selonath, and is their a new album in the making, or ready to come out?
In 2011 I will make a new album. Unfortunately I don't have much time, to work with that.
Even so, I have many themes, and some ready tracks.

17) I really enjoyed this interview Selonath, and I like to thank you for your time. Do you have any last words to the people who are reading this now,  your family, peers, friends, and fellow bands??? Take care! -D -l-
Thank you for your Interview. I hope people will understand my words. The music is a... thinking, a feeling, that depends on us, how to hang on...


Friday, January 21, 2011


"Room Across the Hall"
Artist Location: USA
Style: Gothic / Industrial / Metal
Length: EP
Released on Satanica: 17th January 2011

buy now at :
personal message from the creator..... Skye Speciale!!!
hell-low just stopped by to say "RRAATTHH" by IDTAL -
wow it is there it is out THE LONG AWAITED ? WHAT THE EP FROM IDTAL{InDusTreeAlLace] you get to buy it NOW at look in darkwave section,  yes go get one before, oh well f^^k i need money so just buy one now (haha) Thanks guys!!!
Satanica Productions

more links :!/idtal

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Melankolia - Orpheus Down Review (new)

Melankolia is a Ethereal Dark Ambient/Neo-classical solo project from Lancaster, Ohio founded by Mike O'Brien. The bands acclaim is pretty big, and the response to his music has been great, I had to find out for myself how great it was, and they were right, is music is beyond great, it is beyond what I expected to hear, it is just a theme, many layers to everything, and nothing. It inspires me, it enlightens me, it brings me to a peace of mind. It can also bring depression, and other mental qualities but for me, it is a calming after a long day of shit. The sounds never seem to become too overwhelming, or powerful, or even too loud at all, it just seems to smoothly sail song after song this album, and bring you to a other state of mind. Orpheus Down is his latest, and I say it is one of my favorite ambient soloist album I heard so far. I know many ambient artists, and dabbled in ambient music myself, but this guy takes the throne. Its his first official full length, and I do not see a loose end, or even a note that seems to not flow well together and it just seems to perfectly intertwine with one an other song after song. Classical compositions, and piano can be found in his music, so even the old guy that lives down the street that listens to his Chamber music vinyls can appreciate this. I  have happened to run across a few ads for a free collection of chamber music myself. I would have died to own them all! Well, the music is filled with a true sadness, a true hope... with most music, its more about what I hear then rather what I say, and this is one of those albums where I rather just listen and fall into the music then speak about it, because the feeling, and experience of listening to it, does not require words at all. The album is available at and I read he also has shirts for 13$ at the moment. I cant wait to grab one once I have the money to do so. More links can be found at his sites on facebook, twitter, myspace. He truely has made a form of music that I believe has spanned the dawn of time. His sound is timeless, it is something I just cant thank him enough for. I tend to run into some bands I should have started to listen to, as soon as I got the album to listen to, but this album, I should have taken a listen to a LONG time ago. I will continue to spread his links, and help him as much as he can. Only in tune minds, and only people with a sense of  knowledge of the genre of music, or are into a lot of the ambient bands out now can listen, and listen more then once. I hope this review helped him gain more fans, and the respect he deserves. He too knows how it is to be fucked by labels, and also have problems of his own, and I feel a lot of his own "personal thoughts, and feelings" in this music in more ways then one. Lets just call it, a musicians gut feeling. The music will continue from this man, and I hope to hear more classical, and misanthropic tunes to follow. Check out the links below, they will guide you,  towards your light, or towards the dark... whichever you prefer. Melankolia's music will also be part of my collection, and I do not see that changing, even in the next 30 or 40 years from now. It will, live on... -D


Exclusive/Review on Funera single track in the works!

(Trauma Of Funera)
The song is called Tangled In The Architecture Of Rust And Razors (Refabrication), and the title really suits the song itself. The songs sound is in elements of heavier, and older edge of early Godflesh, and Swans in some ways. The screams may come out muffled a bit, but this is what you can expect from a sound not fully evolved yet. The sound that Trauma is going for in his next songs and for his " The Tangled  Demo " are of more of a dark ambient style opposed to the sound I just heard now. The music for the demo should be available soon, and recording is still in process. Either way Trauma has some tricks up his sleeve and I cant wait to hear the demo in its entirety. -D


