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TF ZINE CLOSURE... AND THE EVIL DEAD (2013) - Movie Review (by D)


I figured I should start a fresh new chapter to the world of TF zine other then album reviews! I figured why not, as I am a avid movie watcher and see so many over time that I thought, hell, it be a good time now then ever to cover my own personal thoughts on each one I see. Being, this is my first review, for a movie that I hold very dear to my black heart, it is a reboot of the original, but I had to throw my 2 sense out there about it since I feel so strongly about the series. The movie is called, EVIL DEAD!!!
Co-written and directed by Fede Alvarez. Sam Raimi did NOT direct this movie but after watching it, you will feel like he did.

Alright, I know you all seen or love the story from Sam Raimi's cult classic, being it is with Bruce Campbell as the protagonist of the story, Ash Williams. I feel this movie is as far away as possible from the original, and that is not a bad thing, that is a good thing. The story starts off with 3 girls and 2 guys, reminiscent of the 1st movie, and also opens with some very crazy opening that leaves you twisted at what will happen next. Swallow Your Soul!!!

Yeah, they still say that in the movie and is said right at the scene where the old man was originally in the cabin in the first place started this whole mess, ended up burning his daughter to a stake with some voodoo witch that helped by reading the Necronomicon to cast her to hell or whatever the demon came from before the bitch swallowed his manhood. Now, he blows her head off, after the guys knock her out in the woods, and she is burning and screaming, pretty twisted opening, you almost fall for it at first, her talking in a whining normal tone to her Father, pleading for help, but you can see it a mile away she was going to turn to the dark side. Then comes the Evil Dead logo and the bababummmm!!! epic opening. It really kicked off the movie well. Now lets get to the flesh!

The whole story, is good, but has some flaws. Some of the actors just do not cut it I think as far as playing the new roles for this reboot goes. I can say this nerd here with the glasses kept the whole movie alive and pretty much carried the movie along the whole time, so I find him to be the best of the bunch. Eric was the best actor there I believe. David, Eric, Mia, Olivia, and Natalie (DEMON???) go to a cabin for I am not sure of what reason, then manage to keep their friend Mia there long enough before she starts withdrawing from her addictions, and then she finally ends up losing her cool and getting raped by some trees in the process of escaping her car after wrecking it in a hysterical fashion. The way the movie goes on kinda reminds me of the Ring, the way the demons look in the beginning, but then again these are demons, not ghosts, and they are very gory surprisingly. They come into the scenes to jump at you pretty well. The part where the bug or slime that goes up Mia's *coughs* pussy was not something I was expecting.

The girls of the movie, I thought held up for some of the movie when they were demons, but other then that, their acting was pretty over exaggerated and could have been better thought out. David on the other hand, he was the worst of the bunch and I hate to spoil most of the ending but I was SO glad he died, he was the man to play a role which was reminiscent to Ash I felt, but did terribly, and I later found out Mia was the one who ended up being the "badass" of the flick taking down the demons after she came over her possession after David kills himself to kill Eric (nerd with glasses) from killing them after he turned into a demon towards the end of the film. The acting was I can say....ALRIGHT, compared to the first original flick. Now, lets get to the book.

The Necronomicon or, Naturom Demonto, the Sumerian language for Book of the Dead, has had a total reboot, and fresh new look compared to the past books with the scary faces. This one actually looks pretty legit, and the inside looked amazing. I was really impressed with how the book looked and how they wrapped it up to hide it. It was one of my favorite parts of the movie, and the books pictures/text/blood stained messages really made a difference. Without it, and just having another plain old scary face looking book, would not have been the right thing to do I think. The stitching opposed to the face look held up pretty well.                 

What I can not stand about fans of Evil Dead is that if it is not a film with Bruce Campbell it is not a Evil Dead movie, but in essence, it is a Evil Dead movie, FEELS like a evil dead movie, and I say, a pretty good one. But that is not to say it is without its flaws just like any other horror movie does. The RAINING blood scene, I did not understand, and also the scene where the girl Olivia is taking charge while everyone is freaking out, I can't stand her actually, Elizabeth Blackmore is her name I believe, I think she did horrible in the movie and was a bad choice to be put in it. I really wish they had a old tape recorder in the movie which played some dialogue of the old man from the beginning of the first movie when he killed her daughter, but that was not something you seen or heard of in the movie either.

