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THE LEGEND Christophe Szpajdel !!!! Interview (by D)

1)when did you start making logos and why?

I started logos back in 1985 when i was fascinated by such metal bands as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Venom, Judas Priest, Mercyful fate....I also had a fascination for the Art Nouveau ornaments and it is something that attracted me as it was linked with Nature, Vegetal. Nowadays i am even fascinated by Luc Schuiten's theme "A Vegetal City"....he is a revival of Art Nouveau. Even when i was child, i was inspired by the Mountains, the darkened mountains hazed by amazing auras of clouds giving a feeling of Darkness, Mystery.....i love this feeling and that has been the driving force of my creativity....always anticed by the eerie, the mysterious and the strange....but also by the Outstanding natural beauty....

2)What other arts to you dabble in besides logo work for bands?

Dabble doodle dooooooo!!!!! I do occasionally some drawings but i mostly do photography, this is now my much more important passion for what i do. It is something i enjoy on most of my travellings across the world.

3)How is the lord of logos book doing market wise, and is it filled
with every logo you done for bands? or is there more to it?

The book is selling OK but not as good as i would have exected it. There is photography that i did in Northern California, Oregon, France, Belgium, Devon and a good 1500 of my logos, chosen from the logos i have made. Gestalten has selected. since there was not much time left, i left Gestalten time and space to do whatever they want and the result is excellent. i am utterly delighted with the book

4)How long have you been involved in the metal scene, and what great
bands have you worked with?

I have been involved in the metal scene since 1987 when i ordered such demos as Mutilator "Omen Of Dark fate", Mutilated "Psychodeath Lunatics", Asphyx "Enter The Domain", Thormenthor (Port) "Dissolved in the Absurd", Vacant Grave, Immolation 2 songs demo....I had a real passion. The first band logos that saw the world were DISGRACE (Fin) for their "Inside The Labyrinth Of Depression" demo and "In the Grey Misery" debut album....also EXCIDIUM ep, FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM demo "Os Metodos do Pentagramma", Moonspell demo "Anno Satanae", Emperor "I am the Black Wizard" and "Wrath Of The Tyrant"...That was the time when i really enjoyed corresponding with tons of bands , metalheads and just maniaxxx from across the world with letters, tapes, vinyl. Unfortunately due to the diligence of the Internet, my postal correspoindence has dropped seriously as i have hundreds of e-mails EVERYDAY to answer amd i am running late with replying interviews. I am absolutely terrible in typing, now i spend so much time on drawing logos that the internet time allocated is very little. I wish i could have been in touch with more people but my logo duty and my work involvement doesn t allow to be in touch all the time with every individual. Great bands i worked with? NARGAROTH, OLD MANS CHILD, ENTHRONED, KULT OV AZAZEL, ENGORGE, PRIMIGENIUM, DESASTER, CRYPTIC TALES, WINGS OF ABADDON, SATRIARCH, SANCTIFIER, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, BELHOR, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, CHASMA, NANDA DEVI, SOL ASUNDER, PIT FIENDS, RED MIST, VIOLENT VIRTUES..... and many many many more.....There are TONS of absolutely amazing bands i have worked with and i could write a book about them!

5)Is there any logos you found as a challenge, and what do you do to
get you in the mode to make logos for bands?

There actually are bands who are really challenging me. They give me strict instructions, i follow the instructions exacyly like they want, by the letter, thej they turn around they are not content with the result. I try to have a clear UNDERSTANDING of what the band wants. THE UNDERSTANDING is the crucial point and stage in the first rendition of the logo, i often submit a pencil stage, then i do the continuation once the approval has been done. it is very easy to come up with the pencil draft, change it and come up with something else. Unfortunately there IS a great deal of bands and individual who got a logo from another artist in my back or NEVER ever responded to my e-mails when i sent them the first rendition. Ther's been lots of dropouts and this is something I don't like at all. I must be in a relaxed and concentrated mode to work on a logo, must have the spirit clear. I can t stand when someone is pushing me all the time with a mail like "how the logo is coming along", It drives me crazy, to kefali mou kaigetai, eimai kamenos, katalavainis, KA-ME-NOS!!!!!!!!

6)How many countries and places have you been too, and is there any
concerts or interesting places you been to you like to mention?

