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Since things have been slow, and I had the time to sit back and evaluate some things, I have all the bands that will make up for the FIRST Transylvanian Forest Zine E-BOOK. It will be made and available for FREE download upon request from me, and also, I have hard copies at home and some downloadables to cover for review which fills it up to the 200 page spot. I will need alot of people to be patient and realize this will take time to assemble, and I do have music to journey into as well with my bands so it might take till October to get it done. Hopefully it can be up for download on Halloween :) As for the other bands wanting reviews/interviews and are new to the zine, I am terribly sorry to inform you this, but I have to move on and get this done properly and by this time period because its getting to a point where I will get nothing done because all the new bands just keep coming in and coming in, and I cant keep up anymore and doing it myself. It may seem like a whining a bit, but what would you do if you were in my shoes???

Also there is a 150 posts on this main site alone, not counting some I left behind on the myspace and new ones to add so I still got alot of reviewing to do. I wish more people would review and help out, I dont have 50 cds to cover for review obviously (maybe 10 or 20 tops) so I am working at my own pace as I always been and there is some links that were sent to me that need review but I am not sure if I will get the time to review them all besides a few hand picked ones I already know I will be doing. Those bands know who they are... also I think it would be great if I had the offical cover art of the issue up ASAP, so I will be photoshopping a bit and getting that ready.

Till then, Support the Underground!!!! -Danny


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Interview with Autumn (by D)

An interview with AUTUMN ...


Greetings, from the woods ... quite literally. I am doing much better as of late. Thank you for taking the time & having the interest in interviewing me
as I know you are very much frequently busy with music and life in general.

2) What got you into your art, and music and why???

Where to start ...well... ide say in short, many things began with my brother & I as kids growing up drawing together & listening to the same weird music.
I can remember drawing sketches of sea serpents (something ive always been obssessed with) devouring my school teachers and such. As years past along,
Ive explored painting & photographing subject matter that is to be interpreted by the viewer only...subject matter such as dreams and nightmares, obscure thoughts, visions, people and
places, reflextions of the self in nature, & so on ... things that cannot necessarily be put into words. Its quite an endless discussion of how and why one finds themselves making art of some kind or another.
I grew up on an island located in south eastern Alaska named Sitka, where it rains most days of the year & the majesty of nature is very pure and flowing ... A place where there is no such thing as a music scene
and social gathering is limited to an individual like myself & so you just have to get creative. A place very silent & cold where one might roam into haunted woods & hear murmurs in the dead of night,
find solitude by the sounds of crashing waves, or simply become mezmerized by the constant rainfall ... These kinds of things definitly inspire my photographs,art and beyond ...

'Involuntary Visions Visions From The Otherworldly'



'Storms Of Neptune'

3)How long have you been drawing and making art for bands for? righty or lefty?

As mentioned above,since I was a child. For bands,it has been going on for a little over a year now. In the last decade, there has been months, even years where I have not created
anything new and have grown stagnant, I find it to be only natural to occur...& I am a righty.

4)What do you think of music today, and can you name some influences.

Hmm...once again, where to start. I believe that music, art & existence is seen through the eye of the beholder. One's trash is another's treasure.
Everything is dependant on perspective. I find myself caring less & less to squander my own thoughts on proving to others what is & is not-we do have such a strong need & urge to combat others in proving what is true, false
& so on. Everyone has their own interpretation of things. You must unearth what it, whatever it is, means to you. So, I dont care much for the following of scenes & putting too much energy into things I dont like or enjoy. The whole scene thing
mostly just boils down to getting fucked up out of your mind, getting laid, & gaining some sort of social class so one may boast about themselves. Count me out. I discovered most music I listen to on my own or when I was younger from my brother, & am still finding all kinds of new & old
music that I find to be appealing to me.

To mention SOME of MY personal musical favorites & inspiration, in the vast world of metal, folk and ambience, would include:
Vinterriket, Tenhi, Summoning, In Ruin, Negura Bunget, Ulver, Drudkh, Neun Welten, Todtgelichter, Marissa Nadler, Fen, Jääportit,
Les Discrets,Frekkr, Dânnâgôischd, Rauhnacht, Nocternity, Helrunar, Dragobrath, Sturmpercht, Svarrogh, Öröm......
However,dont take it from me, you, the yourself.

5)What obscure bands do you think people should check out?

As far as down right obscure, demented, and generally lunatic would do well to find Dråpsnatt, Pensées Nocturnes, & Melencolia Estatica...

6) What is your favorite part about making art for bands you think?

I enjoy making connections with individuals whom are like minded, conversating about interests and beliefs ... however,I wont make art for just anyone,
or for the mere sake of making money...which IS nice, but its my way I suppose to make connections, show my interest & give back to the artist whom
may be in need of such things. Of coarse, its not always just about the art =)

7)What do you do outside of music, and what plans do you have in the future? I hear you will soon start a band called Solace? with a friend you just met.

Right now, I am living in the woods and working for free so I have a place to has been rather difficult in the past few years, as im sure alot of readers
can relate ... this country, as is fairly apparent, has got some serious wounds. I enjoy spending my time roaming through the woods & getting lost, observing society, conversation with like-minded
folk, meditation, reading, silence & of coarse, photography & painting. As for SOLACE, is unfortunatly currently on hold right now due to lack of equipment & space to play ...

8) What bands do you like that you are friends with you like to mention?

Friends or subtle acquaintances would include: S.O.D.D.(of coarse), Zebulon Kosted, Bitter Dawn, Scroll, Echos of Infiniti , Wolves In The Throne Room,
Valkynaz, Unwilling Participant, A Winter Lost, Tryblith, Throne of Malediction, & Diabolis Interium.


9) What is your scene like in your area and what is your area like overall?

I would put it like this, the scenery about is lovely...the cascade mountain range, the forests, the rain, the wind, the ocean...all things I enjoy and love. The 'scene'
here, I would say, is fucking ridiculous & annoying, but thats just my opinion. If your obsessed with unicorns, dress like you jumped into a trash can and came out wearing whatever
you found, listen to whatever hip music everyone else listens to, drink PBR, go to dance parties regularly , and are pretentious as all fuck, then there is your 'scene', but ya know, thats everywhere
I guess it all depends on what you seek. HOWEVER! Sometimes, here in Olympia, there is a nice gig here and there, but as of late, alot of venues have closed or there is just not a whole lot going on.
There is always shows going on in Seattle, but, mostly just an even bigger crowd of dicks, pricks & wankers. I really only enjoy attending live music when the audience participation is of minimal ...
I find it to be much more personal that way.

