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PAN.O.RA.MA audial/visual/magickal web journal CROSS promotion post (ARKANE INTERVIEW) Exclusive

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repost :) MONARCHY aint The Futura - ARKANE is -~~~

ARKANE interview BELOW...

ARKANE has been known due its msytical neo classical structures surrounded by infinity of sensitive atmospheres and yet to discover alot we did an interview on past years,but due he is preparing its new Opus called "Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction",we are more than excited to ask him,about this topic ,and here are the answers!!!

After the high acclaimed Debut Album "ENRAPTURED SERENE MESMERISM",in which way do you think has been evolved the sound within the next album? This Second ARKANE Album , I regard it As My Real debut ,due to the fact that ENRAPTURED SERENE MESMERISM was Only 39 Minutes Long and Also that after 11 years of deep concentration and profound research , I have finally got to discover the real Sound that i have always dreamt of.. ,It is not a very different perspective from ENRAPTURED SERENE MESMERISM ,yet its most completed , sophisticated and mature ... Its Pure MESMERISING SEDUCTIVE ART In 8 Parts ..Profound Neoklassikal soundtrack-ish Mesmerism connected with Operatic Female Vocals in addition to some Anatolian Mysticism touch in them ..So As Far As Im concerned this is A vast Evolution to ARKANE sound,visions,aesthetics and concept !

"MESMERIC MASQUERADE SEDUCTION" is the second opus,so reveal us more about this 8 tracks album? in which do you compare it against the past material? any support or invited musicians for this new album?
"MESMERIC MASQUERADE SEDUCTION shall see the light of release on the first day of 2012 January according to the schedule ..I have worked really hard on this album in order to accomplish perfection "STIGMATISED BY A PROFESSIONAL AND MORE SOPHISTICATED MUSICAL AND ARTISTIC CONCEPT,ARKANE MANAGES TO STIMULATE THE MESMERIZING AESTHETICS OF SEDUCTION The new Material is a concept album IS A MUSIKAL AND AESTHETIC CONCEPT BASED ON THE MESMERISM OF MASQUERADE SEDUCTION- IN 8 PARTS...All Musik Has A similar , Almost complulsive common song structure with intense atmosphere that delivers profound sentiments of seductive mesmerising Art, thus driving the listener to a mesmerising trance ,ecstatic alluring seducement !!! Operatic Haunted Female Voices Blend With a Mix Of Anatolian Mysticism ,The Participants on This album are Again the Same ,DRG (On Synths-Orchestration,Audio concept ) and Stephen John Svanholm From SIBELIAN on The Male Recitations ...

Using your imagination,how do you visulize "MESMERIC MASQUERADE SEDUCTION"if you could represent it in a picture,or sculpture? which ideological concepts are handled on the new album in each one of the tracks?
The Pictures From Prominent Artists that I Use on ARKANE Myspace And Facebook can totally depict my new material… The Artistic Mesmerising Seductive concept This how ARKANE sounds It is Sirenian Musik that Allures you and yet you cannot resist but be Mesmerised ..Eternally ...The Whole new Album is A seductive Mesmerism ,Non stop.

Could you explain us a few about the term "Anatolian Mysticism" used by you somethimes? how do relate such concept to your personal life in general? MESMERIC MASQUERADE SEDUCTION has a lot of Anatolian Female Vocals as well as the Operatic.In fact it’s the mixture of OPERA meets ANATOLIA ..Anatolian Civilasations like the ones From EGYPT,MESOPOTAMIA AND EGYPT were based on Mysticism and Mystery…. The Album Combines The European Element (CLASSICAL SYMPHONIC MUSIK) to The Anatolian approach , Especially on The Female Vocals- A very Interesting Mix after All….

Which kind of instrumentations are used this time, in order to create such orchestral atmospheres? any live show planned for future? perhaps a video or dvd with your music will be an exciting work?
Exactly The Same As ENRAPTURED SERENE MESMERISM ,Digital Sounds of Strings,Octave Strings And Cello ,No Live appereances Again . I would Like To make A video This Time to support My Musik on YOUTUBE -

Last Words Here
Thank You Very Much For The Support -
ARKANE Contact can be found At :
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Ladyaslan Interview (Publicist of DuranDuran To Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame) by D

She gave me the interview first for TF E-ZINE and now I am interviewing her for cross promotion! I hope you guys enjoy the read, even if it is not entirely metal related. -D

1)How long have you been promoting bands for?

Ladyaslan: Well I guess I could say all my life ha-ha, my parents use to own a pub and they did a great deal of promotions for bands in the Pittsburgh area in the late 70’s to early 80’s and I was always around watching forward to my High School years and me and my friends would help promote friend’s bands and I would be the photographer and pass out flyers and get people ‘pumped’ up in the audience. Now let’s move to my 20’s...a friend of mine promoted a great deal of Ska and Jazz bands ( and she wrote for magazines-freelance ) and I ended up being the photographer and documenting the shows and I did that up until my late 20’s and then ended up stepping away from the scene for a few yrs. So here I am now back at it, old habits die hard and I just find it a great deal of fun and I love learning and hearing and seeing great bands, regardless if they are huge headliners or start-ups. If I like your music I will assist in promoting and if a band asks for help I will assist as well ( whether it is an established band trying to get back in the game or a brand new band ). I work with ALL genres, I do not discriminate like some people, but I do prefer my Punk and Goth and Electro type bands.

2)What artists have you worked with in the past, and what landed you in the music world in the first place?

Ladyaslan: I have worked with ‘mostly’ Electro and Punk and Ambient type artists, along with some Rock and R&B and not limited to artists such as painters, movie directors, and tattoo artists. I have worked with Nosferatu ( Goth ), The Zips ( Punk ), Leela James ( soul ), Nile Rodgers ( Grammy award winner ), Pride and the Vanities ( electro ), LadyParasyte ( electro/rock), indie horror movie director Johnny Daggers, The Unquiet Void ( ambient/Lovecraft inspired ), Jamie Roxx ( artist/ painter aka Sissy Pesticide ), The Spiritual Bat( psychedelic/death rock ), poet(s) Fred McNeil and Mystic Lady, Tattoo Artist and Painter Thomas Jacobson of Bad Dog Tattoo ( he has done a great deal of ink on me in regards to my writing career and my love of Duran Duran he is just incredible and dedicated to AWESOME art both on canvas and skin ) and Industrial act Roughhausen...ALL artists are welcome in my world. As to what landed me in music, well I bleed clefs ha-ha. Music is and always has been a passion of mine. If music did not exist, neither would I.

3)How long have you been promoting Duran Duran for?