I had the chance to visit both major tourdates of such bands as Morbid Angel, Immortal, Marduk, Cannibal Corpse, Vader, Infernal Majesty but also underground shows of such bands as Blessed In Sin (fra), Handful of Hate (italy), Corpus Christii (Por), Desaster across Europe, including such countries like Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Poland, Spain, Portugal. I regularly visit such festivals as the SWR Metalfest in barroselas (Portugal, from far, this is my absolute festival. This year we had the honour to have Taake, Venom, Malevolent Creation, Today Is The Day, Cough, Alcest, Menace Ruine, Voivod, Alchemist (Por), Pestilencia (Por), Ava Inferi (featuring Rune Blasphemer from Mayhem). Another bunch of Amazing gigs i visitted in the US were the Autumn Equinox Festival at Dingbatz in Clifton (NJ) with such amazing bands as HAVOHEJ, NIGHTBRINGER, CYBERCHRIST, ENGORGE, BAPHOMETS HORNS, WITCHTOMB, ASH, TRIBULATION. I also celebrated my 37th Birthday. it was magic becuase BOTH 3 and 7 are magic numbers because they are completing eachother and because 3 is the number of Stability while 7 is the number of Gates to Hell, the Number of Deadly Sin, the Number of Luck. and 2007 was a particularly great year for me, as well as 2010 with the release of my book. Other truly amazing gigs were NINTH MOON BLACK, PARADE OF STORMS and SUMMERS IN KUWAIT at the oak Street Speak Easy in Eugene. Other amazing gigs i had the chance to see were ANNUNAKI at the CherryWood Rock Club on the borders of PA/NJ. I just love travelling to underground shows with local bands. On top of that, add thousands of local small gigs in Belgium, especially during the early years of Ancient Rites, Enthroned, Avatar...

7)If there is a few underground metal bands you like to mention you did
work for, or been asked to do logos for you enjoyed very much doing,
can you name a few?

Wolves in The Throne Room, Apparitia, Chasma, Nanda Devi, Belhor, Decades of Despair, The Rain in Endless Fall, Abigail Williams, Cendres de Haine, Forgotten Tomb,

8)What do you do besides logo making, while at home, or when you arent
traveling and supporting bands across the globe with your work?

Besides drawing logos i work as a retail assistant for a local convenience store, doing all sorts of jobs including manning the checkout, re-stocking shelves, helping with the delivery....and even during my break at work i draw much i got to do!!!!! Besides drawing logos, i draw logos, besides travelling, i travel and besides suppporting bands i support bands!!!!!!!! And i often draw my logos at work, sketching. I spend actually VERY little time at home because i work in the afternoon/evening and when i finish, i go straight to bed. Midnight and i tend to get up early in the morning, waking up at 6.30 am, it's normal, it's my body clock. I got so many e-mails EVERYDAY that i have no time to socialize and hang out, which is a real pity. All i can do is answering thousands of EXTREMELUY URGENT and EXTREMELY important e-mails AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!!! NOt going out, NOt clubbing, Not going to handg out with the local pegre, there is not a single minute left for anything else, Grigora palikari!!!!Den exoume hora, katalavainis????den exoume ora katholou!!!!!!

9)How much longer do you think you will be supporting bands for?

I can't give you any date, as long as i will feel lust and long as the flame will be burning in my heart, as much as i will find in bands a real flame of passion, a begging to differ from the masses...yet we have an overcrowded scene wheere everybody uses the pretext of playing in a band to be cool. The scene is like an oak who produces a lot pf acorns...but only a few of them will become healthy oaks. Being eclectic, versatile, original are the keys to be successful in such an overcrowded scene with bands....As long as i can find something refreshing. Some bands that really amazed me recently are from more Ambient genres like Menace ruin, Halo Manash....more metal bands that really amazed me are WITCHTOMB, NIGHTBRINGER, ATRIARCH, DROWNING THE LIGHT but also i revived my passion for such composers as Xilouris, Stivaktakis, Psarantonis, Tsouganakis, Tsitsanis, Theodorakis...I always have been a huge fan of traditional Greek music, including Zeibekiko, Kritiko Syrto played with such traditional instruments as Laouto, Bouzouki, Lyraki, Tambura...that can be a huge source of inspiration for some dark ambient. Nothing has been done yet in that domain....and i am longing for the Ancient Kingdom!

10) Is there any people in your life you like to mention that helped
you along the way?

Yes, let my mind comes...i would love to mention all those who show respect and interest in my art, all those who offered me space to exhibit or to have an exposure through the press. All those people who perhaps went harsh with constructive criticism on my art, like it has been the case of Medan Savamhel from Ba'al graphics who really helped me to become original and upgrade my style to something more versatile. I would like to mention Herlaka Rose who became my manager and also someone extremely meaningful in my life, as well as Dale Crawford from Deadlocked in Misery, Fulton Hawk from The Salvation Army in San Francisco who really treasure my art and offered me to create finally an official website. Phil Kyle from Magnum Opus Tattoos who is actually the ONE and only tattoo parlour in the UK who accepted a dialogue with me after being rather brushed off by all other tattoo shops I have approached so far telling me that they are not buying anything from anybody. Phil Kyle has been absolutely amazing and has offered me an exhibition space in his tattoo shop and for that i can't thank him enough for having stood over the mass. On a more local scale, I would like to mention Melanie Knight ( who really awakened my creativity to new directions, making me explore new fields of art i never thought before. I would like to mention all those who offered me a place to stay on my travels across the world and helped me to set up exhibitions and helped me to get some exposure, no matter how small or big....As a wise saying states...Every Little helps!