10) If macho man was alive what would you say to him brother??? lol

Lay off the slim jims,cocaine and roids...Hahah!

11) If the ultimate warrior walked in and asked you to draw a picture of him would you? lol

After he was done screaming at me in gibberish & slobbering all over himself, probably not! Hahahah!

13) Would you suplex your boss if you ever got fired at your job? lol

Have come close to doing so a few times I think! People are fucking control freaks & manipulators around the work environment.
Its all about being obedient to strengthen their agenda...fuck 9-5 jobs! Finding a real, honorable, PAYING job that you can be happy at
and treated with basic respect is quite a difficult task sometimes, as im sure you know my friend ; )

14)What bands do you like that are known from your area?

There is a wide range of 'cascadian metal' bands, such as the very popular Wolves In The Throne Room, Fauna, Forest Of Grey,
Alda, Agalloch, Skagos...the list goes on, and is becoming more & more popular, which I dont think is nesicarily a bad thing...just kind of odd
that everyone and their grandma is into this stuff all of the sudden. However, one must start somewhere...wherever it is.

15)I see you have done a few setlists for Rachids show DOUBLE DAMAGE from Montana on college radio, what bands where featured and how did this happen?

Rachid & I were friends long ago when I was active on myspace, then I somehow stumbled upon his Zebulon Kosted facebook page
years later when I joined and gave up on myspace...not much of a facebook fan either,, its nice to keep in contact with people!
Anyways, he mentioned his radio show on KGBA that he hosts, DOUBLE DAMAGE, I tuned in & was really digging what he was airing
and just started sending him pages of links of the kinds of music I would play if I had a radio show, soon enough he asked me to do a setlist,
which I am most honored to do so =) check it out every monday! 8-10 Mountain Standard Time! (LISTEN NOW! in the upper right hand corner for live streaming)

16)What is your long term goals for the future?

Sometimes a difficult question I ponder as I tend to just go with the flow. I guess probably get my head out of my ass
and go to college, would be nice. But most of all, I love making art (need to get back into it, I havent been making anything new
in awhile now) and traveling to new & unknown places where I am but a stranger and & wanderer.

17) Whats your favorite drink???

Lately, ive been digging carrot juice.For alcohol, I enjoy a tasty beer, such as Belgian ale, some of the best fucking beer out there! Or
just a cold glass of red wine, especially during winter ... & of coarse, MEAD!
Skål !

18) What is your favorite part about music and what does it do for you? why is it such a big part of the human psyche you think? deep question.

Indeed... I believe maybe one of the most important elements to human existence among so many variables in life is to discover and learn new things about yourself
and the world, as often as possible on your own, or from observing others & to find a neautral space in between what is you may considered to be good/evil, love/hate, true/false, and so on-instead of so commonly being blindly desensitized
by entertainment & and ingesting lies, as we all experience throughout our lives the proccess of being domesticated, symbolically bound, gagged & ultimately controlled, often times by extraterrestrail dictation & hyper commercial suggestiveness from sources & icons
that are often times perverse & distorted so deeply that individuals, families & friends are rendered brainwashed & void of any truth ...
The cosmos is vast ... there are truths out there, & within, that are worth seeking and investing time into. However, often times, lies surround us, subtle, aggresive or otherwise manipulative ...
Dont always believe what you read or hear, including this interview! So to answer the question! Hahaha! ... I dont really know what my favorite part might be about music, maybe that it aids me in giving a sensibility
of what is real in life, death & beyond. It also will remain a mystery to me though because new, & maybe even old, things always arise, giving new perspectives.


19)What bands you like outside of black metal?

I normally enjoy a wide range of music, often times dark, nature-based & aesthetic, because it is what I primarily familiarize with. However, I keep an open mind, and more importantly, an open heart about my interests
in music, art & beyond.

20) How may artists contact you?

Facebook: Autumn Fog
Gallery: deviantART Search: TheForestWithin
(as mentioned in the gallery, ask 1st before taking...stealing art is fucked up and dishonest!)

Also, for the record, I am known by a few different names ...

'Might Of Mountains'

20) I really enjoyed this interview my very close friend and I am glad to have finally got the nerve to get to it. I hope everything works out in the long run with everything you do and I hope to make music and jam till death with you too.
You da man forest man!!! :) Any shout outs before we close this interview? -Danny

Cheers & Thanks to the following : Yourself (, Dietrich of Bitter Dawn (, Rachid of Zebulon Kosted (, Arent of Diabolis Interium (,
Lucas, Angelo & the other guys of Tyblith (, Sagaciocles Adonis Votan Gothmetrius of A Winter Lost ( ), Stormhammer of Valkynaz (, Andrew Russell Of Eihwaz (, Jesse of Scroll (,
Si & Chris of Echos of Infiniti (, Charlie Jj Kruger of Unwilling Participent (, Eric Horner of Throne Of Malediction (,
Freki, Adam, Kelsey, Dyana, Brad, Chaz, Denise, & my family.

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Interview with Jason of Solid Giant (by D)

Welcome to transylvanian forest zine Jason!!

How long have you been making music for and why and how did you get into music in the first place???
I started playing shows in New Orleans when I was 15 @ Dixie tavern, Cypress hall, & Check points! I got into music because I was always listening to music and jamming songs wishing I could play them then I picked up drums when I was 12.

How is the tour going and how long have you been in SOLID GIANT?
The tour is going well, We have been a band for 8 months.

Who plays what in the band? and how is the recording process for you guys?
I play guitar and sing Mike Nick(my cousin) plays drums. our recordings are made at festival studios in KEnner,LA. Rick Naiser records us, He also recorded Crowbar, Acid Bath, EYEHATEGOD, Soilent green, Cephalic Carnage, and many more.