Ladyaslan: Hmmmm....good question. I became a fan the moment I heard Planet Earth on the way to my Gram’s house in ‘81. When a person would ask me what band is your favorite ( I have MANY ) or what song would you like to listen to, Duran Duran is what I answered with, along with The Sex Pistols or The Clash or Blondie, etc...imagine the looks on people’s faces when a 6 yr old answered like that. But the REAL promoting started in ( about ) Dec 2009 when I came upon a Facebook page dedicated to getting DD inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Kirk Harrington runs this page ( with a GREAT team of peeps: Jason Henry, Kandice Purpura, Josie Beaudoin, Hanna Cruz, Pranav Chandrasekhar, Christian Helwig, Kirk Harrington, Luciana, Mike, James, and Paula ) and at first I rattled his chain about the Rock Hall ( personally I find the Rock Hall to be run by a bunch of fascist pricks who have NO IDEA who or what should be inducted and have NO IDEA what music really means to the masses *don’t get me started ha-ha ) but after talking and getting to know Kirk and seeing the fan base grow on his page, I could see that the fans aka ‘Duranies’ would like to see them inducted. Soon after, Kirk asked me aboard to assist with this adventure ( around March 2010 ) and I thought what the hell ha-ha. I LOVE Duran Duran and I have some decent background knowledge in music and know a GREAT deal about DD and it seemed like a great group to join and above all help promote a band I have always adored.

4)Any big influences musically growing up? and what’s on your playlist now?

Ladyaslan: WOW!! YES I had many influences growing up....ready....ha-ha here we go, The Beatles, The Sex Pistols, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Elvis, Meatloaf, Huey Lewis and the News, Billy Joel, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Nico, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Alien Sex Fiend, David Bowie, Peter Cetera, Styx, REO Speedwagon, PRINCE, Roxy Music, Charlie Daniels, Lynard Skynard, The Eagles, Al Martino, Dean Martin, Rosemary Clooney, Nile Rodgers, Goblin, Blue Oyster Cult, Bonnie Tyler....quite the list huh...and let’s not leave out the SONG WRITERS: JIM STEIMAN, David Foster, Lennon, McCartney, Loggins, Rhodes, LeBon, Bryan Ferry, Bowie...growing up I had a bad ass record player and fuck ton of albums ( still have a great deal of vinyl ) and as for who or what is on my playlist now...DD ( of course ) Xandria, Nightwish, Rob Zombie, Pure Moods compilations, Mozart, LOTS of 80’s New Wave and Goth and lots of Punk....

5)What is your personally life like? Hobbies? Anything out of the ordinary?

Ladyaslan: Ha-Ha-Ha ‘what is my personal life like’ If I told you I would have to kill you...let’s just say I am not what I seem, yet I can be and I am full of surprises if one decides to look beyond the surface...besides a passion for writing and music I am also a licensed L.E ( skin care specialist )and soon LMT ( licensed massage therapist ) obtaining my degree in Science and Natural Health and I strive to stay abreast of the latest developments in the skin care industry in both, medical and cosmetic areas, another passion of mine is helping people feel and look as best as they can. As for hobbies, I like to write ( that’s a given since I have written-VICTORIAN DAYS AND PUNK ROCK NIGHTS, a book of Gothic poetry and short stories and I’m currently working on the sequel ) I love photography and staying active and ‘trying’ to stay fit. I love tattoos and have many and plan to get many more in my lifetime, have a strong pull towards the metaphysical world and candles and I am very spiritual and I like to create environments based on lifestyle mixed in with a little old school tradition...As for out of the ordinary...again that is something I don’t think the readers could digest or handle...I am quite the unique snowflake as is and I will leave it at that *evil smirk*

6) How long have you been a journalist for? And how do you get in contact and scout bands out for promotion or advertisement?

Ladyaslan: I have been an active journalist off and on for about 10 yrs give or take( been writing for about 15+ yrs ) but just this past year and a half I have been balls to the wall with it, non-stop. As to how I contact bands or scout them, I troll Facebook, MySpace, word of mouth, and as of late they have been coming to me.

7)Can you name a few interviewees you have that been your favorite? And why?

Ladyaslan: I cannot say I have a favorite band or artist because they all have something different to bring to the table, to me this question is like asking a parent to pick their favorite child, I just cannot do it. I can say this much, I was shocked and honoured when Nile Rodgers, Nosferatu, and Taylor Dayne crossed my path.

8)How much longer do you think you can be part of the music scene for?

Ladyaslan: I will be part of the scene now and forever and even in an altered state when my time comes to leave this physical body and go to the next level of consciousness.

9)Any work with bands outside the country? or from different states?

Ladyaslan: I have worked with bands from the U.K. to Russia and all in-between and for my stateside work....well pick a state ha-ha

10)What is your favorite thing to do on a day when you have free time?

Ladyaslan: Sacrifice goats to the Moon Crone ommmmm~ JOKE!!!! My favorite thing to do with my free time....what’s that?!?! really, I like to go to the beach ( night is my favorite time to be there ) think up and get new ink, photography, listen to music, I like to go to museums, I like to take nature walks, COOK, shop ( of course lol ), go to the movies, hang out with friends, Yoga, meditate, I guess normal stuff people like to do, above all though I LOVE to travel!

11)Can you describe what the feelings have been with bands you worked with? were they all pleasant and respectful? or have some bands been a pain at all?

Ladyaslan: 99.9% of ALL the bands and artists I have worked with have been GREAT and over all lovely people that have awesome talent(s) I had only ONE bad experience and ( it was no fault but of my own ) but I did not thoroughly research this one band, I had been on an interview bender and had a shit load coming in, and well this ‘ditybird’ slipped through the cracks, I later found out this so-called band was some drunk karaoke bar fly that had NO IDEA how to answer an interview along with the fact he had NO TALENT, well except to be a boil on the ass of life, BUT I do not believe in censorship NOR do I go back on my word ( I posted the interview ) and then sent this derelict an e-mail that pretty much summed can I put this....that he needed to go back to the job where his name tag can be clearly seen and to make sure he asks the customer if they would like ‘fries w/ their meal’ it was THAT bad and to be honest I would not let that person near an open flame let alone a stove. Luckily I have a great fan base and they realized I had to post that bloody mess of an interview and this so-called band was laughed off...luckily I still had about an ounce of dignity left and learn...ALWAYS RESEARCH!!

12)What landed you as a publicist for Duran Duran in the first place? word of mouth?