I seen the R version of this film but plan to see it again when it hits blu-ray/unrated. The movie just jumps right into the action it seems and their really is no initial build up or scare in the woods that moved or followed long enough to actually make you say, RUN! or keep you on your toes. The action just went from gory to goriest and kept rolling on, but had little as far as intelligent acting went. I can say the first movie was not intelligent when I first saw it, but this was even worse then that. The acting just was sort of a hard thing to watch. I mean, I seen bad, but this seemed like they put in a bunch of actors that were ready to get a grammy for best horror movie of the year and they just did not get the right people for it.

At least the first movie kept you on your feet more at times before something really bad where to happen. The demons were also pretty cool looking, and the ways Mia played with their heads was also hilarious and entertaining. Gimme a kiss you whore! That part made me laugh pretty hard. Maybe a throwback to the slapstick parodies I have not seen since Evil Dead 2, especially since Raimi and Campbell were part of this in production.

Anyway, if I had to rate this flick I rate it a 7.5 out of 10. I wish I had time to complete this review thoroughly but I have put it on hold for months and had some decisions to make, which will be explained in my next monologue. Overall the film lacks some strong points, and at times made me go, WTF!!! but otherwise still stood strong to its roots and kept me interested long enough till the end credits where Ash also made a cameo appearance at the end. It is really worth a watch but beware of some of its accidental mishaps.


I decided just, the other day, that this site, TF zine, for the future will be dedicated to everything horror related. I am not sure about music and the bands and all anymore. I might just make something new in a blog for that eventually. I will also relocate all my old blogs here PROBABLY to that site as well once it is up. Just things like this take time you bear with me. TF ZINE will be back, but will be promoting a whole different medium to itself, but similiar to the music I posted here for the past 2-3 years. Movies!!! So until then, the zine is officially closed!!! Till next time. ~Danny

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Melankolia - III (review by D)

Before I start this review I like to mention where you can order this album online, you can find it here at this link & you can check out Mikes label Nine Gates Records at for any upcoming artists on his label

Now, I highly recommend this album for listeners of Aphotic Starfield, Immundus, Fata Morgana, & it sounds much greater then the likes of Ildjarns - "Landscapes" album in a composed sense (even though I like the album Landscapes) but also falls into a catergory of ambient soundtrack music along with Eric Serra, & the Jesper Kyd.

This album is another ethereal masterpiece made up of dark brooding intertwining songs that leave the listener lost in a dream like state at first. Deep and mysterious, but also soothing and spacious. The production overall is outstanding and gives you something more then most dark ambient artists just providing you a song made up of one atonal sound track after track. The atmosphere is enormous and was recorded at Perpetual Darkness Studios from October 2010 to January of 2012, mixed & mastered by the same guy who owns the label Quartier 23 in Germany by Priapus 23 of Akoustic Timbre Frekuency. This also the longest, most thorough, well thought out album released by Melankolia since his last album Orpheus Down in 2011 I reviewed here sometime ago.

This album also features various artists in other bands, Appalachian Winters D.G. Klyne on the The Darkness Ever Present, Bruno Duarte of Immundus on Beauty...Interrupted, Karsten Harme on Lucidity Through Melancholy, Take Me From This Place with Matt Thyssen of Buer, Loell Duinn on Eastern Sun, Western Darkness, Destiny's March (For All Time)feat Marc of Hoyland and last but not least the infamous Norwegian musician Mortiis on Bring Me Victory on remixing. This sounds like a dream line up for sure! All experienced artists and they certainly bring out the best of each song they are featured on for III. I think this was a very wise idea on Mikes part and also gives you fresh new faces to look up in other styles of music. Of the bleakest and darkest comradery!

The III is for one a surround sound experience at home and can either bring out the best or absolute darkest in people. The depths of ones being in this cold & tragic existence... the walk alone out in the damp rainy country side, the moment where you can take the time out to stare at the night sky and wonder, gazing at the stars. Looking out at the moon light. This is that type of album, but also can be depressive to some but uplifting to others. I can say each track has something different to offer and at times it is a overwhelming theme made up of many elements that can put you in a trance along with solitude and silence. Filled with isolation, grief, a numbing feeling.... but gives you goosebumps on your arms. The synthesizers and piano echoing in the distance. The vocals present in songs that feature them are very well done.

Melankolias III is a album which offers something new and fresh to listeners of neo-classical/experimental dark ambience while not being too over the top but is like a journey unlike others I have yet to find that is totally similiar amongst dark ambient artists I have experienced in the genre. The music just transcends, and erupts like a theatrical operatic supernova, but its conductor is conducting the sounds of the darkest places of this universe. Only with what he has to his own disposal in instrumentation. If one were offered these instruments and was told to make something beyond a normal piano piece or something greater then one can imagine from a synth or piano sound, this is what would come to fruition. A stellar force of atmosphere and a thunderous wall of magical sounds.