Is their a cd out now readily available for fans to buy or get from you personally?
Yes there is an album out we can provide upon request. It's called Morphine Tomb, Our old one is available to Its called visitors from the bow.

What is your favorite part about being on tour?
just meeting everyone and hanging out with fans and new people mainly. Playing every night is a plus because we enjoy our music!

What do you think of the underground metal scene of today and can you name a few bands from it you enjoy listening to?
I think the underground metal scene has once again caught the eye of mainstream public. I enjoy listening to burning witch, The ROller, the body, alot more too I think of them.

What other bands or projects have you or are now part of?
I'm in a band called Donkey Puncher. but Ive been in these bands: The Mucus PLug, SLow Dance chubby, CHronic Death SLug, THe void, Scumbag,
the bills, The lollies, The wolf, Liquid Midget, Gargomel, The ROck n ROll Zombies, SLoppy Joe, Din burlesque, & pedestrian foghorn.

Where are you from and what is the scene like there if any?
Im from and live in New Orleans. There is a great scene for metal and punk there. I love my city!

Got any hobbies out of music and what do you do on your free time?
haha I have no free time I produce bands at home such as The Foot, Fat Stupid Ugly People, Serpentis, & my own stuff. but I enjoy chilling listening to records and watching horror movies!

What do you think of the events of today, Norway, the riots in the UK, the Taliban that shot down the Usa helicopter, what do you think of all these events and where do you think we will be heading towards in 2012?

The world is just the same as the people on it. on its way to death ever since birth. We will always have riots and wars. It's in our nature to destroy.

What do you like most about your band and how long have you been a guitarist for and what equipment do you use or sponsor? (endorsement deals are nice!)

I like our ability to embrace to darkness of music, growing up in New Orleans it's easy to embrace the dark. I enjoy the fact that it's only me and my cousin. I have been playing guitar for a couple years off and on, but I use a Dean les paul rip tuned to A, I also use a Madison divinity on top of a hughs and kettner 4x12. I also use an old rusty Randall head on top of a hughs and kettner 4x12. I also use an old rusty Randall head on top the same kinda cab. I have no endorsements, If I did I would want all GREEN amps brotha!

What bands have you gigged with and is there any you are proud to have opened or gigged with?
Flesh Parade, Yob, Dark Castle, Megaton Leviathan(members of wolves in the throne room), Lions of Tsavo, and a shit load more I'm proud of these the most I think.

How much longer do you think you will continue to make music for?

Til death do us part. I can see a day in my distant or near future where I will ever stop writing solid giant songs.

Whats the main goal of SOLID GIANT and if you had to describe the sound of your band what would you tell the readers about it?

Our main goal is write heavy music for heavy people! To the readers: Embrace the Black/Doom! We are inspired by bands such as Darkthrone, Saint vitus,Burning WItch, Yob, Mars,SunnO, Boris, Alter, SLeep, High on fire, Kylesa, Floor, Pentagram, Celtic Frost, & many more. Check those bands out!

If you had to choice to bring any band back from the dead or reform who they or that band be? Burning WItch! or Blue Cheer!

What bands you like to gig with in the near future and what areas in the country have you conquered?
We've played New England, all of the east coast from FL, up to NY. much more too we have played in FL,TN,LA,TX,AR,GA,SC,NC,MI,CT,NYC,AL,MS, & We want EUrope next!!

Does your music life intertwine with your personal life and is there any people you are looking forward to seeing soon? (gf/wives/kids/etc)
No I have no reasons to go home, I prefer to stay on the road for as long as possible!

What do you want the fans to get out of your music and how has the reception been so far to soild giant?
Reception has been really good lately. When I wrote these songs I was trying show everyone a side of me that they hadn't seen yet. Mainly around the city I've always played Punk/Hardcore mainly so this band caught everyone off guard.

How does it feel to be compared to the the masterminds Darkthrone? do you see a comparison to your music to them and if you met them what would you say?
I hate that anyone would compare any band to Darkthrone, let alone my own band. We are not even close to them. If I met them I would talk about soulside journey its one of my favorite albums of all time!

If there is anything left you like to say, shout outs, or anything at all please do it now. I really enjoy your music and cant wait to meet you soon. Take care and have a great fucking tour man. \m/ UGH!!! -Danny
Thanks brotha! I wanna shout out to ISay Isay Records! watch out for The Foot, DOnkey Puncher, Fat Stupid Ugly People, Serpentis, Mars, & Demonic Destruction. Keep the dark scene alive!

Interview with Syrinx (by D)


1) When did your band start and why?

Dave - Syrinx was already in existence in one form or another when I joined so it’s best to ask Ed & John that question. I’ve never been too good with dates but I think it was around October 2009?!
Why did I join? ........Because I like making music.
Jon - I got involved in 2009. Syrinx already existed as a musical entity but I think Ed needed someone to help him get out a lot of music he had hiding inside him that he couldn't quite get to rise to the surface on his own. He'd tried a few different people but it never worked out because they weren't on the same wavelength musically. Once we got together it all fell into place without any effort at all really, we just got in a room and played for 3 or 4 hours and then kicked ourselves for not recording it.. We felt we needed an extra head to add to the mix and that's when Ed got in touch with Dave. I think he'd been scouring myspace for local bands and artists who were into music that was off the beaten track to see if he could make a connection with any of them. At the time I first met Ed I'd just made a conscious effort to stop making my solo music with software the year before (I think). I'd been with another band for about 18 months but we were all getting itchy feet with that and I was open to trying other things with other people so when Ed contacted me I thought it might be fun to give it a shot and just jam with someone different. It was, and it's stayed fun, and that's why I'm still here. I get a kick out of doing what we do that I really don't get in any other aspect of my life.

Ed - The band started long before we actually released anything i wanted originally for Syrinx. I was practicing for years with effects and I assumed there were others out there doing the same, for about 4 years i was stuck recruiting people that took the word Drone to mean 10 second sustained notes from indie tracks. I had many ups and downs and met people more involved with an acoustic folk sound and instead i picked up those elements from them, the influences the various members made was huge, but it never fell in to place till Jon aka Ghoul Detail came along. I had an idea of what i wanted since learning from others… and found quite quickly we needed a third member, we jammed as a 5 piece a few times, but it weren't right Dave could do the job of 3 men, Jon created sounds of a whole legion, and I just wanted to make it natural sounding and melody filled.