Ladyaslan: Back to question #3, the founder of the on line campaign ( Facebook ) Duran Duran to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Kirk Harrington, recruited me back in May 2010. The rest is now history! We showcase band/artist interviews every other Saturday and we post on the DDTTRH and the Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights Facebook pages and Twitter, MySpace and the Blog Spot. DDTTRH has occasional contests where lucky winners can win T-shirts, bumper stickers, Duran Duran CD’s etc and on Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights, my give-aways include signed copies of my book, handmade necklaces, mojo bags, and scented oils made my me~

13)Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, and I appreciate the interview you gave me as well, great fun it was! I wish you luck in all your work, and is there anything you like to say before we close this interview? Thank you very much! Big Hugs!!! :) -D

Ladyaslan: Please sign our DDTTRH petition at:

Please ‘LIKE’ our DDTTRH Facebook page:

Please “LIKE” the Bad Dog Tattoo Facebook page:

and lastly...”LIKE” my book’s Facebook page: Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights ( Gothic poetry, slight erotica and LOTS of musical tidbits and order a copy YOU’LL LOVE IT )

To order Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights ( Xlibris is my publisher ) *also check and and Barnes and Noble websites for Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights~Thank You~

*by liking these pages one WILL NOT be consumed by useless posts, these are awesome pages that post occasionally and even have contests like DDTTRH and the Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights page!*

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Upon Shadows - Melodies In Grey Scale review (by D)

This album here was released by Satanica productions, and is a album made by 2 woman of the darkest horrors one has ever dreamed of... this band is a 2 woman Dark Metal band from Uruguay, and have something great and special going on here with the sounds portrayed on this darkest of master pieces.

The album is called "Melodies In Grey Scale", when I think of that name I think of the show from the 50s called the SHADOW "death in a minor key" for some odd reason which I actually have on cd, but that is besides the point, the point here is, you can expect alot of dark symphonic, pulsating, black, oozing darkness on this album with vicious vocals from the grave, and a attitude that would scare most bands away from my area! This album is a mixture of old classic sounds from Tamara and clean vocalization, blended in with a death metal/black metal punch to keep any extreme metal fan happy. The sounds here I can compare to Melankolia, the sounds of a dark movie sound track, and harsh aggresive style that keeps the blood flowing. Melodies In Grey Scale, same name as album is the intro of the album and brings a melancholy feel, yet classical calmness, but also, overwhelming depression and darkness you can find in many depressive bands today. What I find that seperates there sounds from others is they arent afraid to think outside of the common black metal box, and keep that raw edge to it, while also adding the grunts, growls, and screams. It also flows nicely with the clean singing and constant pace to keep you sucked in from the 1st track to the last. A goth feel is also found in it which I do not mind at all.

The drums also sound machine made which isnt a bad thing, it is a 2 woman project and I dont see a drummer in the mix, but the drums are not to overdone, or repeative, they keep balance with the songs, but I always thought, whats the big deal with drums any way right? Its about the atmosphere, the guitars, the cunning, and swift veil of blackness that comes over ones mind and eyes once listening to a album of such mysticism about it. The sound overall is well made, not too over produced, and is something to crank up and enjoy on your stereo at home.

I really enjoyed the album and can sum it up as being a great album that will always remain upon the shadows in my collection... thank you ladies very much for sharing it with me. -D

Re-released by Satanica Productions with Alternate Cover Art on February 22nd, 2011.
1.Melodies In Grey Scale.
2.Nihilism Is All That Remains.
3.Dim Halo Of Dead Hope.
4. Air Of The River Plate.
5. Between Shades Of Gray.
6. Darkness (listen to my bones).
7. Whispers.
8.Desolate cold of the flesh.
9.Piece To Ràn.
10. Solitude.

Upon Shadows 2010:


Upon Shadows :
Two Women Dark Metal Band from Montevideo, Uruguay (South America).
Current line up:
NATALIA AROCENA : bass guitar / bajo
TAMARA PICARDO : keyboards, guitar, all voices and drums programming. / teclado, guitarra, voces y programacion de bateria. All music, lyrics and art by TAMARA PICARDO

Download our music at Moonlight Gates!!

Upon Shadows - The Huge Circle Of Time (2009)

Upon Shadows (2003)!/pages...

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Not accepting anymore requests from bands for the e-zine. I have enough bands to tend to already. Sam Dumas has taken a spot as a reviewer and I am looking for another one who be interested in REVIEWING the albums I got here. -D

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Hello there, once again, Transylvanian Forest E-zine readers, I been busy looking for bands for MOST UNHOLY CONVERGENCE II, so I havent forgot about your albums that arrived in the mail for review. They are just sitting here, just ready for another review, and Ill get to them ASAP, hard to do everything myself now for the e-zine you see... Glad you all are being very patient. Well since thats out of the way, lets get down to a review of BELTANES album, DARKHOVSE...

This band hails from the edge of the world, and run a label called SATANICA PRODUCTIONS. Beltanes sound always varies from album to album I read, and heard so far. This album, Darkhovse, is one of those albums by Beltane to look out for as the contrast from black metal, to industrial, seem very arm in arm on this one.

Xan and Baphgirl add a twist from their black metal style and add some industrial and more electronics to their sound on this blackest of offerings with songs such as the opening track Winter Daze and some classical rock n roll elemnts with the electronics on Hell is Blue. The album is not overly long, or really hard to listen too, it has a tight sound, strong song, each song, through out, and thats why I like it. It adds elements of most genres you would not hear about, being mixed before from most bands, and I wish this was just as common, but it is slowly getting in there in the mix of things as of late with bands who want to change their style for the old school sounds mixed in with the old school sounds of a alternative/electronic sound of the late 80s and early 90s.

The songs have strong guitars, and quality sound, all the while keeping its edge, with hypnotizing vocalizing, and shrieky vocals from Xan mixed in, with Baphgirl always bringing in a dark and moody substance with her vocalization as well in songs in between. The albums mood is fast paced, then slower to a more goth like feel, but then bringing it back to the extreme style we are use to hearing from the beginning. I like how they are also from New Zealand too, this is actually, the only band I know of from their as well! I prefer if it stayed that way honestly haha! Beltane has worked real hard on this one, and I dont think for sure out there is even a match to what they offer in their area from any band out there. Australia is different, but New Zealand, hands down, its Beltane. Xan is also a excellent guitarist as well, and their is some BIG sounding guitars on this album. The Gates ov I-Nanna Part I and II are songs that caught my attention as well, I is one of those songs that Baphgirl did, and just really grabs my attention, its really hypnotic, and makes this song, like have this, have its own, presence about it, its hard to describe, and they turn it into something everybody can get into. Even if its at the club. You will hear the continuation of II on it, and it flows just as well as the first one did.

The album Darkhovse is not too lengthy, original, potent, classic, and yet, fresh. At the end the album it closes up with a cover by Ramnstein in Beltane style, which I enjoy very much! I was reading mettalum, the metal archives, they really need to update the info on these guys, damn sites out there. If you like to pick up this masterpiece from Beltane, you can get it at my artist agent site here... I can listen to it over and over, and not get bored.

In closing of this review, all I got to say is, BELTANE IST KRIEG!!! -D

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1) When did your band start and why? We formed in 2009 - I been wanting to do a more extreme form of music for a long time and had plenty of ideas for riffs and songs. Happily I had done some work with Herod on a Film soundtrack, so I knew his ability from that and he was interested in pushing the boundaries of the music he had been doing.