Each part of this album has its own subliminal meaning and this passage possibly can offer you that understanding of what I mean by 3 parts hence the name of the album III in quote to a review authored by Marc Hoyland....

“III” is divided into three initial parts related to the formation of the Shadow during an eclipse, namely Penumbra, Umbra and Antumbra, that according to the artist’s own interpretation represent the three parts of the human entity: mind, spirit and soul. The final part, Postscript, represents a calcification in a way, of the internal process that has preceded, as well as a substantiation of its results. The completed formation of a new personality or a new Self. The three phases of an eclipse potentially correspond to many concepts, such as the triple Goddess, the three alchemical phases of the Magnum Opus (Nigredo, Albedo, Rubedo), the IAO formula, the Thelemic signs of NOX, the Jungian symbols of individuation and several other things.

The process and inspiration behind the album itself is massive and very astrological. I really like how the artist takes the time to read and understand the celestial and the becoming of ones self. It is really something if you think long and hard about it. Not alot of artists go out of there way to offer such a concept to there albums and it just makes it that just more special. Very interesting concepts here. The songs each have there own body and mind and continue to surprise me one after the other. You can also find marching sounds, romanticism, sadness, classical timeless feels that raise the hair on the back of your neck.

Melankolia's "III" is a work of art one must also take the time to listen to though, and I am on my 5th time hearing it and I will continue to listen to it for weeks to come. It is a sign of musical growth, ambition, and the artists perception of the world around him. A story that can touch many others, it speaks volumes far beyond our own minds darkest and most beautiful conceptions. ~D

Monday, March 18, 2013

Deviator - Fehu - Fohat - Fire (Review)

This trio or semi permanent trio band lead by Lord Hastner have made a album which can touch listeners of black / death metal / ambient & experimental listeners on many levels. They have a cold and brooding sound which hails from the depths of the Ukraine. They have strong ties to Depressive Illusion Records and released this album at only 101 copies alone via Depressive and the release was also handled by Lord Hastner and his own label Kundalini Records. This is a 2012 release and probably still available so I suggest you get a copy now at Depressive while you still can at their website.

Like I was saying, this album reaches many different atmospheres and also strikes many levels of musicianship in the BM but of course with their own twist. The vocals range from spoken word, to harsh and raspy vocals. The album burns a fire in you and is injected with solid riffs. The vocals are also not just raspy but echoing and guttural in a sense. The drumming is pretty solid and sound, and not too far behind in the mix. The overall production of this album is great. It has the production and the substance. But does it have the energy and keep the listener intrigued? The song Cost Of Freedom does and treads on till it creates its own way into your mind with a deeper and subjective meaning between its archaic punishment through out its presence.

The next song is a just a little less interesting for me though. Way Of Warriors Hymn to Immortals. It has a great start and provides alot of heavy interesting moments through out its composition and melody. But I wished the clean vocal approach or spoken word was more sonically intriguing and less raw well not raw but it lacked a effect and is just straight talking to me and is not too strong here. It could have so much more range and oomph to it I think and stand out better like the darker vocals if it had some power put behind it or a effect with it, but at the same time still keeping it in its natural form but just a little more flashy. The spoken word is alright, but when I hear clean vocals or someone dares to mix them with a heavy song, I like if they stood out just as much as the heavier and darker vocals did. The song is long and has a very epic feel to it overall. But I can say I liked the last song a little better. It is also not in English but that is not a gripe just a fact.

This one up Eternity of Blood, provides a great opener on guitar and really is uplifting. It has some very nice drumming on this one. The stampeding quality of it is what I really dig about it. Live or Die! then a softer passage with further outstanding drum work involved. Excellent song so far. I am starting to like this one more then the 2nd one and 3rd one. It has alot more going on in it, and it may be shorter then Way Of Warriors but has just some more dimension and balance to it.

4:12 and on to the end, was wrapped up very well, I can listen just to that part 100x over myself. Very well done!

My Thoughts....They Have No Rest....sounds like me!!! And this song is a heavily key oriented build up of sorts with heavy guitars and drumming. Its is a Winter Depression cover but I never heard the song by the actual band so I can not point out the differences other then this cover is really fucking good. It is a cover from a fellow UKR band and has a outro like presence but then again if it had vocals it would have made it that more intense and interesting then what it already is. It may have just been a instrumental on the original bands album but it does have alot going on and again, the drums and the guitars sound amazing. This song is heavily in the keys, but not so heavy it comes off as a synth or a pure background noise, it is piano in its nature, and has lots of feelings and layers to it. All I can is that it really has alot going for it and is a superior cover.