2)What does your band name mean and what is the main goal of Syrinx?

Jon - Syrinx already had a name when I got involved, so I had a similar question for Ed once I was assimilated into the band. I believe it's part of a bird's throat that allows it to sing... or the drone gland in a bird or something like that haha. For me personally the goal is to create something good. That might be the only actual goal we share in the band. Music's cathartic for me, Syrinx gives me a proactive way to reach that point of catharsis. Labels, releases and all that stuff is something I don't personally factor into why I do what I do. For me it's entirely about the music, and making music I believe is good is my only real goal. I'm sure the other guys have their own personal goals and ideas of what they want to achieve but that's just not me. I don't ever set my sights on anything, I just do what I do when I do it.

Dave - Syrinx is one of two things really: the part of a birds vocal system that produces the drone which is them modulated into it’s characteristic song or it can be the Greek Water Nymph of the same name. In the Myth she is chased by Pan and turned into water reeds in order to escape him, Pan subsequently makes his famed pipes out of her. Both meanings have an essence of drone to them and seem to fit the band appropriately.
Our main goal is to provide a soundtrack to the establishment of a new world order run by Badgers, Ferrets and Cockchafers. They’ll do a much better job than humans.
Ed - I have no idea about Dave's story of a Greek Water Nymph, so that's a novelty. But yeah they are both right, the origination of the name was me happening to like birds and learning about the Syrinx that holds the sustaining note in bird song, creating the drone to bounce other notes off. Like an oscillator of some description. My goal was just to highlight in musical form a part of me that hates the human version of the natural world.
(ED - Guitars)

3)How many albums have you guys done where can they found readily available for people to buy?

Dave - We currently have five stand alone albums and one waiting to be released on ‘Roil Noise’ and another on ‘Sombre Sonic Studios’. We’ve done a collaborative release with Jessica Baliff, and counting the splits with other artists it’s probably up to about 12 / 13 releases in total.
The best place to visit for material is It’s our home away from home.
Jon - Off the top of my head... 6 albums? We record a lot of material and it gets hard to keep track of what's been released or coming out and where. All the DMR released stuff's on the website. There's been other releases on other labels, stuff coming up... I wouldn't be surprised if it's around 10 albums including the things we've got in the pipeline that haven't come out yet.
Ed - I have no idea, i think its about 8. I second Dave, Dark Meadow Recordings can make available any one of our works…
(Jon guitars!)

4)Have you guys done any gigs in the past or recently?

Dave - Syrinx is a complicated beast, given the different rigs that we use, and has yet to be launched on a live audience. Watch this space though, it will happen at some point and I’m busy bottling my tears for the Soundmen who’ll have to mix us on the fly and deal with the Biscuit Tin Of Doom

Jon - As Syrinx, not yet.

Ed - Theres been some banter amongst us as we do everything live, its only very minimal editing afterwards to sort out peaks and clips to release it as an album. Live we play, we just feel the vibe and just play. we create different parts for the others to take over and its 100% natural… I have an idea that it will come and we'll nail it every time… i have a couple pieces of equipment to get first.

(Dave rocking out lol)

5)Any plans for Syrinx coming up?

Jon - Recording. We've got collaborations in the pipeline with Ultra Milkmaids, PAL, some others, an album or two coming out on other labels... Ed will probably give you a list of stuff. He's a force of nature, he's always getting things together and setting up collaborations and stuff like that

Dave - Keep on trucking and work towards the live scene. We’re continually recording new material and will be releasing this largely as splits for the present. There’ll be more albums soon though.

Ed - Collaborations, solo albums, more labels to work with, more offers coming our way… Its hard to strike the balance, so we've ditched our solo works and focusing on one thing and thats Syrinx, so loads will be coming.

6)Can you name some influences musically or out or the norm you like to mention?

Dave - I can only speak for myself here. I’m influenced largely by the sonic environments I find myself in. My music tastes are pretty broad and take in pretty much everything, there’s good stuff to be had in all genres. Lately my stereos been dosing me with ‘Virginia Astley’, Swansea Grimmers ‘Ghast’ and a fair bit of ‘Low’.

Jon - Jessica Bailiff was an early influence, Godflesh, Aphex Twin, DJ Spooky, Neotropic, Bolt Thrower... and a whole heap of bands and artists you wouldn't be able to tell from our music haha. With some of them it would be their attitude to music in general that's been an influence, there isn't really anyone that made me think "I want to be like that". Apart from Frank Sinatra. I quite fancied the idea of being a lounge singer at one point but I wouldn't mention it to anyone because I can't sing

Ed - Seefeel, Pierre Bastien, Ultra Milkmaids, Disjecta, Drexciya, Earth, Asva.

7)Where is the band from and how does the scene look at your band? has their been a good reception?

Jon - I'm kind of detached from a lot of that scene stuff but we've managed to get some attention, which is never easy when you start out and it's hard to keep hold of once you've been doing it a while too, you just have to try and keep the momentum going, keep giving people something new to keep their interest up. We haven't relied on anyone else to get us heard though, Ed's built a label around the band and that's helped other bands as well as our own. It's become a label people want to release on.
We're all currently living in Northampton.

Dave - The band is from Northampton and we’ve so far had mostly positive reviews from the scene if you’re talking about worldwide. Locally I don’t think anyone would recognise the name as we’ve not gone live yet. Northampton doesn’t seem to serve up much in the way of experimental music, it’s mostly indie, covers and metal bands round here, there’s some good stuff but thin on the ground.
I look forward to getting on a stage and seeing what people make of us.
Ed - Dave and I went out one evening to something that was called the Drone Orchestra, it was supposed to be an open mic, join in and jam night, we pretty much already decided this was our ticket to a nice opener to the northampton scene, it didn't happen it was an indie rock gig that didn't even know what i was talking about when i started talking about textures and layers. Dave ended up leaving a looped sample of rain for over an hour over their cheap range indie rock music.

8)What bands would you like to gig with if any?