11) Do you have any funny, or awesome stories, thats involves you in
the bands, or your own personal experiences?
Funny....euh not recently. I went on many tours with such bands as Krisiun and Gorgoroth for example or Arkhon Infaustus and Mortician and we travelled Germany in a freezing cold when i was frezing my balls off and I also explored the most southern parts as Murcia in Sain where i could bask in the sun in january. That was sooo cool! I remember that tourdate when Gorgoroth and Krisiun were playing at Hellraiser in Leipzig. That was perfectly al'bodega d'vi saint jean, c'est om coin'd'cabarte ayu s'qu'on bwe plein l'panse, aiu squ'on tche al orviere d'estcheiere et aiu s'qu'on rmoutche a voz gueule sul'coste! Most amazing story was at the Dingbatz in Clifton, as i mentioned before, that was during my AUTUMN EQUINOX EAST_COAST DELI-TOUR 2007. Deli-tour because i enjoyed A LOT of Cheese-steaks with Philly cheese and Avocado and that was sooo tasty, as well as the ROCK HARD and SOLID breakfasts..That was absolutely SWEETASAWESOME! Those who think it's cool to be a boozer are not really with it. I prefer good food enjoyed in a great way! But let's get back to that Birthday Bash i had at the Dingbatz in Clifton, that was absolutely amazing! Lots of bands gave me some birthday gifts like their demos or albums and that was truly awesome. I got t-shirts from Havohej, Witchtomb but also CD's from Kult Ov Azazel, Cyberchrist, Nightbringer (which was the very best of the very best band i ve EVER sen live.NIGHTBRINGER rules supreme....NIGHTBRINGER was the most amazing B'day gift i ever could have!

12)Where are you originally from and what got you into music in the
first place?
I am originally from Belgium and it was watching a video of Kiss "I was made for loving you" in 1977 when i was seven. That was the first piqure that gave me the virus of music. By these times, i was also listening to softer classics of pop music and i also ventured in greek traditional music at the age of 13 at the same time as i enjoyed listening to heavier stuff like Hawkwind or Black Sabbath...But it is only in the mid 80's that i discovered such artists as Venom, Iron maiden, Judas Priest, Slayer

13)Do you play any instruments at all, or have made music before?
I never planned to do music but i had some jams with different bands occasionally. I had plans for several musical projects that never came to a concretisation due to a drastic lack of time. Some of them were MORMYR, that would have been a funeral doom metal band with dark ambient and the inclusion of Cretan Laouto, another one called MOURNERS AT THE OBELISK, which would be the slowest and sludgiest funeral doom/stoner/rock/dr(((o)))ne with the inclusion of Japanese Koto Harp. A black metal band called Jah Broie du Noir consisting of Jah, a woman i encountered in Bridgewater (all vocals and guitars) and Lord Miseryguts (drums). I have created respective logos for all these projects. Isle des morts, an ethereal dark ambient metal band inspired by such as Alcest, Agalloch, Alloces, Amesoeurs, Les Discrets with lyrics in Oil and Oc, VOUIVRE, a sensual dark ambient project, SYLVHYDRA, another dark ambient project with the inclusion of laouto, lyraki and some world music but the whole thing contained in a very dark and oprressive mood. All these proects could have been born but never came to reality due to an absolute like of time and support. What a shame as i had so many ideas that would have come to reality. My life has been nothing but running at maximum speed and trying to catch up with things, reason why i have been so much running late with this interview you are just about to read if it ever gets published. I really would love it to be published....all that has been written at the sound of Psarantonis song "I Tigris"

14)For this amount of time you been making logos for and doing art for
the metal scene, and the underground, which achievements have you been
most proud of, or like to mention?
I would like to mention the release of my book "Lord Of The Logos" that i qualify as my CHILD. Yes i fathered a child in conspiracy with Gestalten Publishing and that is the book "Lord of the Logos" This is as far the most amazing achievement i ever had! Besides that i took part in Mark Riddick's compendium "Logos from hell" which is something absolutely great. My next achievement would be to write and release a book called "A Noite Do Ritual" which would be dedicated. As other achievements i would like to mention my participation for the Art Deco Revival exhibition in AUgust 2009 in Newport, Oregon. Overseas tours like New Zealand (Especially my 40st Birthday at Milford Sound, under the Roaring Forties) , USA and SIngapore is also something I could consider as an achievement

15) Thanks for your time Christophe, and I thank you for doing some
logos for me as well. If you need support, or help from my web-zine
your more then welcome. Got any last words, or shout outs, before we
close up this interview? Thank you very much for your time. -D

Yes!!!!!!! Thank you EVER so much for giving me the HUGE opportunity to express myself in such a dedicated fanzine. Well, to the readers, PLEASE DON't be surprised if you are NOT the same when you finished reading and enjoying this interview, it is your open mind that has infiltrated within your soul and mind. Maybe you haven't sold your soul to the devil but you have undergone a metamorphisis. DON't be afraid, if you, the ULTIMATE Darkthrone fan, felt in love with Lady Gaga after having view Grayson Perry's amazing Ceramics or if you were just riveted to Adele's amazing new song "Rolling in the Deep", you found out that in your subconscious, you felt in love with Black Metal and that Filii Nigrantium Infernalium's newest EP "Retrofornicator" is on the top of your search list, something you've been craving so badly for a long time now. Being Eclectic should NOT be regarded as a negative point nor a disease, in fact, Eclectism should be regarded as a huge quality! YES!!!!! and since you have read that, there has been LOTS and lots of DEATH and Black Metal Cover version of Lady Gaga's BAD ROMANCE..... HOW COOL IS THAT???????????? HEH?????
Y ahora solo para Kabrones. Ustedes sabem que yo soy disenando logotipos e que hablo 7 idiomas! EL Espanol, el Ingles, el Frances, El Italiano, El Portugues, El Holandes, EL Griego y el Polaco! Entonce se tienen dificuldades de comunicar en ingles, pueden escojer algunos de los idiomas mencionados, Vale? Venga!