Burning Bridges Become Ashes goes back to the chaos and really pounds itself out before the album closes itself up. This vocal assault from the start stands out pretty well and the stops and goes are great too. A great BM guitar tremolo picking is going on, the drums are tapping ever so gently then jump right into the muscle of the track itself with that hypnotizing guitar darkening and pushes the track even further into total devastation. The vocal approach remains the same, vocals are pretty guttural then they stop to a abrupt calming. The song goes back and forth between each instrument, and the guitar comes back with a stronger voice in the song then its past 2 riffs with a duel symphony. Wow! love the dueling here. Dueling guitars = SUCCESS in my book. Now back to the crunchy and building up, then a quick halt and stop. I really wish they did not end so abruptly like that, with the dueling guitars stopping into a riff riff crunch riff then a end. I think the dueling and then a fading out end would have been perfect but them the bricks. I really enjoyed this song too though.

After a 2nd listen of this album I can say this album is more of a EP then anything to me, but then again it is really their all so far last year but I am sure next year more Deviator is to come. I will end this review by saying I really enjoyed this release and kind send out of a copy to me from Lord Hastner, and it has been a pleasure listening to this album again since the day I got it. I must have had some things on my mind and I have been busy but nonetheless my review is here and I know it is not of short length but I wanted to touch on the details of all the songs and what to expect before someone bought it. It is worth a buy and is heavy through out. but as for the diversity, it was a album made with a lot of the efforts and right intentions but has the room for some improvements down the road.


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Ancient Reign - Of Moonlights Glare (EP)

Hey guys, here is a new review by my new member of TF Zine! Check his review out. ~D

It has been some time since I have actually done a feasible review, especially one on an underground act such as this. I must admit, I have been out of touch with a lot of music lately so I have had little time to unearth new acts or projects for my listening pleasure. So to speak, this will be a review on the 2013 EP "Of Moonlights Glare" from Candian Black Metal band Ancient Reign.

I'm not all that familiar with this act, mostly as stated before I been out of the loop now for a few years. Ancient Reign is a folk black metal band from Halifax, Canada back in 2007. Apparently they released a small demo that was released under limited press but they have not released much until just recently. As I have found though, these Canadian acts truly know how to craft their art.

In many of ways, Ancient Reign reminds me if bands like Trollech, Nokturnal Mortum, Volh, and Svartby. The guitar riffing on this release is raw in essence but very clear and audible compared to many underground acts in the genre that have erupted onto the scene as of late. The riffs are heavy and somewhat punkish in its underlining feel, but there is a constant shift from that "main" opener riff into much more majestic and melodic folky melodies and tunes that truly has the listener being sucked in to the songs. Nothing here is original by any means, but unlike some of the bands mentioned before except excluding a few, Ancient Reign has an odd way of sucking the listener into each song. There are a heavy use of keyboard work and synths utilizing the breadth of the folk melodies and replicating the traditional folk instruments typically used or synthesized by bands in this genre. The melodies are very well done and don't over play there welcome. Which is refreshing in a genre that either becomes monotonous by design or acts that never allow a certain riff or melody to truly develope. Ancient Reign shows that they can write a song with competent song structuring not always found in underground black metal projects/bands.

Back to production values, everything in this release is audible and crystal clear, only failing so in the drum department. I'm not saying the drums are absent or inaudible, but a lot of bands I have found in this genre to put more emphasis on the guitars and synths and putting the drums and bass further into the mix, which by no means is a bad thing. In many ways I enjoy It more so because of the uncanny and difficult nature to record a drum kit...sometimes sounding like shit on a low if recording. Other bands or solo acts just opt out all together and use a drum machine. However the drums are fairly well done and match the music well. Nothing can be more more annoying then having super fast blast beats during a segment that just doesn't find compatibility for the style. Everything on this release just fits well in the mix overall.

Out of all the songs, the first track (not the intro track) "The Arrival" and the last track "Winter's Reign" were my favorites. Many a reason because these two for me stood out the most. the Arrival being the longest track on the EP and utilizing far more variety in the composition, even the use of acoustics take a decent portion if the overall length of the song, and its use of synths just truly added to that nice folky sound that I have come to love . The latter song being much shorter but of average length has solid riffing, and some good melodies that gets one into the song. I fairly enjoyed the entire album. My only problem with the release being the two songs in the middle, "Of Moonlights Glare" the title track just being way too short and its over before you know it. The follow up song however, "Through Forests Eternal" is a much better song. Using some good folky riffing that comes off as a more melodic and audible version of Graveland and even utilizes some good low guttural growls weaved into the mix in unison with the black metal raspy shrieks. The more I listen to the track, i find it to be just as good as my two favorites from the album. It's the title track that falls short and is easily a passable track.