Jon - Ed could probably name loads of people he'd love to gig with. If we play a show I'd like to do it with someone who cares as much about creating their music in the moment as we do, and doing it live not just dropping prerecorded loops on their laptop. Someone that does it organically and creates by developing, there and then, the ideas bounce off the other people involved. Nothing too rehearsed, if you know what I mean. There's a place for bands that can go out and play pitch perfect renditions of their songs or music every night, but I wouldn't want to be playing a gig with another band if they were that structured. Some people in an audience only want to hear a perfect replica of an album when they go out and that's fine, but I'd prefer to give them something new each time and that's the kind of band I'd want to share the bill with. A band that flies by the seat of their pants.

Dave - I’m up for playing with anybody really, esp if they want to join in. I think we could provide a good counterpoint to some of the more metal bands.

Ed - B. Lone Engines, Mists of Poveglia, Murmurists, Ian Holloway, Colossloth, Baalberith.

9)I heard you guys will have a future vinyl release possibly? would you care to talk about that please? :)

Dave - Yes there is talk of a Vinyl release. We’re working on some material that’ll hopefully be released through Drone Records sometime in the future. Ed and Jon have already laid a few tracks down together in a jam I couldn’t make and they made my jaw drop.

Jon - If it does happen I'll have to dust off my turntables.

Ed - Drone Records asked us to do a 15 minute track after hearing our works, it'll come out in the winter sometime. It was a massive load off my mind, because they were who i was aiming at along with Classwar Karoke and Roil Noise.

10) What s it like running Dark Meadow Recordings and how long has it been around for and how successful do you think its been so far?

Jon - What's it like Ed? :)

Dave - Darkmeadows was started as a home for Syrinx to release material and has turned into something of a monster due to Ed and Johns enthusiasm for the works of others. I think it’s far better to ask Ed and Jon about the running as they do the main Donkeywork in the meadow. For my part I mainly concentrate on solving artwork issues and helping out where I can. I do find it really valuable and rewarding to be contributing to an endeavour that’s concerned with art and not money though. The success of Darkmeadows so far is probably best measured in terms of the happiness and diversity of artists that have had releases and the collaborations it has brought together. It follows strong in a long tradition of underground labels providing what the ‘Industry’ can’t / won’t.

Ed - Recently i've had to upset a few people because i can't afford to keep everyone on, we ditched our solo projects as well sooo… we tried to soften the blow, on the positive side, i have now a range of artists i feel are mellow, nice individuals that vent for various ways through music. Its hard work trying to get your band heard and making sure you treat the bands you want to work with happy, i think i'm doing a good job, a couple of people wouldn't say i was but i'm a positive chap and tend to ignore them.

11)What is the scene like in your area musically and do you care much for it?

Ed - They are all hidden away, or want to travel to London, because its cool and networking happens there… i'd rather play in forests or a large field but nothing like that will happen round here till us locals bang our heads together…

Jon - Northampton's got a lot of talent but it's over a lot of different genres and types of music. There's some really good metal bands based here and a lot more experimental electronic artists than you might think, but there isn't really the audience for anything too far from the mainstream here, which is surprising given the size of the town and the number of students at the university. If you're in a band and you're good the chances are you're playing your gigs elsewhere. If you're a known band people will turn up to see you but anyone else they don't care about. It's more of a dance music/clubbing town unfortunately, but with pockets of people that do actually like something different to the norm.

Dave - The scene in Northampton is mostly pretty dry. The ‘Labour Club’ works hard at providing a diversity of music but other than that it’s the ‘Racehorse’, ‘King Billy’ and occasionally ‘The Fishmarket’ if you want anything other than clubbing / Covers bands.
There’s some good bands around here but you rarely get to see them play ‘Atrocity Exhibit’ and ‘Rotten Agenda’ are good, ‘Retro Spankees’ are usually good for a laugh too but it’s few and far between usually. I do my best to support all the nights that I see advertised around the place but it’s scant pickings for the most part.

12)What do you think of the underground scene of today? Is there some bands you can mention that you like from it???

Dave - The underground is going strong the same as it’s always been, if not stronger and better due to easier communication methods. People who want to make music just get on and do it and it’s a whole lot easier to find stuff outside of the mainstream. I just wish more people would have the cajones to forage in the wild and not eat the musical equivalent of fast food. ‘Ghast’ , ‘Smiler’, ‘Gore Police and the A.P.Bs’, ‘Disfortune’ are all bands I dig

Jon - I'm completely out of touch these days. Can I leave this one to you Ed?

Ed - Depends which version of the underground scene you want to think you're from, i think theres too many "depressive" emo types. No message other than about themselves. I think sometimes depending on who you work with the sound slightly changes to pick up a few more fans, luckily the group of people i'm working with in the underground scene show constraint in delving into bullshit and get on with what they would have regardless of opinion and internal message of death and ignorance. Viktoriya from Охотники за Головами, Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Misantronics, B.Lone Engines, Murmurists, Grim Funeral Techno, Dark Isle/Mists of Poveglia, Baalberith are from a diverse area of the underground and i enjoy their music as much as their ideas on conversation.

13)If there was any band you like to reform or bring back from the dead, who would it be?

Jon - Death would be nice, although impossible now without Chuck Schuldiner.

Dave - Count Basie and his Orchestra. I’d love the privilege of seeing that shit live.

Ed - Nope. Sleep did it and i loved it, twice over… maybe bring Erik Satie back from the dead.

14)Is their any other merch available by Syrinx yet? shirts, patches,stickers,pins, etc etc

Jon - There's a Cafe Press webstore on the DMR website.

Ed - There's a Cafe Press webstore we make no money out of it, but they look nice enough.

Dave - There’s a few things available on the Darkmeadow website via Cafepress even the Darkmeadows Cuddly toy! Just follow the links.

15)How long have you guys in the band know each other for, and how does what in the band and how does the recording process work for you? I hear you have over 1 hour long songs! Thats tremendous.

Jon - I've known Ed for a couple of years and Dave since he came along to jam with us at the beginning of 2010. I play guitar mostly, Ed plays guitar, bass and keyboards sometimes. Dave plays bass and trumpet. We all have a go with other things as the mood takes us, so sometimes things like violin or cheesegraters or biscuit tins find their way into the mix. Other than the main instruments we have an open policy on what we do. It's kind of a free for all, if it makes a sound we'll give it a go.