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DEMONIC CUNT interview (by D)

1) How long have you been involved in the modeling business for and why?

I have been involved in modeling for nine years now. I started doing it only because I was spotted on the streets of Adelaide, Australia while I was shopping. He was a photographer and asked me if he could pay me to model for him (Catwalk and shoots for his website called 'AdelaideFaces') I agreed and modeled for him for about 4 years. I started getting bored of all the falseness and fake people of the industry so I wanted to become something more.. something more 'myself'
I find it extremely hard to be told what to do in shoots, especially because of the photographers horrid views on fashion and other kinds of useless things they wanted me to do, like tan my skin!
so I started getting into doing porn magazines. I was offered by countless photographers telling me I that they wanted me to model for magazines such as penthouse Australia, Picture, People and 100% homegirls etc, so I did that for years and still do to this day as my alias "Succubus"
It is only recently I have changed my magazine name to Demoniccunt. I started my website Demoniccunt because I was force fed religion as a child. I was a Mormon until I ran away from it because I did not believe all the lies they preached and how stupid it is to base my life on some dead Jews' opinion on how I should live my life and how stupid the people are for believing it. Because of that religion, I lost most of my family because they were so brain dead being mentally programmed by these liars preaching to them every Sunday. Demoniccunt is my outlet. It is my "Fuck you" to religion and the stupid sheep that follow it.

2) What things, or people, and subject matter do you draw inspiration from in your life?

My life experience. I am very strong mentally and so everything I do in the entertainment business is extracted from only my mind. My anti religious photos and videos is all fully based on my anger with my upbringing as a Mormon. My WW2 imagery/porn is in based on my German heritage. My bloody and macabre pics are based on my blood fetish, my bondage pictures and videos are based on my bondage fetish and my psychotic videos and pictures are based on my certain state of mind. I do not look to others for inspiration. I never have. Demoniccunt is me. It's who I am.

3) What bands have you been involved with, and worked for in the past, and now?

Ive worked with Sadistic Intent, Acheron, Gloomy Grim, Waklevören, Horrorscope, Claymore, Hate, Souldgrind, Cemetery Urn, Blasphemous Creation, Ouija and a few more.

4) Where can fans get in contact with you, and get merch from you that is readily available?, , , , , ,

5) What do you think of the underground scene of today, and can you name a few bands you like so far???

The underground scene today in my opinion is uber black metal 19 year old kids that think that they know it all. I do not get involved, nor care. I just do my own thing as the introvert I am. The bands I listen to are Darkthrone, Old Mayhem, Bathory, Marduk, Venom, Sodom, Watain, Burzum, anything with Nattefrost like Carpathian Forest and Fenriz/Nattefrost red planet 'engangsgrill' and a whole lot more.

6) Where are your originally from, and what was life like growing up?

Ive been in Australia most of my life. I grew up with an extremely strict religion and parents (especially my vile stepfather that force fed religion to me enough to make someone want to kill themselves, but he was so ridiculously full of contradictions. Let's just say he did not practice what he preached) So I left my family at 15 (or was thrown out consensually) because I did not want to be a part of Mormonism so they excommunicated me thank fuck! I had a rough life but I am not at all complaining because I would not be the cunt I am today! It's all history. My outlet is my work. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger ;)

7) How has the fan reaction been to your work so far???

Surprisingly very good! I did not expect them to be so supportive because my work is seen as incredibly extreme and offensive, but they are! very much so. I am saying what a lot of people want to say and doing the things these people want to see (so they all tell me) So my fans relate to me, especially the psychotic ones! If I am feeling insane or just want to do something extreme, my photographer films me and puts it on the internet and my fans tell me they love it. I am just being me and I want to encourage people to be themselves no matter what others might think of you. People know me to be very extreme so you either love me or despise me. Either way, I am always extremely appreciative of my supporters. They are all fucking fantastic people that always have my respect.

8) Is there any thing you do outside of modeling you enjoy?

I enjoy learning languages like German and Norwegian. When I am not working, I am studying Quantum Physics and Psychology. I will go and study those subjects in University when my website is fully functional. I am basically an introverted geek. I do not go out.. ever. I work and study.

9) What do you get out of your modeling? is it something that is deeper mentally, or spirtually, or its just something you like to do and just do it???

It's an outlet for my creativity. My mind needs to be stimulated at all times, hence why I am an insomniac! If I had it my way, I would have a LOT more shoots and videos done but my photographer is only human and can only do one thing at a time. I have sooo many ideas for shoots and videos that it is hard for my photographer to keep up with me. Modeling has never been a 'trend' for me like it is for some other models (In saying that, I am not meaning anything in an insulting manner towards other models by the way) What I am trying to say is that my style of modeling and my videos is my personality captured on camera. It all comes from my mind and personal experiences.