2) What style of genre of music are you going for? I listened to Stab Me,
and like to call it Black Funeral Doom, but it has many other elements,
what do you think of that? I think Black Funeral Doom is a good description - I have been drawn to Satanism and the occult all my life and I love the ambience of bands like Nortt and the bleaker Black Metal Acts like Xasthur and Striborg. Sure the music has other elements - the next album that we are planning will be even more diverse, but with the backbone of Doom and Black Metal. We will be ontroducing elements of German Depression Era Chanson and the works of Kurt Weill and Bertold Brecht.

3) Are you guys fans of SLAB! or Godflesh, or Electric Wizard at all?
Whats it like in Wiltshire, UK? I don't really know SLAB but I was a fan of the Godflesh "Streetcleaner" Album. We toured with Godflesh with my old band Mad Cow Disease back in the late 90s. I`m also a fan of Jesu and the work done with Jarboe. I also appreciate the Wizard tho some of it is a bit too stoner for my taste. They are a mighty live band, however.

4) Have you gigged in the USA yet? or just in your area? or? We haven't done any live gigs as yet - LoC was formed mainly as a studio project to realise the songs that I had bubbling inside. However, we do get a lot of offers so have been looking for a live drummer and bass player...

5) How did you guys end up on Dustin Wades label Funeral Rain Records, and
how has it been working for you so far? Well we ended up on Funeral Rain mainly coz I like Dustins enthusiasm and believe that he will make something great from the label. We had a couple of other offers for the album but not really anything that exceited me that much. Everything seems to be working great - I`ll let you know when the Royalties start pouring in haha!

6) Any past bands you guys been in? or side projects at all? I was in the afore mentioned Mad Cow Disease for a couple of albums, did one with Tokyo Blade and a couple with Paul Dianno - one as Barrlezone and one as the Almighty Inbredzz. Jon the Revelator was vocalist in Mad Cow Disease and Herod was guitarist with Room 237.

7) How many albums/demos/material have you guys done so far? and how does
the recording process work for you? we only did the one demo - Cacophonous Aural Wickedness before the album tho there were also another 4 or 5 songs that didn`t make it onto the album. Recording is done at my own studio and then transferred to Pro Tools for the final mix and production tweeks. I`ll generally get the forma=t of the song done roughly with the arrangement finalised and then Herod will take that away and weave his Guitar shit into the equation...the next album - well I believe Dustin is poying for us to go to Eddie Grants studio in the Bahamas for three months with a $500 a day cocaine budget, so we're looking forwards to that...
8) Where can people get a hold of your music? and in what formats? and how
has the reaction been to your demo Cacophonous Aural Wickedness? At the moment its available for pre order at the Funeral Rain site, but will soon be available through Code 7 - so that`ll mean the likes of HMV, Amazon etc. There will be the physical CD plus download. Dunno if vinyl is still an option but it may be...

9) How has the album Stab Me been so far recieved by the fans out there
opposed to your last demo? Well apart frtom yourselves and the kind review its hasn`t really been out too musch as yet - we'll be hitting the mags with review copies asap. Oh yeh, and Zero Tolerance mag who seemed to say that I shouldn't be doing anything else coz I once made a record with Tokyo Blade...very weird...think we must have fucked the reviewers mother or sister or something...who can tell?

10) What is your lyrical content mostly about, and what do you want every
one out there to get out of it? This album is very angry - mainly about the successive pieces of shit that have called themselves a Govement in the uk over the last 20 years where our personal freedom and liberty to choose have been eroded bit by bit. Hence the tracks Dull Grey, Defecate and Bullshit Acres. We are addressing the fact that they want the UK to become a nation of non entity sheep who bow down to the soporific spin speak of the self serving motherfuckers in power. Nobady says "No. Fuck you" anymore. I`d like to see blood in the streets and Bankers Hung from every lamp post. ha. Coupled with that is a kind of quasi religious iconography that really goes hand in hand with the oppression that we are currently experiencing. I dislike organized religion and the bullshit that goes along with it and seriously believe, as Jon says in the first tune during the Malediction that we will never know true peace until avery Churcxh, every Mosque and every temple is burned into the fucking ground.
11) What other things or hobbies do you guys have outside of the music you
guys do together, and why? We don`t really do anything together much. Music is quite enough, thank you! Although Jon and I occasionally score Amphetamine together...

12) I know quite a few bands from certain areas in the UK, would you guys
be interested in gigging with them? and if its possible, where should I
tell them to contact
you at? We may well be in the future...also there is a new Venue starting up in Salisbury at the Chapel night club that I am involved with so if anyone is interested in playing there they can initially get hold of me at :

13) What are the long term goals or plans ahead for Legion of Crows? and
thanks for your time guys! Good Luck! ;) -Danny Longer term plans are to get the rest of the next set of songs together and to book the flights to the Bahamas...and thank you!


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ECLIPSE ETERNAL Interview with Voldamares

1) When did your band start? and why?

Eclipse Eternal started in 1999. I am the original member. I started this band to put my ideas and philosophy to sound. I chose to do Black Metal because it was the only style of music that was really serious about its ideology at that time.

2) What style is your band going for, and what does each band member do in the band?

We play Black Metal but we mix in whatever other style fits the song. We do not force ourselves into a mould if the vision we have does not fit it. For example, some of our new songs have a slightly folk sound to them and because that sound fits the songs vision we are not about to change it just to meet someone elses BM standards.

Wulfgar plays drums, Orcus plays bass, Carver handles orchestrations, Lord Abaddon plays lead guitar, Vane plays rhythm live and has a few parts on our newest album and I, Voldamares, do vokills.

3) How many albums have you guys done?

So far we have two albums released (Reign of the Unholy Blackened Empire and Ubermensch:Evolution Beyond the Species) and one currently being mixed (The Essence of Hopelessness).

4) Where is your music made available now? and past?

Our first album was released by Galy Records. It is unfortunately no longer available. Our second album is currently available from Century media online, The Omega Order online, Amazon, iTunes, and through us.

5) How has the fan reaction been so far online to your music?

Well, our official video (The Dragon Has Come To Blot Out The Stars) on youtube has over 12,000 views with lots of praise and our myspace has been viewed over 64,000 times so i think our online presence is pretty damn good right now (although it could always be better).

6) How has the fan reaction been towards your music in a live setting?

We have always had excellent crowd reaction from our sets as we always give it our all. We hold nothing back live. I believe our intensity is infectious.

7) What is the main goal for ECLIPSE ETERNAL? and what is the main focus behind it all?

We just want to put out albums that fully express our vision and that hold meaning to us. Beyond that, we'd like to get on a label that would allow us to go on tour and bring our vision to others.

8) Any main influences you like to name? bands? art? literature? etc

Currently our main musical influences include Windir, Moonsorrow, Watain, Funeral Mist, Enslaved, Primordial and Marduk. For me personally, the writings of Steven Erikson had a serious impact on my writings this time around along with The Poetic Edda.