For fans of blackened folk metal or folky black metal akin to bands I mentioned then check out Ancient Reign. They don't try anything very unique here on this release but it still comes as refreshing in a saturated genre.

For those of you out there looking for a numerical score, I really don't score by numerical grade. I'm not one to "rate" or score. I'm going to articulate to some degree on the pros and cons....and I sayith unto thee...check out this fucking band NOW!!!

By Munnin

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Appalachian Winter - Ghosts Of The Mountains (Review)

Since I do not got much else to do at the moment! I figured hell... I might as well get to reviewing some shit. Lets get started!

This is the latest release by Pennsylvanian State band from mayba yer neck of the frozen woods! Appalachian Frigging Winter!!!! FUCK YES!!! Yes, I added frigging, how thoughtful of me? Appalachian Winter rather. Troll me... I dare you motherfucker. As for the album, it is called Ghosts of The Mountains!!! A album which defines the concepts and stories involved in the local area I believe... in Daniel Klyne's sense.(?) The album has song names that may mean other things, defining a vast majority of other worldly subjects, but this release also hits home to the man behind the music I think. I would not call it a political is moar of a EPIC WINS album!!! in my book. If you are a fan of movies such as Krull, Legend, Gladiator, anything that has to do with fairy tales, mysticism, medieval times.... within the boundaries of black metal, you will dig it. A mix bag of a bunch of folk/acoustic guitar playing, flutes, keys, woodwinds, horns, trumpets, with a echoing, powerful vocal approach in a clean sense, not Into Eternity sounding rather, but just damn powerful! The first song Rebellion Within The Young Nation gives off a very big, booming eurphoric vibe, and also has many many layers of sound in it. Its pretty damn good I say. It starts the swing of things and jumps right into the madness.

Patriarchs is, you can say, one of those "folk tracks", in the beginning, which comes off as something "Richie Blackmore" renaissance like? It flows well, and is not too flashy or wank/fap technical but more flowing then anything, and then jumps right into the heavy! Surrounded by a heavy, clean vocals, in a spoken word approach? I am not sure what to call it but it flows damn well, then jumping into the blackened vocals, rushing you into a barrage of drums, guitars, keys, then jumping back into the spoken word approach from the start. And when I mean booming and echoing, as in, these vocals, they are really that deep and almighty....!!! Then it cuts back into the blackened, darker vocals of the last verse, leading into a piano piece I really enjoy and closes the track perfectly. Very deep man!

3rd one, Ancestors of The Lake, this is the first tune I heard off his band page for this album I think awhile back. Its opens with some keys, and a serene flute. A then sweeping orchestral piece comes in with the keys going in and out, with the flute coming back, man I love this ocarina! Or flute, fuck knows what it is, but I love it. As the flute cuts out, a war like percussion follows and a acoustic guitar piece, with a actual spoken word piece, for these are ravens, and nothing more!!!! They are only rain drops, and nothing more!!! WE SHALL ALL BE DUST AND NOTHING MORE!!! GAH!!! Yes!!!! that was fucking awesome. Now it goes into the heavy, man... I am really going to be dissecting this album through out for you readers. Consider it as a warning...but that spoken word piece was pretty awesome is all I could say. Give this one a listen, it is very enticing and meaningful, to my ears, and dumb heart feelings.... and stuff....ha, I need many years of therapy now..... next up!

The Town Old Man Schell Built... is a track with a heavy opening, jumping back into that flute, man, that flute is awesome. But yeah, this one is heavy as fuck and hits you off your feet. Now I am hearing a drum along to acoustics, the overall composition, the way each track is played out, it is like gymnastics. It has substance, and muscle. Not a guitar driven scream along, but much deeper and these tracks really stand apart from most black metal I can say. I could not call this album black metal really either, it is just a epic mind fuck. Now back into the heavy from the start, after the acoustics, I lost myself there, but I tend to wander along with music so forgive me and my precision on describing these song the best I can. But yeah, heavy, clean, heavy, and closing....solid tune here. It is a solid town built by Papa Schell!!!

Keystone opens with some acoustics, and I hear woodwinds heavy to be found so far, but I am enjoying this. Now all the sudden it stops and you hear horns and rumbling. The guitar is back now to hypnotize with steady drumming, cuts into the rumbling, and a powerful swoop in the air I go! The heavy along with the instruments present in the softer passages of this song real flow well together. No vocals, just a epic leap forward! Damn epic indeed. Pure instrumental, and now flutes! YES I fucking love these flutes. Track ends....just a instrumental with some major power behind it. Something fresh in the mix of things. 