10) Who picks out your clothes, and do you personally get them or? I like them alot! They all look stunning :)

Thank you :) I buy all of my clothes. Even the straight jacket! I only bought that because in one shoot I wanted to portray complete utter madness, which is how I feel sometimes!

11) What are your long term goals as of now, and what are your plans for the near future???

I want to continue, finish the videos, do enough shoots that represent my personality until I feel satisfied, then I will go study Quantum Physics and Psychology in University, then move to Norway. Norway and the cold represents my personality more than the heat of Australia, so I feel more suited living there. After staying in Norway, I know I will be extremely inspired to keep shooting because it is so beautiful. How could one not feel inspired whilst observing the incredible views of Norway...

12) I really enjoyed taking the time out to interview you before the e-zine closes in LATE May, and I ll will make sure if we ever go ISSUE in a limited run, I will make sure our interview is in it :) Thank you for your time, and stay awesome hun! :D hug Cheers -D -l- Thank you, I really appreciate it :) xxx


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Solace Of Requiem "Utopia Reborn" Review (By Dave Wolff of AEA zine)

The technical death metal band Solace Of Requiem first started in 1990, disbanded in ‘93 and reformed in 2001 to release two CDs including Utopia Reborn. Recorded in 2006, the CD demonstrates the band’s seasoned professionalism, as does the work ethic they displayed following its release as they toured extensively to support it. Despite the lineup changes the band went through in the last decade their performances have been greeted with fan appreciation and printed exposure in publications such as Decibel and Metal Maniacs. The band likewise filmed and released a promotional video for their song “Red Sea” despite extremely adverse circumstances involving one member’s departure. Utopia Reborn often calls to mind the grandiose themes of Domination/Formulas Fatal To The Flesh-era Morbid Angel, only a little grittier where the guitars are involved and with a notable increase in intricacy in strategic parts of the songs. In 2010 the band self-released a new recording The Great Awakening which they plan to promote as aggressively as this was up to now. –Dave Wolff

Sinstorm Review (By Dave Wolff of AEA zine)

Sinstorm’s debut is furious black metal that reminded me of Marduk and Dark Funeral at first listen. The band got together in California in 2008; their founding members Jeremy Barnes and Noor LaCroix had been thrown out of several schools in Sacramento before meeting to form the band. The two of them seem to work well as kindred spirits going by the precision with which these songs are presented. The musicianship is spot on; Barnes and LaCroix handle the guitars in an intricate, progressive manner without pretentiously trying to show off. Some keyboards and medieval guitar sounds appear for good measure, enhancing the extremity of this recording. The lyrics expand into cosmic proportions, presenting a theme of utter universal Armageddon that will leave an impression long after you experience this CD. Sinstorm cover Type O Negative’s “I Don’t Wanna Be Me”: and Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” adding their own unique flavor to the originals. –Dave Wolff

Monday, May 2, 2011



1) When did your band start and why?

Blackest Orchid was born officially in September 2007, but I have been writing music for many many years. I can’t tell you exactly why, because it’s something I have always wanted to do, Music that is, but I finally chose Metal as the genre because I found a magic door that took me to Metal in a very deep way, that is personal and I will leave that to the imagination of my readers.

2) What made your start making music in this style, and under such a great mix of genres? It seems to flow very well in its own form, very pure sounding, but also very dark and deep sounds as well. Can you explain your creativity in all this?

Thank you Danny( When I found my way through that magic door to Metal Music, I was very much inspired by the very talented female voices in Metal such as Tarja of Nightwish, Simone of Epica, Floor of After Forever, and Liv Kristine of Leaves Eyes to name a few. I couldn’t believe that women were singing in Metal, but what interested me even more was the fact that it was a mixture between Operatic vocals and Metal. My whole life I have loved Classical music. I was singing in the school choir in Germany, where I grew up, and I had Music classes twice a week where we sang along to the biggest classical composers alive, such as Beethoven, Vivaldi, Mozart, Schumann and many many more. Not to say that I don’t like other genres of Metal, but That’s the genre specifically that made me believe I can sing in classical forms and be part of the great Metal Culture.

3) Can you name a few classical bands you like? I have quite a few classical bands I like myself!

Lately I have been really into Leaves Eyes. I love Liv Kristine’s voice and their song writing abilities. I am very lucky to have seen them here in Toronto amongst only 50 other people. It was sad to see such a small crowd, but at the same time I was happy because I got front row and I got to meet them all and take pics with them all. I can say I met one of my biggest musical female heroes. Other than her one of my biggest heroes in Metal has always been Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, I grew up listening to Megadeth and have all their albums except the last one, I didn’t like it so much. But Dave Mustaine has influeneced me a great deal musically and vocally. He is the father of Metal to me.

4) What instruments do you play? and how does the recording process work for you?