9) What is different from your musical aspect of living opposed to your personal living? and do the 2 come together or are apart?

I am my music. It is a part of me just as it is a part of everyone in this band. We have deadicated years to it. It is who we are.

10) Any side projects at all or previous bands?

Wulfgar was previously in a thrash metal band called "Burn to Black" and has lent his drumming skills to a band called Silence falls over (which also features Vane.) Vane is also currently the one man BM project Vampire Vane. Orcus previously played with Panzerfaust.

11) What do you think of the underground scene today, and what do you enjoy most about it?

The underground scene to me is no different than the rest of the scene. Some bands are worth my respect and attention and some aren't. I give no more credence to underground bands than to supposedly mainstream bands. Good is good. Shit is shit.

12) What do you think about social networks? online? and are their any haters out there?

I use whatever tools i can to get our music heard by as many as possible. Social networks are very usefull tools for smaller bands like us.

13) What other hobbies do you, or your bands have outside of Eclipse Eternal?

Drinking, fighting, fucking, learning, hunting, fishing, camping, random acts of destruction...

14) What do you expect to happen next for Eclipse? and what do you plan for as in long term goals?

We plan to find a label willing to push us in Europe and give us the oppurtunity to prove our worth.

15) Thank you very much for your time Voldamares! I really enjoyed your album Ubermensch: Evolution Beyond the Species and look forward to new music ahead! Stay True warrior! Cheers ~D -l-

Thanks for the support.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I have been meaning to get this up for awhile, and finally will. Leah Succubus has allowed me to modify her images for the main site here and since she has been such a great support to the underground cause the background of the site will be her collage for the month of april till May 1st!!!! :D Hopefully this will help her get new bands to work with and promote for as soon as they see the background of the profile. Give a big hell-come to Leah Succubus!!! Please comment blog post or when I post this link to the TF E-zine facebook. Who knows, when the TF E-zine is back she could be in a advertisement for the 1st official TF E-zine issue soon!!!! :) -Danny


SURTUR Exclusive !!! (by D)

New links and info from Surtur of the band DROWNING, his interview for DROWNING is also on the site in my older posts, but you can also check out his other projects and bands he has mentioned here now...

Endless Sorrow (Bel/Aus)

Hopeless - demo 2010 - limited to 200 copies
FTU - 2010 compilation - limited to 1000 copies

working on first full length

Means To An End (USA/Bel)

Weathered By Time - full lenght 2010 - limited to 1000 copies

working on second full length

Wounds (USA/Bel)

My Illness - Ep 2010 - Limited to 200 copies

|||_-_||| (Chil/Bel)

Alone, Forgotten, And With No Hope - Split 2010

Hammerstorm (Aus/Bel)

Working on first full length

Eratomania (Bel)

first demo soon to be released.
my personal myspace, here you can also listen some songs wich i did session or guest vocals for.

Monday, April 11, 2011


This band has a real different mix of things here when it comes to making music, this album is called Stab Me, by a band called Legion Of Crows on Funeral Rain Records. The overall release caught my attention by its harsh sound, and great production sound, with hints of doom metal, and some old school guitar playing mixed in. The album is overall pretty good to my ears, and has a disturbing presence about it.

Atilla the frontman of this band has been in many projects, and so has his partner in crime Paul Di'Anno. The bands range from NWOBHM groups for Atilla, and Pauls past acts Tokyo Blade and Battlezone, not sure what genre of music that fell under, but it sounds kinda of punkish or industrial.

Its interesting to combine influences in a new band I think such as Legion of Crows. Raspy vocalizing, and demented shrieks, not of the black metal vein, but shrieky, and its a full length album with a lot of blood and guts all over that shows alot of promise for the future of there new band. Lots of old school, and new school sounds all over, but I tend to not find a real "strongpoint" in this album that locks me in, except the fact they have a very dark, and twisted presence on this album of theirs.

The way it sounds, and digs deep into the senses is what I like most about it, but if they played a bit slower, and had a even more creepier vocals, more deconstructed like sound, instead of the high pitched screams, it would be close to perfect!

I like to hear to more spoken word as well, maybe some samples in the songs could help too, but other then that it is a great full length album with a lot to offer, and I am not sure if their demo is still available but I like to take a listen to that as well.

I almost forgot to mention, these guys are from the Uk, so I always felt a very british "thing" about them in their music. It kinda reminds me of Dark Theory in a way as well. Bright, but very dark future ahead for these crows right here... -D

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Erevos - Adou Katavasis Review (by S.Stormhammer)

The first thing I noticed about Adou Katavasis is the opening
riff in track one. It was powerful and ambient, setting the
audience on edge. It is clear from the beginning ov this that
the artists appreciate the genre enough to appease its beauty
unto the listener. Yet, at the same time it is thrashy and
heavy, the perfect mix ov hatred and avarice that makes any
listener delve right in to the ever-changing riffs.

The second track in this demo starts off with a different sort
ov energy than its previous track, which is desirable in my
opinion unless one is going for a conceptual type ov album in
the constant chase ov defining mood with the discordant strings
and cacophonous harmonies. Soft and fast. Soft and fast. In
this design we find order in track two. Its abrupt end made me
happy, showing me that the artists weren't afraid to cut the
beauty off to the audience, showing that they are indeed in
control ov their artwork.

Track 3 is thrashy and hateful. Powerful and war-mongering. It
had me headbanging about 20 seconds into the track and kept it
steady while the majority ov the track was defined mostly by
the drums as well as palm-muting ov the guitars. Short and
sweet, or in this case, anti-human.

Under the WIngs ov Thanatos is an interesting song in the
simplicity ov the guitar riffs mixing with the complexity ov
the rest ov the instruments. The lead vocalist's bellows move
along with the beats and drives the song forth with strength
anger. It is a good outro to this demo album from Erevos,
especially considering it gives the audience something to
reminisce on after the album draws to a close. It is catchy,
disgruntled, and at the same time, completely uncaring ov what
the viewer would perceive.

To wrap everything up, I would say Erevos, at least judging from
this demo album, reminds me ov how the black metal scene
developed in Sweden, versus Norway. The style is similar to both
Marduk as well as Thy Primordial, maybe mixed in with a little
ov their own way ov doing things, and leaves the audience, at
least those who can sit back and truly reflect on the music they're
listening to, feeling satiated, like a good workout or smashing some
asshole's face after they said a rude comment. I give this album 8.5
out ov 10, in the hopes that they will elaborate on what they have
going on here. I'd recommend anyone interested in the underground scene to check this band out!

