Friday, January 25, 2013

Dark Metamorphosis - A Grandiose Display of Self Destruction (Review)

Hey guys, it has been a DAMN long time since I did a review here, and I plan to do more I got on cd recently, just been busy with music myself but I am sure you understand. Lets get this one started!

Here we have here is another album by The Count of his band Dark Metamorphosis. This is the sequel to his last album I reviewed entitled "Blood Burden" and is another home run in my collection and has slight improvements over the Blood Burden as well. The vocals are just as the menacing, the guitars stand out even more and the drums are improved as well. The album itself has its own concept, and has its moments. The atmosphere continues to grow as the cd plays on and has a very dark desolate feel to it. Most tracks hit the over average song length but are nothing short of marvelous and offer something more along the lines of a great wall of atmospheric sound within the barrage of guitars, and ghastly vocals you could find in albums like Volahn - Dimensiónes del Trance Kósmico and early Xasthur. Personally I call them "ghost vocals".

I really enjoy it because it is not too overwhelming, the guitars keep the listener intrigued, and it is not boring or BM cliche, it is fresh and has some powerful but simple meanings to them, for example, You're All Worthless, The Blame Game, Eve Of Extinction (ps2 game title?), All Hail The Age Of Cinder, Instant Eradication Phenomena, Passion City Night Life, and so on. The title of the song and musical base behind them is like a story, and each song offers its own story behind them, use your imagination...

Pitch black screams surround the album, but you can also find clean vocals in Passion City Night Life, and tremolo picking coupled with stellar riffs from the Count. All Hail The Age Of Cinder has these clean vocal passages as well, reminds me of a Emperor in a way ala Anthems To The Welkin at Dusk, and keep you on your toes because I was not too sure what to expect this time. Most songs it seems from most black metal bands today are very boring and typical but this album is something to behold and has more of a flow then most albums of today. It keeps you interested and wanting more.

As each song goes along it takes your mind into a journey of a place... just like the albums art, it is place that is unknown, damp, dark, filled with hauntings and mystery. Apart from its imagery, its sound is tight and solid. The solos also stand out more then the "Blood Burden" I believe so it has a slight edge over the last offering. The vocals sound more demonic and ferocious then ever.... I must have listened to this album 10x over and still am listening to it. That is how much I like it. \m/

The Count could be working on a trilogy so be sure to spot it here once it is ready, and I have a new rating I go by when I review albums, and if I had to give it a solid rating I would, but being it is a band with many improvements lying ahead of this album and being my personal taste in the black metal genre of music may differ to most and real drums are not in the album, I give this cold masterpiece a 9 out of 10. I dare you to pop this cd in and/or give it a listen on the Evergrim Recordings stream, but I strongly suggest you get the album, for developing artists every little bit counts. I just cannot express how strong, meaningful and honest this release is. It has been awhile since I reviewed something so I hope you all enjoyed it. A grandiose display of self destruction holds its own place in my collection amongst the top albums I own. Thanks Count for making a release which entices my mind and makes me want to make sickening and atmospheric black metal on guitar as well. A true inspiration......sorry if I sound like I am on your dick. 

I also forgot to mention....Dark Metamorphosis has shirts too!!! (prints section)

If you do not follow up or understand what it is I am trying to say..... then like the Count says....       You're all fucking worthless!!!! \m/

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