The Great this one is starting and has a very heavy key opening, followed by a bell like sound going into the war percussion march, with layers of keys and horns in the mix. I am now just waiting for this one to explode, and it does! Nice riffs, steady drumming,  a mixture of the blackened and clean vocals again. A heavy tune throughout and then stops....back to the keys. I like the dramatics behind this whole album so far. I read some people saying how its like a soundtrack, it really does give off that vibe. The soloing now present with some vocals is pretty well done, the guitars are dual soloing in the mix I believe and make way into the heavy. I sometimes imagine what this would look like recreated in a live setting. I am sure it would be a sight to behold. War drums close the track with the keys from the beginning nicely.... a battle of civil war proportions!

Pennsylvanian, this opening scream is high! very HIGH! reminds me of a Rob Halford of sorts. Then goes into some more singing in the clean approach into some thick and powerful blackened vocals. Treading along with the heavy and flowing into some keys. Fuck is there anything I can think of other then the words keys and heavy? Damn it I suck at this, moving along, one of the heavier tracks off this album, the drums really stand out in this album, even if they are programed and key created. A swift stop, more orchestra! Going straight into some more key work and rumbling into a booming guitar and vocal driven part with some high vocals from the beginning mixed with black metal like vocals. I am not sure if this is really Dan screaming that high.... if so, he really nailed it.

The Great Flood of 1889, sends you back into the heavy, but stops, a serene note is being played and roars in your face with the heavy again. This track has some bursting and colliding in the middle of it, like a flood maybe? This stop and go anyway, is really interesting and keeps the track flowing real good. The song has some great riffing towards the 4 minutes into it, then goes into more keys. The stops and goes are pummeling. Something I could imagine that was not too easy to pull off. Atmosphere and carnage.... in this great flood!

And the last song, The Cemetery Where Slaves Lie Buried, has some very stellar guitar work in the beginning, and goes into some clean vocals. Horrors can be found, they died for the dignity of our fellow man! Great stuff, into some war percussion, jumping into a very well thought out guitar passage. This one gives me chills.

This album really is a story in itself, and the only way I feel best to describe and review this album is to tell the tale of the story one song at a time. My skills at reviewing in a neat well thought out paragraph way like most, totally lack, but my taste and general examination of ones album that gives off a story-like presence to it, to me, leads me to this type of review. So if I am totally screwing this review up, I apologize....NOT!

Anyway, I have this in my cd in my collection, this album is a very well thought out, and a studio based only album. It is not a live act (even though I wish it were) it lacks real drums, even though the drums in all AW albums do sound wicked cool. I have to give this album a 9 out of 10. I think this may be my last time rating a album, maybe as the reader you are you probably thinking I am not being totally honest, so I swear this will be the last time I "Rate" a album. I figured it be easier to rate them, but after much thought, I do not really think it is. But in my mind and how I feel about this specific album and the last one I reviewed, I stand by my rating. Awesome stuff!

All in all, this album is a journey and like all journeys, they take time. So, if you got the time, sit down and give this album a listen! I am sure you will dig it if your a fan of black metal, folk, epic, or like keys in music. I am not the biggest fan personally of keys in music when it comes to heavier bands but if done right, it fits well with the music. This is one of those rare and special albums.

Take the free ride here! OR take the time out to buy the physical copy here if you can once released.  (Link under the photo!)

It will be available as a digi-pak and maybe... my stupid name will be on the credits. They who live in the mountains.... will always be free!!! ~D
                                CD OUT March 9th  @

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Surtr Stormhammer of Valkynaz (Interview with Zamiel)

Interview by Zamiel, for TFE-zine, and various Blogspot pages.
All trendy people, bands, ëzines and labels FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!!!

1. Greetings Surt Stormhammer. I know you write music under Valkynaz,
and also the eponymous Stormhammer. What can you tell me about these
projects, their respective Modus Operandi, and what are you currently
doing with them?

Greetings, mighty Zamiel! I appreciate the time you're taking to interview
me and my surrounding grim works, as well as the due apologies I must offer
you in regard to the length ov time it took for me to get back to you! I'm
in the process ov setting up my new computer for optimal recording and design.