Ed - We have 3 hour tracks too… Musically i feel like i've known Jon forever… we gel naturally and Dave creates the moods of whats missing… Dave has a keen ear for natural sounds and i can feed off that with my semi acoustic… we can have a 10 minute tuning / detuning, equipment check and then its 3 hours later, we don't do that much compared to what we used to, Jon and I when we first played would play non stop for 3 nearly 4 hours; we never know what each one is doing till their doing it, its all natural… completely unrehearsed, and very minimally edited afterwards. Its live but with a good engineer basically.

Dave - I responded to an email in 2009 from Ed who was sick of not hearing the music he wanted to in the local scene and the rest is history as they say. We’ve all known each other for about a year now and I suppose and our minds seem to gel. I’m the nob of the outfit though. Syrinx is a band comprised of however many artists happen to be there so we all do different things accordingly. In the main I provide Bass, Field Recordings, Trumpet and Strange percussion noises when we record, also any artwork that’s needed. The process itself is very organic. We all pile into a room, hit record and lay it down. Each meeting of Syrinx is like a massive conversation of textures and moods. It’s exciting to be a part of and a totally engrossing experience and sometimes material has been known to breach the 3hr mark! As such every Syrinx release is pretty much a live document of the band at that moment which is then carefully trimmed down so that we can fit onto conventional media.

16)If their was any bands or band you can compare yourself to, or had to put yourself in genre catergorization so the readers would get a idea of what you guys sound like, what or who would they be?

Jon - Comparing us to other bands is hard for me as I don't listen to much music other than what I'm involved with. I'm sure there's similar bands out there, there'd have to be, same as other lifeforms existing somewhere in the universe, it's just I personally haven't found them yet. Most of the music I Iisten to is metal and I know we don't play metal. So to try and categorize us... maybe a bit of slowcore mixed with ambient and post rock. I'm not really sure. Ed's better at that kind of thing, his musical travels go a lot further than mine, he knows bands whose names I'd never even hear if it wasn't for him. Music's his life. I don't know, it's kind of drone but it evolves a lot more than drone within the tracks, and at times it's surprisingly melodic. Other times it's a bottomend-heavy death hum with feedback weaving it's way in and out. It's ambient but quite harsh and dense within it... it's sound.

Ed - This is a problem for many of us, nearly all drone bands unfairly get labelled as this and that, there are many who go deeper than just a basic understanding of how an instrument works, more hear depth in textures and movements within the sounds… if i said i sounded like this band to make others like me, you would more than guarantee we don't actually sound like them, Earth for instance, doesn't have the depth of texture we do, but they are legends and we should say "hey we're like Earth" but we're not, Seefeel's beatless montages of gentleness is us, but its not because they are richer in fake sounds, SunnO)))'s stamina for length of track we're like, but soundscape wise we have more to us than that. It's hard man because that makes it sound arrogant, but honestly its not meant that way, we have something i don't hear in other drone bands, but that might not be a good thing to a mass audience. i don't really set out to make people gush over our layers and layers of ambient wash outs but what i can say is there is instruments used in our sounds with skill that volume and reverb alone can't add to. Too many bands (non i've worked with) just whack up the volume and nod at each other when its time to change to a lower octave… Syrinx hears gaps in the textures and fills them if necessary.

Dave - I can’t compare Syrinx to anything. It’s like nothing i’ve played in before and, not to diss any previous endeavours, I’m glad of it.

17) What do you think of the riots occurring in your country and I have been hearing quite alot about it on the news lately.

Ed - Don't care… Anarchy isn't good, violence isn't good, but i don't get it, so i'm not judging it… Save the trees not people's ideas on civilisation.
Luckily for me the chaps in Syrinx are very liberal, i have a different view on pretty much everything to everyone, unintentionally, and the ones i meet whose a lot like me i fall out with them, i have no idea why. Riots to me if worthwhile and done correctly are fine and i hope more would happen. i mean protests really, but if the animals rioted i'd agree with them even if they raped and burnt my guitar...

Dave - Ah the riots!.......the oppressed and persecuted underclass of Britain rising up and giving the man ‘what for’ or a load of materialistic opportunism . It’s fucked up either way you look at it. I can understand the riots based on their initial foundation in the shooting of Mark Duggan and a demonstration that reached a justifiable conclusion based on the inaction and inability of the police to admit culpability (even lying about it!) quick enough, but the subsequent days of violence appear to be mainly opportunistic in nature and paint a symptomatic picture of the greed and materialistic view of wealth that Britain has managed to engender in it’s citizens throughout successive governments that reaches throughout all levels of society. Apart from that first night there seems to be an inherent lack of an outraged community coming together under a shared banner to effect change and more of an ever growing rudderless malaise burning it’s own communities to the ground and operating a ‘dog eat dog’ mentality. We have become a culture where social standing / success has become predicated on material rather than positive social values.I’m all for people taking direct action but the only thing that will come of this is a move towards a police state and a tightening of communications. It’s played right into the hands of this government in terms of the ‘Broken Britain’ and the ‘Big Society’ ideas. You watch, the rhetoric will start soon & the police are already starting to review the role of social networking sites in all of this.
Doom. Doom I say.........I shouldn’t talk politics.

Jon - I don't think it's politically motivated. They may well have been caused by political things, but then there's a lot of factors involved in why they've happened, both social and political. But on the whole it's people out to get what they can for nothing. It's looting and arson. There's no excuse for people getting robbed of all their clothes on the street and if anyone wants to try and justify that to me they can fuck off.

18)How much longer do you guys plan to make music for and what does the future hold for Syrinx?

Jon - Right now I can't imagine there'd ever be a reason to stop getting together to play. Whether anyone will be able to hear what we come up with is another thing though. That would depend on whether anyone wants to release anything we record. The label can't go on indefinitely, that's something we do know.