--S. Stormhammer, Transylvainian Forest E-Zine

1. Adou Katavasis
2. Kires
3. Those who decide about fate
4. Under the wings of thanatos(new version)

Friday, April 8, 2011


This solo band here has made it clear to me his band is not a band to be messed with! The art reminds me of old Darkthrone covers, and the logo has more of a doom/death metal look then black metal. The inside of the art told me if I were to play it, I would be haunted and drawn by entities from beyond our reality, I do not mind because I already have it bad enough here already. I welcome that energy when it comes to making music, and I really got a kick listening to this album as well. The intro is so long, and frightening I doubt you would want to play it at full blast unless you want to raise the dead. Hence the name of thee album, WARLOCK RITUALS...

This band is from Denver, Colorado, and is a USA BM band with a spiritual essence about them that strikes notice to any one that first puts this cd on from start to finish. Very, European sound here. From the depths of the unknown, to hell and back! This band stands strong to its old edge sound all the while adding a Watain like ritualistic powers to the many layers of shrieking, grim,r awness, that slows down, goes a bit faster, and then draws you into a pool of its own venomous cult like energy.

The band also has some doom riffs in the mix of things, and also some spoken word parts that throw you off in parts of the songs. The guitars are always hypnotizing, and menacing. They remind me of how I play actually. Its atmosphere also is very dark, and penetrating, but punky at times which I enjoy very much!

Satanism, Left Hand Path, the whole vibe of the occult, and dark energies are surrounded on this album... I dare a born again Christian to listen to this! The album overall gets a big rise out of me, and its sound overall is not totally clean/digitized or straight forward as many bands you hear today. This is the reason why I like making black metal from its roots in the first place on guitar, but alterting the madness to a new level therefore creating a hybrid of what was already sickening, and meant to be the strongest and evilest form of metal in the first place! This "Dark Priest" guy, Elixir, knows exactly how to do it in such a over the top matter, but keeping it to its roots, satanic, ritualistic, brash and loud, and keeping it as deformed as possible without being bothered by over the top static and noise. This is a very strong black metal album to say the least! Hails! -D -l-


(2009 - Present) Vox, Lryx, Instruments, Dark Sounds for Satanic Black Metal project, "DARK PRIEST." (1994-2009) Vocalist / Lyricist for Legendary American Satanic Metal Band, "SATAN'S HOST." (1991-1994) Vocalist / Lyricist for Denver, CO. Thrash Metal Band "SHRANK!" (1989 -1991) Vocalist / Lyricist for Denver, CO. Satanic Metal Band "AERIAX." Aspire to write more Satanic Metal CD's, as with Books of Dark Poetry and Diaries of a Metal Musician. Keep creating more Black Bibles of Theories and Practices threw the Art of Satanic Metal. Passionate in my Art, Love Family and Friends. A Workaholic when it comes to my Metal / Lyrics / Composing / Recording & Touring. Seeking my Beauty, my Eternal Balance in this Life....

1) Invocation...999 "Opening Lucifers Gate"
2) Evil Orison Divine
3) Witch - Blood / Destructive Curse
4) Black Sun - Black Flame "Satanic Inspiration"
5) Succubus...666 Evoking Eosphorus Lilitu
6) Summoning Khrafasta Pt. I

Wednesday, April 6, 2011



Hi thank you very much. I`m fine.

1) When did you start your band? and why?

I formed Upon The Shadows in 2002 trying to find a more personal way into music.

2) I see your band is from Uruguay originally, how is the metal scene there opposed to other countries you think?
Well I guess that one of the particular things here is that most of the people into metal is musician or play some instrument in some way. So when you perform you do it for other musicians, which has some advantages and disadvantages as you can imagine.
Apart from that I guess is the same as any other country.

3) This is also 2 woman band now, how was the previous line up and what was it like from the beginning back from 2002 to now?

At the beginning we started like a trio. With Marcelo Aguilar on guitar and voices, Natalia Arocena on bass and I on keyboards, programming and voices.
We recorded our first work in 2003 called just Upon Shadows. I use to call it demo despite that are 14 songs because of the bad sounding.
But for the people who likes Dark music still could be interesting to listen. I cant say nothing bad because we have lots of support when we just released it .
We have a long period of transition after that recording , and finally we came back in 2009 when we recorded “The Huge Circle Of Time”. With the same line up , than before but this time, the voices are mine except in the song “Cygnus x1 “ in which we are featuring with Maira Aguilar. There is a big change from the previous work to this one. “ The Huge Circle Of Time “ is divided in two parts, the first part is dark metal but with a touch of melodic death, specially because of the influence of Marcelo´s guitar, and the second part is an ambient part formed by 3 instrumental keyboard songs. As I feel it, this was the beginning of a new stage in Upon Shadows music.
Nowadays and since the end of 2009, the guitars and voices are on my charge, and we started the 2010 as a two woman band, Natalia and I.

4) Can you explain to me what your latest full length album "Melodies in Grey Scale" is all about, and how does it differ from past material?

Well the most important difference I guess, is that is even more personal work,
since the guitars are also mine.
And what we tried to do was to mix the most depressive lyrics I ever wrote, with the most strong music we ever made in Upon Shadows, without losing melody and all under a big range of dark ambience. Keyboards are still leading as is my lead instrument, so there are also some instrumental songs integrate to the rest of the album. We tried to give the idea that depression is far of being weak, and how people into metal, can see beauty in the most grey melodies. There are 10 songs in total, around 50 min.

5) How do you define your music, if you do, I see you tend to throw the term, Dark Metal around, and I like that very much! There is not too many dark metal bands I know of besides Bethlehem! S.u.i.z.i.d. album a influence maybe? ;)

Yes I guess Dark Metal is the best to define our music, because is the result of that fusion.
I am a big fan of Sisters of Mercy and lots of other bands in that way beside of metal of course.
And yes I love Bethlehem so they are a influences in our music for sure .

6) What underground bands do you respect out now, and what bands influence you and still listen to today?

Oh lots ! I like very much a lot of bands into the underground. And many different styles from the most dark style like the great Korean band a doom , to Samuli Tuomas Mäkelä , Ironwork, Blackest Orchid, Corporation of Corpse Stealers, Coldnight and of course Asbel and Ad Noctum Project. And I can continue nonstop because I find great bands every day, making amazing music from all over the world. And I guess that all that I listen gives me some influence in some way, but I can mention my biggest influences of all times and are Sisters of Mercy, Samael, The Whores Of Babylon, Impaled Nazarene, Necromantia and Abigor more than ever. I deeply love Abigor`s last album.

7) What attracts you to this style of music, and how long do you think you and your band mate Natalia can continue to do it for?

I can`t imagine another life, I mean, we both have been listening to metal music since ever.
We meet first time when we was 16 and we were already into metal sense so , is just impossible , we grew into it and we are just what you can see.
I think that what make us love metal is the way we are inside. Is not a coincidence that we all have so much in common. And music don’t convert people into nothing, is the music what is a reflection of what we are.
8) Do you enjoy a live setting more? or recording setting?