ANYWAYS!!! As you well know, Valkynaz is my main source ov creativity
since about '09, and as such, I've been trying to hone and perfect my
craft into a signature sound incorporating the misanthropy and
aggression I hold so very close to my heart. My ambient project,
Stormhammer, on the other hand, is much different, drawing on meditative
sounds and frequencies that I try to utilize in order to elicit a feeling
ov euphoria within my listeners. Yes, I try to get high off ov music, hahaha!

2012 taught me many things, least ov which is how to go about exacting my
music. With Valkynaz, I learned different styles and sharpened what I knew already,
and with Stormhammer, I did some digging and researched applying harmonic theory
to my music, hence Toterhaufen, which is basically one big experiment on how
to treat sound as a controlled substance. 2013 bodes well for both fields, kinsman!
I can scarcely wait to see what I'm reminiscing on at the dawn ov 2014!

2. I know you used to do another project called Vinterblot. Why did
that end?

Vinterblot was one ov my first actual bands, and one that I remember
very fondly. However, since I was still a novice at guitar and music
overall, there were many mistakes made in the process ov churning out
songs and lyrics. I'd felt it was just best to finish up the last album
and retire the band afterwards. I also have to admit, I looked to you
and your success with Wende in that regard considering your transition
from Nidhogg. Don't get me wrong, your Nidhogg material was great! But
Wende is just mightier, y'know?

3. Have you ever thought about forming a whole band? Maybe even playing
live? There probably arenít too many people misanthropic enough down
there (Nevada)Ö

Hahaha that's funny you should mention it, because I've attempted
multiple times to form a live act! I created this death / drone
band called Arkhitekt with the sole intent to play live. I'd based
a lot ov the lyrical themes on apocalypse and deconstruction ov
human civilization, much like the band V:28 and influenced heavily
on this show called Life After People. However, when I put ads up
for drummers, bassists, and vocalists (admittedly, the vocalist ad
was half-assed, because if need be I could probably do that myself,)
all I got were these yuppy cockleeches expecting me to be starting
"the next great American Emo band" or some shit. It was discouraging,
but such is life.

4. Continuing from the last question, what is the scene like in
Las Vegas/Henderson area?

Truth be told, I wish I'd had more involvement with the Vegas scene
than I've gotten. However, it's healthy. We still are pretty underground,
but we have Breath ov Sorrows and Dead Reckoning (and my various projects,
to a lesser extent.) Another nice thing is we have mainstays like Lord
Clovenhoof to help orchestrate shows and keep the scene from stagnating.
Since I'm from northeastern Nevada and literally the only black metal band(s)
to come out ov Elko, it's nice to have others around to appreciate!

5. What is Hammerkrieg Productions and what are your plans for that?

That is a good question. The ultimate goal for HKP is to help my friends out.
Hel, that's why I started it up in the first place. I was in a position where
I could do more good without fearing too many consequences, so I offer limited
handnumbered releases and various merch items if I can afford it. It'd be
awesome if HKP started to grow to the size ov a label like Moribund Cult or
Debemur Morti, but that's way down the road, especially considering all ov the
things I do for it come out ov pocket for the time being. But it's a labor ov
love. I usually try to go to local shows and sell some merch and releases to get
my friends' music out to the local scene here, and have had moderate success with
it, so at least there's some amount ov prosperity for the bands I sign.

6. I know ìValkynazî is taken from the Elder Scrolls series - theyíre the most
powerful Dremora warriors if Iím not mistaken. What can you say about drawing
inspiration from the fantasy world of Tamriel and where do your works fit
within that world/mythos?

Hahaha yes they are, kinsman! And, being the nerd that I am, I couldn't help but
reflect on how black metal has always drawn from a nerdy source. Burzum, Gorgoroth,
Summoning, all ov them drew from JRR Tolkien, at least for their namesake. So, in
true metalhead fashion, I decided that it wasn't nerdy enough and had to go one-up
them by drawing from video games. I've only seen two other bands do this, though
I'm surprised there aren't more! One even chose Tamriel, like me. Sancre Tor (a
holy site located in the province ov Cyrodiil), also signed to Satanica Productions
for awhile, and Gannondorf, though I think that one might just be a troll band.
Tamriel is rich with mythos, especially from TES III through V! It's more ov a
medieval life simulator than an actual video game!
(latest valkynaz logo)

7. I also know that you are studying game design down in Henderson. What can you
say about that? Any plans?

Game design is another masochistic passion I have in life! Demands such a toll, but
getting to that final product and seeing your game played and people either loving
it, or sucking at it and bitching, is the greatest feeling in the world! Again, I was
inspired by Bethesda Softworks and their Elder Scrolls. I suppose the ultimate goal
there is to fuse gaming with sound design into a truly unique, immersive experience.
A lot ov game design studios these days are going that route, and I can completely
understand why! It's the next frontier for virtual gaming!