Ed - Never… I want these guys to stay my pals, i do find i get mixed emotions about certain sounds or playing techniques, but when we're in the room and on a mission it always feels right… if more people join or lineups change to make way for more interest in soundscapes, then fine, but I can't do it with out Jon!!! and Dave adds a real drone flair that i've not seen in anyone… Plus he makes his own weird instruments that gives Jon and I a laugh… Humour and how we relate as people means the most to me, we cain each other with banter sometimes, outside our circle its considered rude and sometimes up ones arse… but its just us joking about, being typically British. Jon knows his a cunt, i know i'm an escaped jewish prisoner of war that pretends his not gay, and Dave sucks the juice from roots of plants while shagging sheep - together we're Syrinx.

Dave - Until Ed & Jon get pissed off with me, hahahahaha I think Syrinx will go for awhile yet especially with the ability to incorporate others in its structure. That’s the thing about a Syrinx you see, it provides a base tone that can be modulated.

19) Is their any projects outside or Syrinx?

Jon - I've been doing my own music under the Ghoul Detail and Opium Farmer names since 2004. I've released a few albums with Roil Noise, Smell The Stench, Dark Meadow Recordings and a few other labels

Ed - Nope, none worth mentioning…

Dave - The Syrinx core is comprised of three different artists and we all continue to do things outside of the group. For my part I think more ‘Unpaidwhores’ material is well overdue.

20) I really enjoyed interviewing you, and thanks a lot for speaking out for Syrinx, your music is really amazing and I wish you guys the best of luck with it! Its totally mind numbing and atmospheric. Any thing else you like to say before we bring this interview to a close? any friends, family, people out there you like to mention. Thank you very much. Peace -Danny

Dave - Cheers man. It’s good to know that someone appreciates it. The people reading this will know who they are. Thanks one and all.

Ed - I'd like to thank you Danny for hearing what we hear in our music… and the others that think it not too much trouble to work with us… and give us a piece of their mind when listening… All the artists on or thats left Dark Meadow Recordings, regardless of how relationships have got with some of them, musically they are the best of a huge group of artists, every single one of them.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Interview with Julian Gobz Hill (by D)


How are you doing today sir? 

I`m fine and dandy thank you my good man, actually are there any forests left in Transylvania or did Vlad the Impaler cut them all down to create enough space to set up all of those spikes that he loved to impale peasants on ?

1) I see your in quite a few projects and bands, lets start off with that and take it from there. Really liking Whores Of Babylon. 

Cheers Geezer. I suppose that now I better give you a bit of history behind that band and the others as well, it`s a long and complex history so forgive me if this is a bit long.

The Whores of Babylon formed as a Duo in 1991 and the vein of the music was kind of Gothic mixed with a bit of metal and dramatic classical type of sounds, some called us Darkwave at the time although no one could really put a label on it. A guy called Shaun Atkins did all the vocals and I did all the music, we plied our trade with demos in the underground scene during 1992 & 1993.

In 1993 we entered into talks with Candlelight records after they picked up on our efforts in the underground fanzine scene and signed with them that year ( although Quorthon`s Black Mark label also showed interest but alas a little too late to go with them instead ). so in 1994 we released `Metropolis` a very long album and then got some other musicians around us in order to be able to do it all live. In 1996 we released an extended E.P called `Kumari` which was on the Portuguese `Skyfall` ( Movieplay ) Records.

In 1998 Peaceville records, who had recently set up a partnership with Music For Nations, got in touch with us and were interested in signing us, although MFN were distributing another band with a similar name at the time called `Babylon Whores` so we needed to change our name and we changed it to Soundisciples which wasn`t so bad because the music was becoming more industrial/techno metal, it`s funny though because I`m sure that Babylon Whores got the idea for their name from us, a couple of those Guys said that they had interviewed me for a fanzine of theirs some years earlier before they had their band ! The album `Undefined was released in march 1999 and we got some great reviews in the major magazines, an interview in the English `Kerrang` magazine and did some great tours too.

At the end of 1999 with band and label politics and lack of money fueling tension I upped and left a band of which I was a founder member and started to produce some follow up material to the content on the `Undefined` album under the name of Noiselab. Shaun also did the vocals on that too, however I couldn`t get a new deal for Noiselab even though the music did really well on mp3 sites on the internet in 2000. It is true that labels only care about you based on work that you have already done for them to hype yourself up and unfortunately for me they didn`t take the internet thing seriously enough in those days.

In 2001 I just gave up professional music altogether and became somewhat bitter and twisted. In 2002 I started to become a fan again of other peoples music and also formed a just for fun covers band called `Dimebag Does Dallas` playing the likes of System of a Down, Pantera, Slayer, Anthrax, SOD, Machine Head etc ( you see I was originally a thrasher before all the gothic stuff ). We never did any gigs but did record a live album at my recording studio in Bristol during 2002.

In 2002 Soundisciples eventually released a new album `Audio Manifesto` without me with the bulk of the music down to Joe from my bands. Although the musical direction was different He did a good job and there were some great tunes on that album. Alas the fate of that album was similar to all the other stuff that we had done, the problem was we were always on labels that released super heavy stuff whilst we were not like that and as a result marketing us was always a problem for those labels etc etc.

Soundisciples eventually fell apart in 2004 some time after appearing in a UK Channel 4 documentary about them and specifically about their tour manager, as the series was about tour managers.

Around 2005/2006 Joe approached me with helping him out with a new Soundisciples album, I had also resurrected the Whores of Babylon name around that time so 1 band became 2. Soundisciples which is now based on music that he writes and WOB based on my compositions. Since then I`ve spent a lot of time and money getting into new equipment and recording technologies and I have had a lot of ideas for different bands/projects too : i.e Noiselab Project ( electronica and alternative ) Dunken Pirates ( Punk Pirate metal ) and the super heavy Corporation of Corpse Stealers ( thrash/Death/Black/prog metal ). I also setup my own label Lovegun Records around this time ( HYPERLINK "" ).

Since 2006 there have only been 2 official members of all of the bands and projects, namely me and Joe.

In 2009 I had a new Whores of Babylon album mostly finished but I shelved it due to the better quality of the upcoming Corporation of Corpse Stealers stuff that I had begun writing and I also found out that whilst previously not a vocalist I was pretty good at Death/Black and pirate style vocals ! YAH HARRR !