Recording for sure, because is when you can see the whole thing getting form.
I enjoy the whole process of creation so much and record is like make all your ideas real.
For me there is nothing better that to hear a new song just finished.
9) Any side projects, or past bands you and your band mate were in before Upon The Shadows?

Yes, Natalia was part of Asgard, the very first woman metal band here in our country, then she played in several bands and projects across the years being Sigma the one in which she stayed longer. And I only was part of another band before, a death melodic metal band called Eclampsy and I played keyboards with them since 1995 until 2002 when I leave to do my own project Upon Shadows. And I have been lucky to have Natalia`s support since that. She is a very professional and talented musician.
Nowadays I`m working in the musical production of a Tv Show called Voces Anònimas. Is a show about urban legends, with recreations of the stories In which I help composing the music to do the ambient. I joined in the 3 rd. season and now we are working in the 4 th.
Apart from that I `m involve in other projects also, doing some collaborations like with Asbel from Colombia . I was part of the last album “The Dark… The Withered..” and will be part of the next to come, which is going to be a second part of the one before, for the great acceptance we had with it. The album was released by SALUTE Records (Sweden). Then I just finished recordings for AD NOCTUM PROJECT from Chile, in which I recorded the voices for 6 song that will be released as an EP and then when all get finished the final album will come. And my last collaboration was with BELTANE from New Zeland, in their last song “Yet Again” which is going to be part of their new album.

10) Where is your music readily available now? and is their other merchandise as well?

Our last album “Melodies In Grey Scale” was released on 22 February 2011 by SATANICA PRODUCTIONS (NZ).
And can be ordered at
Then we have all our material for free download at :
And at Moonlight Gates :

11) How can people get in contact with you about everything Upon The Shadows?

Through any of our official pages:
or our fan page at Facebook :

12) I see you have a strong following, how is the fan reaction so far?

We have to say that we have been getting a great support . Lots more than we ever expected.
And the reaction is really great, not only from the fans, also with other musicians all around the world. We are very grateful about all the support and friendship.

13) What do you enjoy doing most when making a song, and what gets you in the mood to do it?
The better part for me is when we get the base of the whole song recorded and is time to add the arrangements , and create the ambience... Is like to give the magic to the song.
All gets me in the mood to do music lol

14) If you have any future goals, plans, or dreams to follow this year, what would they be? and why??? (deep question)

Yes I want to record a new Upon Shadows album for the beginning of the new year.
My biggest expectation is, to be able to record something new every year.

15) What was it like collaboration with Beltane and what was your experience with them like?

Was really great experience. I loved the song in the first listening . They are great musicians and was a pleasure for me to add my keys to their song.
The track is called “Yet Again” and have the drums of Chris Warhead from Abazagorath (USA), another great musician. And can be listen at Beltane ´s Reverbnation page :

16) If you have any thing else to say, let it all out! To bands, fans, friends, family, supporters out there, what would you have to say to all to them? I really enjoyed this interview, and your music, and I hope to stay in touch even after the close down of the e-zine in 2 months. We will be back with issues, and Ill make sure your in the first one! Hows that sound? Thanks for your time, and take care! :) -D -l-

Oh, sounds great!!! Thank you very much for giving me the space.
I enjoyed very much the interview too and will be a honor and a pleasure to be in the first issue of your came back to war !!! lol
What I wanted to say first of all is to give my deepest thank you to all the people around the world who are supporting us in one way or another. Thank you for believing in our music !!! You can be sure we put all from us on it.
And I would like to leave a message in the wind :
All in this world was made or created for humans to be use or learn by humans, so we all are able to do and to learn, anything we want. Only have to focus on it and do it.
Never surrender to resignation !!

Monday, April 4, 2011

ASTRAL WINTER Interview with Josh Young (by D)

Welcome To Transylvanian Forest E-zine!

1)When did your band start? and why?
It started in late 2008/early 2009, my main band had been on hiatus for a while and i wanted to write more music in a style i was more passionate about. So that’s when Astral Winter started.

2)Who plays what in the band?
Currently i play/compose all the instruments and also do some vocals aswell.
Phil was the vocalist for the first release “Illustrations Of Death” and is scheduled to record for the full length “Winter Enthroned” aswell.

3)What albums and demos/eps/splits have been done so far for Astral Winter?
Illustrations Of Death - Ep/Demo, which was released in 2009
Winter Enthroned - Full Length, which should be released in a few months.

4)How has the fan reaction been so far?
Overall it’s been very positive. All the reviews i’ve read have been generally favorable of the music, which is good.

5)What is the recording process like and how does it work for you?
Without going into a massive amount of detail about it, everything is recorded in my home studio. Everything is pretty much a Direct Input into the computer. I work on drums, bass and keyboards first, then add the guitars, which takes the most amount of time. Then i do heaps of mixing and re record parts as they are needed. I’m very picky so i’m constantly remixing things haha. Then once i’m happy with the overall sound i record vocals and mix them in.

6)Are you involved in any other projects?
Yeah i’ve got a couple other projects.
Hammerstorm – This is a folk/black metal band i started with vocalist Surtur. Again i handle all the instruments and compositions. I’ve written a full album for this band aswell and plan to record it when the Astral Winter album is released.
Atra Vetosus – This is my most recent project, only started a couple weeks ago. This is Melodic Black Metal in the vein of Dissection, Sacramentum, Dawn, Vinterland etc, very mid 90’s Swedish black metal sort of stuff. I’ve written a few songs for this and planning to record a demo next week. Im pretty excited for this one.
Also had a Depressive black metal project for a while which i won’t name haha. This really wasn’t my style though. And also been writing some Folk metal with a few friends off the internet, which will hopefully turn into something awesome.

7)Any hobbies at all besides your work on Astral Winter? things you do on a daily basis?
Working and drinking probably don’t count as hobbies..
Playing guitar is a main hobby, video games (old school RPGS) and anime. Stuff like that.
8)How is the underground metal scene look in your area? and is their any bands you like to mention?
Um, Tasmania is a pretty small place. Nothing that really comes to mind to mention. There are some good bands around though.

9)Can you name some main influences, or bands that inspired you, and pretty much have the same elements as Astral Winter?
Alot of bands have influenced me and newer bands continue to as well. Old school In Flames was my biggest influence starting out with the whole melodic aspect of the music (first few albums), even though they weren’t black metal. Other bands would be Dissection, Summoning, Vinterland, Wintersun. Alot of melodic death/black bands mostly haha.

10)How long have you been a musician for and what instrument do you get along with best?
I started playing guitar *thinks* about 6 years ago. That would definatly be the instrument I get along with best. Other instruments are just more of a hobby or something I only play when i record like vocals and bass guitar.

11)How many bands have you gigged with? or is their some future gigs lined up?