I play the guitar, my father put me in guitar lessons in Germany for 2 yrs, I learned alot of great things from my teacher who looked just like John Lennon. He taught me as much as he could including Beatles songs on Classical Guitar, then I came to Canada and didn’t persue lessons but rather started to write my own songs which I want to work on and record someday in the new future. I am a song writer, not an instrumentist, when an idea of a song I hear in my head comes to me, I grab whatever instrument there is, normally a guitar or a piano, but any other may as well be.

5) Have you been in any other bands previously? or side projects at all?

The only band is Blackest Orchid. I have worked with many a great few bands but not been officially in a physical band in my own city with no one. I am involved with my side project Desolate Ghost, Ghost Of Mendea’s side kick, my dear friend and the so very talented guitarist Joel who has written my 2 big hits with Empty Graves and realm Of the Damned along with Wings of Revalation. Desolate Ghost is Metal but also very extreme bm music. Joel is a great Death/Blackk? Thrash musician and I am very blessed to have him as one of my biggest Musical partners naturally speaking Joel and I have worked very well together. His song writing abalities and my vocal techniques just go so well together and we will continue to work together as long as we remain good family friends, because to me he is a true dear friend. Im also involved with Asbel from Columbia. Our hit release Single was released last year on his album the dark the withered marh 2010 with other great female musicians on this compilation.

Several of us are collaborating with Asbel again, my dear friend. I thank him for this opportunity for me to release myself out there, and I believe this song didn’t do so bad;) We are planning to release a full length together. We both have been very busy and its not in any rush. It will happen when it will happen. I have worked with one young man in Toronto by the name of Black Rain, I did a ballad song with him called Sorrow, give it a listen, it’s a bit different but still me( Kult of Thorn was a band I could call my band, bc we fit really well together. The guitarist Scourge discovered me, we became good friends and I did a live show with them, we opened for WATAIN, the Swedish bm gods. I did 3 songs with them live 2 yrs ago in Arizona, where they are from.

I also did a seasons time rehersal with a band from Toronto by the name Lesion, and we had great abilities together , I did a live show them along with a few other bands. I did my Operatics to their tech Death( I enjoyed our work tgether, but they had other plans and we went our own ways. Other than that I have 2 of my very own posted up there called “Sinking Drakkar” and Where “Do I go” my latest Vocal Teaser wich will soon be turned into Metal by My dear friend and partner in music J. I continue to collaborate with musicians bc it opens my horizon in music and gives me the chance to be myself and do what I enjoy doing.

6) How long have you been part of the metal scene for, and what do you personally think of the scene in your area now? Be honest! :)

Well, like I said I grew up in Germany and I’m used to a completely different style of Metal Scene than what we have here in T.O. Toronto has a very tight metal commmunity in downtown toronto where we all meet and greet one another from all other parts of Ontario. We have a big scene in the sense that there are quiet a few bands out there who perform around the cities. We have alot of great Metallic;) talent in Toronto, but so far not much going on for what I want to do do musically and I continue to look for my band members, and in the mean time I keep recording music

.7) How often have you gigged and what has the fan reaction been so far to your music?

I had 2 live gigs, one in Arizona with the black metal band Kult Of thorn where we opened for WATAIN, and one here in Toronto with Lesion. Both shows were lots of fun( I love performing live, and the crowd really liked me. I’m hoping to play more live shows in the near future.

8) Any interest in a compilation album to be released by satanica productions? it will feature 100 bands all over the globe, and its a small fee to pay to join, would you be interested in joining the sequel of this compilation "Most Unholy Convergence 2#"?

Its funny you mention Satanica, they contacted me a while back and offered me some kind of release. Yes I’d be most interested in being on this compilation. Get me on Danny!:)

9) What got you into music in the first place, and what bands influenced you the most growing up, and whats on your playlist or turntable now? ;)

This is a good question Danny, what got me into music was my father. He got me into Metal, classical and jazz, classics, movie composers and much more. He will always remain my ultimate hero and my drive and passion in writing music.

10) A lot of bands are from Canada, can you name a few that you enjoy? or any bands you consider to be under rated?

I recently watched Empyrean Plague live in Toronto at a decent venue and I really enjoyed it. It was incredible Canadian talent. Another band I have really enjoyed watching them performing live is Cryptic Howling, they made the hairs on my skin stand up. Wolven Ancestry is another great band from Canada that I really enjoyed watching live. Another great talent in Toronto is Borealis. They are classical progressive metal, great vocals too. Oops I hope I spelt all those bands names right, if not I apologize :(

11) I really like your song Empty Graves, what is it all about?

Thank you Danny ( I wrote this song for my late father RIP, All Music is written by Joel and I wrote all the vocals and lyrics and shortly after Joel decided to call us Desolate Ghost. Joel offered me to pick a song and I picked that one and wrote the lyrics immediately when hearing the song. Like I said b4 Joel and I make great music together, and I am very lucky to have him in our project.

12) Where can fans get a hold of your music, or merchandise?

Right now everybody can hear samples of some of my work at Everybody can for free here( If anyone is interested in purchasing my track In Darkness, they can send me a message or contact Salute Records in Sweden, and Underground BM/DM Label.

13) How long will you continue to do music for, and what does music do for you personally, does it still hold dear to you? and what do you get out of it that seperates you from non listeners of this style of music you like?