This is Chalice of Doom, Jordanian Doom/Death metal at its finesse. I recently read they also just found a new drummer, Yousef Al Turk, so info may not be entirely accurate right now. The band has a single out now called "Endless Prison" for me to review here. It is a great single to start off with and reflects a lot of what COD is really all about in more musical compositions then one. The song feels endless once you get into it and their are many twists and also progressive turns in the way? May it be when I hear this I feel like I am listening to old Opeth, it is a real turn on for my ears, and it is just fucking marvelous I say! This song is available through Azmo, hit him up, and dont be a dick haha he is a great guy, and also his band Forgive Me is also featured on Most Unholy Convergence! You should look them up too. Here is some more insight on the band, and I also made a video for Endless Prison, hope you guys like it. -D

Chalice Of Doom is a Melodic Death/Doom Metal band that was formed in Zarqa, Jordan in the begining of 2010. After some months of writing materials, they recorded some tracks, and they are prepairing for their first full length album. The album will contain depressing melodic death doom music with the emphasis being more on the melodic atmospheric side.

In the spring of 2010, Chalice Of Doom began writing and recording the first demo "October Bled" before releasing the full-length album. October Bled saw the band move towards a slow dark doomy sounds. The Demo was recorded and mixed by Chalice Of Doom and mastered by Ahmad Seffo And Azmo Lozmodial.

Fares Swedan - Harsh Vocals
Azmo Lozmodial - Spoken Vocals, Keyboards and Programming
Ahmad Seffo - Lead Guitars\ Bass Guitars
Thabet Abu-hammad - Rythem Guitars
Yousef Al Turk - Drummer

Music And Lyrics By Azmo Lozmodial, All Solos By Ahmad Seffo

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ONE MISSED REEL blog spot !!! exclusive

This is Steve, the guitarist and main man in my side band Frozen Cadaver. This is his blogger and I suggest you check it out! Spread the word!!!



(by Quartier23)

Bereits im Jahre 2003 schuf der in Norwegen lebende Portugiese Bruno Duarte das Projekt Immundus, welches fortan ein Genre etabliert, daß die passende Bezeichnung Ghost-Ambient trägt. Nach diversen Singles und zwei Alben („Torments“ 2008, „Haunted Memories“ 2009) präsentiert Quartier23 nun das neueste Werk: „Eye of the Serpent“.

Mit "Haunted Memories“ erlebten wir die Welt aus dem Blickwinkel eines Serienmörders, der, zurück am Ort des Geschehens, seinen eigenen Erinnerungen standhalten muß. „Eye of the Serpent“ kommt einem Seitenwechsel gleich. Denn hier durchleben wir die Situation und die Gedankenwelt der Opfer.
Musikalisch ist dieses Album das bislang experimentellste Album von Immundus. Noch dunkler erscheint die Atmosphäre, noch bedrohlicher die Klänge. Wenn Musik in der Lage ist, Gänsehaut zu erzeugen, dann schafft es „Eye of the Serpent“ spielend, einen wohligen Schauer zu erzeugen.
Man muß sich kompromisslos auf das Werk einlassen, um sämtliche Tiefen und Emotionen zu erleben, die „Eye of the Serpent“ für den geneigten Hörer bereithält! Sit back and enjoy your creeps...

(English translation)
"Formed in 2003 by Bruno Duarte from Portugal, currently living in Norway, the project "Immundus" a now well established project on the fields of Dark Ambient sub-genre, most known as Ghost Ambient. After several singles and two full-length albums ("Torments" 2008, "Haunted Memories" 2009) Quartier23 now presents the latest work: "Eye of the Serpent".

With "Haunted Memories" we experienced the world from the perspective of a serial killer who headed back to the scene, with his own memories to withstand. "Eye of the Serpent," works as a side-shift. In this album we witness the situations and the thoughts of the victims as well as the surroundings.

Musically, this album is so far the most experimental album of Immundus. From a much darker atmosphere, and with the sounds even more threatening. If music is able to produce goose bumps, then "Eye of the Serpent" easy creates a pleasant shiver.

We must get involved thoroughgoing to the work for fully experience of all the depth and emotion "Eye of the Serpent" holds for the open-minded listener!

Sit back and enjoy your creeps ..."

Note: The CD is available via Quartier23 at:

For more information about other stores carrying this album on both physical CD or Digital format as well as pricing visit Immundus official website at:

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I interviewed this artist a little while back when I first made this site. The post is titled Funera Interview with Trauma from late last year, and this is a quick exclusive to raise awareness of his official site! This is where he will have music presented to you soon with his band FUNERA.... -D