Astral Winter hasn’t played live. Who knows what the future holds, would be pretty awesome to gig, if i could find the right musicians.
12)What is it like to live in Australia?
It’s... alright. Winter is coming soon which i’m looking forward to. Its gets pretty cold in Tasmania, which is nice haha.

13)What does your friends and family think about all this nonsense? haha
Alot of my friends aren’t into metal. So I don’t really talk to them about it. The ones that are like my music and are always keen to help out. My family are pretty supportive as well.

14)What are your future plans for Astral Winter?
Release the album Winter Enthroned.
Start recording the next album which isn’t far from being composed.
Probably try and organize something live, but I don’t know. Not really worth doing in Tasmania, as the metal scene is pretty minimal.

15)If their was something you like to do to change the world, or change your life, OR of the way things are today, what would they be? (deep question)
Oh, so many things haha. Best not to get into it.

16) I really enjoyed this interview, and its been a freaking minute since we should have done this! I know your busy, but keep in touch, and is there any bands, friends, family, peers, haters, people of this world you like to give a big shout out to before we close up this interview my brother? Thanks and keep up the good work! Cheers mate –D
Just to the fans, thanks for listening, supporting and your patience with this long overdue release. It’s all appreciated.


Welcome to Transylvanian Forest E-zine! How you been?

miserably alive….

How long have you been making music for?

I always lived from this kind of sintony,and I’ve always been interested on instruments and songwriting,but regarding the projects,I guess I’ve been doing them for about 8 years

What bands are you currently in?

Nowadays I participate in several projects,which have the same essence, without any kind of clashing between these projects.The first one was a project called LOST DESIRE, in this project I acted together with another mind,we played something like funeral black doom,this sound was migrating to something more dense and lengthy,and then this project ended. Soon after this came ABISMO,which I act alone until today,later came MONUMENTA SEPULCRORUM,a project with me and a friend from Italy,Lord Svart,that shared similar thoughts with me,he does all the sounds and instruments,we decided to make this sound that mixes elements of Black Metal and Funeral doom. I still act on 03:18am,a project created by me,where I do the vocals and lyrics with a crazy dude called Ghoul,that does the ambient,this particular project isn’t anythinh but a dirty experience,and I don’t recommend it to nobody,because it is for the few that have thir minds on a filthy hole.There is also NIHILISM,the project’s name speaks for itself,I do this with a sick guy from Poland,Lord Ghost,I also do some other stuff with this guy.Still with Lord Ghost,I also play on Dormant Life,doing vocals and lyrics,and I also appear as a guest member in his other projects, SIRS,Fear and Aghast, Cold Life, Longing For Depression,mut sadly,I must say that due some personal issues some stuff are still a little bit late.

To end it,I participate on Apocalyptic frequency Experience,an experimental artists group,The Last Border,an artists group which in last year we made the longest experimental sound of the world with almost nine hours on length,breaking all the boundaries.

Currently I’ve been producing something on the Suicidal Misanthropic Black Metal with a partner,this project is called FRIO

Is there a place where people can get your music? and also how long has your blog spot been active for?

Yes,people can contact me through my e-mail,or contact the label that released tha album.most of the albuns can be seen on the myspace page,always with updated informations about it,the ABISMO’s website wll soon be finished and I will put everything there,tapes,Cds,t-shirts.vynils,Box-set etc.

What bands influence you, and what style do you go for in the recording process?

Well,I wouldn’t say that I have influences for ABISMO,I do experiments,and they come from everything that I live,on the sound process that’s what I do, experimentations, off course, they pass through everything I know,that goes from classical music to Suicide Black metal.But if we were going to talk about bands,there would be some names that I listen to since I started making music and I still listen nowadays,like the first album from Cathedral,Forest of Equilibrium,also some stuff like Worship,and some of the first works from Burzum,things that despite the different stile,sound like a similar essence to me, but my focus was always Drone,the most extreme and nihilistic ones,the ones that expels life from their compositions

What bands are you associated with now in the underground, and what labels have you released with?

There are a few names on the underground that I can see that they do a serious and capable job,from these I highlight the projects from a polish partner,Lord Ghost, from the Chilean and enthusiast of many iniciatives,Alexis Brantes,another argentinian friend,Unsilent,as several other names,that collaborates with me in many aspects,splits,art cover collaborations and related stuff.

About labels,there are many too,and amidst the ones that are on a higher contact,I could name Depressive Illusions from Ukraine,who always release on tape all of my projects on a very serious and competent way,XX,a Norwegian label that also gives total support to my work,Le Crepuscule Du Soir from France,Nihil Art Records from Russia and many others.In this year yet I’ll estabilish one of them as the ABISMO’s official label,but this is something that is being decided.All this labels and projects are indeed something real,because they do their releases simply because they believe on them,many times not having any profit over it.This is a real essence!

How many albums have you done?

In this years with ABISMO,I can say I have about 13 albums, including tapes, CDs, Box sets and splits. I will have new albums suddenly, in all the same formats, plus some Vinyl releases

Will any of your bands become gigging bands?

Possibly not in the conventional way….maybe someday I do something with 03:18am….but,only when we can thake away a human life on completely rotten environment,no shows like you see around,but a dirty ritual,until then, no presentations

What do you think of the underground metal scene of today?

It’s a poor scene, with many things that are products of the cultural industry, which had reached the extreme scene….this happened in my country and in the whole world…but, with no doubt, a small part of them are something real

If there was a artist you like to collaborate with, who would it be?

I can’t think on anybody which I have not worked with yet

What is it like in your area, and how many bands do you know of around there?
Things are stagnant around here…I can count with the fingers of one of my hands the amount of projects that do something real and are not just some copiers

Any future plans for Abismo?

A couple of murders,followed by a long time you Will understand my words

I thank you very much for your time, what else do you like to say before we sum up this interview? Thanks for the albums and patience my friend. -D

I’d like to say that amidst the few works that I see some relevance, one of them is yours,that are worried to show ideas without making any profit with it,and that’s why I’m here, because I believe in your idea


OUTRO'S Nihilistic's Projects:

ABISMO (Extreme Nihilistic Degenerative Funeral Ambient Ritual):
03:18am (Sickness Degeneration Drone Suicide):
NIHILISM (Suicide Sick Black Metal/ DarkAmbient/ Down-Tempo/Drone): ;
Apocalyptic Frequency Experience (Experimental Ambient):
Dormant Life (Post-Rock / Black Metal)
Frio (Misatrhopic Suicide Black Metal)
Asylum Archives:
Vocalist in:
SIRS - (Minimalist Nihilistic Sick Deep Depression / Dark Ambient)
Fear and Aghast - (Emotional / Deep Dark Ambient / Minimalist / Experimental)
Cold Life - (Minimalist Ambient / Black Metal / Experimental)
Longing For Depression (Minimalist Emotional Clasic / Black Metal / Ambient)