I will write music for as long as music interests me and is a daily part of my life, my dreams, and my ambitions. As long as the people out there enjoy my work and what I do, I will find the drive and desire to make Music. This is a somewhat personal question Danny, but I will just say that music is the language in the stereo sky.

14) How long do you think an official album will be out till, and is their ways for you to get gigs in the near future in your area or elsewhere?

I am working on releasing my first album in the near future, and exact time and date I don’t know, as Im still working on a few new songs that need to be worked on, I’d like to have at least 10 original songs on this first album with different projects that I have worked with. After that I will be working on releasing more albums, as they are in the works!!! :)

As far as the gigs go, I am currently trying to put my own line up of band members together, a wolf pack what fits together well and communicates and collaborates well together. When this has been formed, then we will record and gig.

15) I really liked this interview, and glad your a real person! Thats how I want my interviews to be! Well, if you got anything else to say to anyone out there, any one at all, let it out! And once the e-zine comes to its shut down in 2 months, stay in touch! We need more metal heroes in this world like you! :D Stay True! -D -l-

Well so did I. I quiet enjoyed this interview, and wanna thank you for giving me this great underground exposure. The underground means a lot to me, because I was born there and continue to grow from the roots of the underground. So, keep it real my friend, you too are a hero of all the people out there who enjoy reading well thought of interviews and kinship! Thanks to all my friends and musicians out there for their ongoing support and all my fans out there who are a part of Blackest Orchid.

Keep up the good work and come check me out on facebook;) where all other fans can join my kvlt BLACKEST ORCHID as well. See you all there and always keep it real! Thank you Danny. Take care.

Blackest Orchid is currently a Solo the process of forming my own band.

I have been influenced by allot of different Music growing up, but my main influence is Classical Music. Allot of Great female Operatic singers such as Tarja, Liv, Simone and Floor and Carmen, to name a few have touched my heart and inspired me to sing Metal, and other than the females I have to say Dave Mustaine has influenced me allot vocally and musically.

Most of this work so far has been with Black Metal Musicians, but I love all good Metal, and open to work with other Metal Musicians as well, as long as it fits the part! I love BM because its very Melodic and I can pick up the hidden melodies and follow them with my voice. I also love the raw, pure, real sound it presents. I guess you can call Blackest Orchid Operatic Black Metal.

If you are interested in collaborating with me, Playing a show with me, or need female vocals for any session work, or need a new Operatic and Vocal singer for your band, pls contact me at:


Ritual - The Resurrection Review (By Michael Gene Menchue)

Ritual-The Resurrection
Funeral Rain Records

I can only admit to being vaguely familiar with California “Criminal Black Metal” act Ritual, who’re not to be confused with the 666 other bands on Earth using/abusing the same moniker. Having kicked it in the USBM underground since the early days, breaking up and now reforming, they now present us with The Resurrection for our listening pleasure. And the music? To be honest, the criminal black metal thing had me hoping
that I was in store for some Sextrash/Sarcafago/Vulcano style fistfucking, but what I actually got was the exact opposite. This is in fact some pretty clean, decently produced
mid 90’s sounding Euro metal, with nods to Bathory’s Viking phase (A Perfect Moonlit
Night), as well as a little Bethlehem and 6 tons of other discernible influences from across the map. In fact, some of these riffs sound extremely familiar to these ears. What will you find an abundance of is, most notably, is a super clean guitar sound, especially when dishing out all those simple but effective melodies found all over the place here. The problem is, the formula is fairly standard, the tempo varies a bit but not too much, and it all sounds pretty similar to something you’ve already heard before. I will go out on a limb here and say that some of this shit is pretty catchy (Blinded By Hatred), and with some fine tuning in the songwriting department I could definitely see these guys rocking an early afternoon slot at Wacken. Not highly recommended, but there’s far worse out there.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


This band here, Vintage Flesh, has completed their latest full length out and available from Raynard Stevens (Raypissed) of the band Vintage Flesh and soon ended in break up. As of late you all might not know, that VF broke up, but now Ray has a new offering with a band called Inverticrux. I am not reviewing Inverticrux just yet, but I hope my review on this lastest offering from VF does justice for this darkest and marvelous album for these guys here as I am not the best at reviewing as you all know, or so I was told.

This is a review of Vintage Flesh's last album "Hour of the Night Gaunts". The band picks up were they left off in the album The Eyes That Glared At My Agonies left off. The sound is wicked, misanthropic, filled with depressing tunes, and melancholy. Shock, rock, horror, and blazing fiery riffs through out. I enjoy this album just as much as the last one, its a great full length that shows a great advancedment in vocalizition, guitar work, and Ray also did drums on this album too, without the help of the last drummer Drae of course. The album has strong points in that the hour of this album could most likely be most enjoyed at 3am, Dead Time. The intro of this album on the song Follow Me To The Grave starts with a sample of the theme from the cult movie Suspiria which I enjoy very much as Dario Argentio is just as much a great artist with movies, with his most messed up fantasys, and horrors but filled with colors and contrasts as Ray is with his tattooing, and mesmiziring, horrific masterpieces he made himself. Rays vocals never leave you in a sense, they always seem to remain more haunting then any cry of and disturbing entity from the pits of what reigns below. They will never leave my mind as long as I live. The song And The Light Went Unseen is a slower paced track with some black metal grooves, and ghostly shrieks, chilling to my bones. The song is more of call to Ravenfrost split to me in a sense but has a energy that is murderous, and straight to the point.