8. (Inevitable question!) What are your thoughts on religion and/or spirituality?
Any thoughts on current political climates? Anything to say about the wider world?

Haha I figured this one would be coming. Been staring at this question for about
15 minutes now, trying to figure out how to answer the first part, so we'll save
it for last. Politics don't interest me, mostly because it's all the same market.
Didn't vote in the last election for the same reason. Neither proposed to destroy
Guantanamo Bay, or stop giving Tax breaks to churches, so I figured they could do
fine without my input anyway. Same goes for the wider world, though if it concerns
my friends in other parts, then I am interested if I can make even a slight difference.
Alrighty, back to religion!! People get too damn uptight about it. I believe that
we're responsible for our own actions and if there is any god or gods, then they would
hold us to that standard as well. I myself am Asatruar and treat my gods as friends
and drinking buddies, not crutches!

9. You, like me, are an avid beer drinker. What are some of your
favorite beers? Any recommendations?

Anything dark and bitter, my friend! Preferably German! A long-time
favorite has been Kˆnig Ludwig Dunkel. Amazing stuff!

10. Danke Schˆn, Stormhammer! Any last words?

Exact pain. Take life. And thanks, kinsman.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Dark Metamorphosis - A Grandiose Display of Self Destruction (Review)

Hey guys, it has been a DAMN long time since I did a review here, and I plan to do more I got on cd recently, just been busy with music myself but I am sure you understand. Lets get this one started!

Here we have here is another album by The Count of his band Dark Metamorphosis. This is the sequel to his last album I reviewed entitled "Blood Burden" and is another home run in my collection and has slight improvements over the Blood Burden as well. The vocals are just as the menacing, the guitars stand out even more and the drums are improved as well. The album itself has its own concept, and has its moments. The atmosphere continues to grow as the cd plays on and has a very dark desolate feel to it. Most tracks hit the over average song length but are nothing short of marvelous and offer something more along the lines of a great wall of atmospheric sound within the barrage of guitars, and ghastly vocals you could find in albums like Volahn - Dimensiónes del Trance Kósmico and early Xasthur. Personally I call them "ghost vocals".

I really enjoy it because it is not too overwhelming, the guitars keep the listener intrigued, and it is not boring or BM cliche, it is fresh and has some powerful but simple meanings to them, for example, You're All Worthless, The Blame Game, Eve Of Extinction (ps2 game title?), All Hail The Age Of Cinder, Instant Eradication Phenomena, Passion City Night Life, and so on. The title of the song and musical base behind them is like a story, and each song offers its own story behind them, use your imagination...

Pitch black screams surround the album, but you can also find clean vocals in Passion City Night Life, and tremolo picking coupled with stellar riffs from the Count. All Hail The Age Of Cinder has these clean vocal passages as well, reminds me of a Emperor in a way ala Anthems To The Welkin at Dusk, and keep you on your toes because I was not too sure what to expect this time. Most songs it seems from most black metal bands today are very boring and typical but this album is something to behold and has more of a flow then most albums of today. It keeps you interested and wanting more.

As each song goes along it takes your mind into a journey of a place... just like the albums art, it is place that is unknown, damp, dark, filled with hauntings and mystery. Apart from its imagery, its sound is tight and solid. The solos also stand out more then the "Blood Burden" I believe so it has a slight edge over the last offering. The vocals sound more demonic and ferocious then ever.... I must have listened to this album 10x over and still am listening to it. That is how much I like it. \m/

The Count could be working on a trilogy so be sure to spot it here once it is ready, and I have a new rating I go by when I review albums, and if I had to give it a solid rating I would, but being it is a band with many improvements lying ahead of this album and being my personal taste in the black metal genre of music may differ to most and real drums are not in the album, I give this cold masterpiece a 9 out of 10. I dare you to pop this cd in and/or give it a listen on the Evergrim Recordings stream, but I strongly suggest you get the album, for developing artists every little bit counts. I just cannot express how strong, meaningful and honest this release is. It has been awhile since I reviewed something so I hope you all enjoyed it. A grandiose display of self destruction holds its own place in my collection amongst the top albums I own. Thanks Count for making a release which entices my mind and makes me want to make sickening and atmospheric black metal on guitar as well. A true inspiration......sorry if I sound like I am on your dick. 

I also forgot to mention....Dark Metamorphosis has shirts too!!! (prints section)

If you do not follow up or understand what it is I am trying to say..... then like the Count says....       You're all fucking worthless!!!! \m/