The song Priest Skin Ship opens with a high oh in a anthem like fashion and a slow paced drum beat like the last but a feeling of rawer comes to mind but not so raw you like to turn it off, it becomes a sailing image in ones head with Ray as the captain, and Hex sailing the ship to the far edges of the darkest parts of the world. It is a track that keeps in beat and as a Priest Skin Ship would keep its notches up as in sail, slow, fast, and then seemingly floating but moving in a steady pace. The track speeds up at times, with some death growls in the back ground, and high pitched screams blended in to kick the pace to its climax towards the end at a slower rate but closing to a end of this song.

Not to Die Until Its Done is really chilling filled with choir vocals, a soundtrack of many tears and fears. Many regrets, undone dastartly deeds, buried, and dead. The spirit world speaks to VF on this track to spread the message to you in the song itself in a subliminal sort of way. I like to listen to VF backwards one day to see if I can find some secret messages on it benounce to them!

Oh What Demons Has Tempted Me Here, opens with the guitar, John Hex opens this track with a softer passage, with his guitar with its dwelling powers within, slowly twisting, and sucking the life from you as each note is being played, hypnotizing, and awe inspiring. The song is softest of the last 4, and is just a song that continues to keep the dead from resting, and song that you play as you walk down that pitch black and frightening road. The lyrics are very strong, and demented, keeping a sickening turning in your stomach through and through till the solo comes in a brings the old edge black metal style in with a keen sense of misery, and depravatity.

And Still I Wait keeps the same chilling sound of the last with notes different, but just as depressing and executing to my ears. Time has no end while listening to this, and the sense of time ceases to exist as you are dragged deeply into this one, to your doom, to your conviction, to your judgement. The pace quickens, the heart explodes, the ears bleed, the soul disappears. Humming along to the tune, is something I really like towards the end, great closing.

Back to the ritualistic black metal antics and fury on To Serve The Dark Design, the track is filled with cold feelings, trembling riffs, and power licks. Pulverizing, and headbanging thrasy-ness. Great track for those relentless black metal fans out there. Filled with sounds to ressurect the witches and demons, and deep guttural growls that add a death metal flavor not heard much in previous VF offerings. A good poison to add to the recipe. Drums kicking in even more towards the end, high screams, blood curdingly, in a closing, end.

Pities Long Broken Urn bring you back into the negative energy that VF is consumed in through out, as their will be a fatal end of all ends. Turning one insane, turning the land to ashes and dust. Soft, and well played guitars with strings made of veins and fretboards of flesh, I am utterly horrified to the point of death, but I am not through just yet. Back to the death like growls, guttural, raspy, strong, bellowing, and angry through out. Keys then come in, and take over, with the guitars under the tones, closing to a end, now I am nearly dead.

Opening the track with pity filled vocals on Signs for Ye Silent Grave, filled with sorrow, and sadness, so much suffering in ones singing, so much character, so much pain within ones deep, and empty soul entwined in guitars with just as much sorrow as the vocals themselves.

Here in A Deeper Gloom To Bear, the guitars take a big leap, and take over from the opening towards the end, destroying everything in its path, swallowing every soul in sight, crushing every skull with sheer power and might.

This song has made its way in me as being one of my favorites. It is called The Dead Who Groaned Within. The guitars are a key to this track that keep its tortureous style in continuation, to a epic yet technical solo that keeps me rocking harder then I have before. Deep meaning to me on this track for sure, deep to the flesh and bone, layer to layer, speeding up to a whirlwind of hate, anger, power, and words of pain to whom who listen. Such agony, such deformity. Enraged, and defying the sounds of VF to its limits.

Track 12, same name as album, Hour Of The Night Gaunts is a track in which they seemed to have made to create a portal for lost souls to enter, slowly building up and filled with black light. A high pitched scream ends the calmness, and brings another fast paced destructive, and pounding riff, that drives nails to the coffin to each victim, ending the screams, ending the pain, ending in a violent shriek, closed with a silent, but awesome guitar passage filled with grief.

The ending, and final track to Hour Of The Night Gaunts titled While I Wandered Away With Death is a mystical, dark, and very well thought out track. The song ends the album in great fashion, as one slowly wanders away with Death himself, with open arms, of course.

I can sum up this album by saying, this is the last album by Vintage Flesh, one of their best, a very well played, very tight sounding album with more to offer to most fans out there then the same lame and boring crap I been hearing lately from black metal bands. This album has touch the blackest part of my soul, and will remain as a true classic in my cd collection. Also before I forget, the art is a true representation of the album itself, deformed, skeltal, and empty. Great final work here from Vintage Flesh, I hope your all rolling in your graves after hearing this one. In closing I like to say, I bid you all, farewell.... -D