So at this moment we have the Corporation of Corpse Stealers album in production and a new Soundisciples one too, they will be released for download plus there will be promo CD`s too. We are currently trying out different singers for the Soundisciples album. After those there will be a Noiselab Project album and a Drunken Pirates E.P and later than that a new Whores of Babylon album that is mainly Orchestrated metal somewhat like Virgin Black perhaps. We have also setup a new website a few months ago at HYPERLINK "" the idea of that is to provide music for film, TV, Games, presentations etc, if you visit the site then there is a lot of music by us in different categories to listen to there.

Well now I just need to get one of those new albums actually finished for a change, hah hah

2)Where was the video for "The Whip" shot at??? 

In East Berlin ! heh heh no seriously at a derelect warehouse in the Bristol area of the UK. Although that was the 1995 version of the video which was shown and edited on an ITV show in the UK, there are some shots from Hellraiser in it which would have breached copyright so we made the video again in the lockup area below the steps of a commercial recording studio that I used to co-own with Geoff Barrow from the band Portishead.

3)How long have you been making music for and what got you into music? 

About 1985 when I got my first guitar as a kid and I was into stuff like Metallica, Destruction, Megadeth and Exodus, in 1987/1988 I got into the new form of Dance music too ( the likes of Marrs and Bomb the Bass ) and that sparked my interest in sampling and House orientated music, I got a crude sampler add on for my Commodore Amiga computer and started to make tunes and remixes on that. By 1991 I opened a recording studio as well

4) Name a some influences of yours musically? 

Errrr, not just now but through the ages and starting off from early : Sisters of Mercy ( my nephew plays guitar for them these days ), Celtic Frost, Metallica, Megadeth, Bomb the Bass, Marrs, Exodus, Slayer, The Prodigy, The Exploited, Horror movie film scores, and more recently,: Dimmu Borgir, Finntroll (new)Exodus, Opeth etc Whores of Babylon & SOundisciples !

5)What instruments do you play and what do you do most in the band? 

Usually everything or most stuff : Engineering, Producing, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, programming and drum arrangements. I don`t play solos though my little finger on my fretting hand was damaged in a motorbike accident when I was 18, Joe plays all of the solos that we need. (However in the latest Soundisciples stuff I am just co-producing, engineering, playing keyboards and helping to develop the writing of the compostions that Joe originally came up with )

6)Do you enjoy the recording setting or live setting more? please explain. 

Recording setting, there are only 2 of us, we have been around a long time and we don`t have the energy or the time to put a live thing together anymore ( although you never know we might again ). Because I have now built my own studio in my house then it is always relaxed there with no worries about spiralling bills etc

7)What do you get out of your music? May it be a spiritual, physical, mentally, type of feeling. What does it do for you??? (deep question) 

It keeps me happy and keeps my brain active, pure and simple, although I always like to write dark music no matter what musical genre I am in at the time and the happier I am then the darker the music is likely to be, hah hah !

8)What do you think of the year of 2011 so far and what heads for us you think in the "apocalyptic year" of 2012 if you believe in such a statement. 

Hmmm not much really, endless adverts everywhere, shady practices on the internet still ( The Machinery of Lies – thanks Destruction for that song title, heh heh ). I wrote about 21 Dec 2012 in one of the early Corporation of Corpse Stealers demo`s in 2008 a bit before most of the media jumped on the bandwagon with it as they say. The song was called `The Last Winter` and was put up on the internet ( go to our label site HYPERLINK "" and follow the links to our bands myspace pages if ya wanna hear it ) The track will also be on the new COCS album too. The lyrics deal with planet/solar/galaxy alignment that happen`s once every 26,000 years which is also the end of a prophesised Mayan age as well.

9)Do you support underground artists and what do you think of alot of the bands of today??? 

I am not really part of any scene at the moment. Before we signed to Candlelight records in 1992/1993 we were a big part of the underground scene then. In theory, yes I would support any deserving artists in the underground or otherwise. When we finally release some new albums then I guess we will become part of a scene again as well. What do I think of a lot of bands today ? well I checkout a lot of stuff but I`m pretty fussy as I get older. In the mainstream I have noticed that a lot of 80`s bands that have made a comeback just know how to write better songs than some of the new pretenders. At the moment my fave stuff is : Opeth, Megadeth, Exodus, Machine Head, Blood Tsunami, Amon Amarth, Finntroll, Triptykon and I`m really liking the more recent Satyricon as well. I was never really a fan of Death/Black Metal although I am really liking it`s influence on thrash orientated stuff these days. I`m sure too that there are some great new, more underground bands, out there, although because of the internet the whole thing gets to be difficult wading through the endless sea of shit to find them. I think that the internet is very useful to get some feedback on your material but at the end of the day it still takes someone to spend money and market them to get them really noticed. In Nomine Satanus ! heh heh

10)What is your personal life like outside of music and do the 2 intertwine? 

They are more or less the same, my current recording studio is in my house and I don`t have any children so music and video games, watching Movies and going out on a Saturday night with mates/girlfriend for some Grog about sums it up ! 

11)Can you name some memorable stories with other bands or places you been to you enjoyed? 

In support of our 1999 Soundisciples album `Undefined` we toured with Pitchshifter and Paradise Lost, those tours were a great experience although I can`t remember any stories from them. Touring Portugal in 1996 as Whores of Babylon was also good.

Back in 1998 just before our `Undefined` album came out we supported Pist. On at the 4 Mean Fiddler in London, there was a problem with the gear in the middle of the gig and during the wait our singer told a few offensive jokes out of desperation, they did not go down well with us or anyone else and there were members of the music press there too, nearly killed us before we even got started as Soundisciples.

Back in the early Whores of Babylon days we used to take a small fridge with us on stage, we wrote `The Fridge of Babylon` on it in marker pen and kept ours beers etc in it, sometimes opening it on stage and having a drink, ha ha, saved on bar bill too, heh heh.

12)I see you run a group that helps out bands called Mr Gobz - PC and Tech - Tips n Tricks Group, tell us what thats all about please. BTW, thanks for tips you gave me on my dell, and also I use macbook core duo 2 now (black)

Well, as well as being Artistic I am also a Tech-Head / Gadget freak. I have to be to stay on top of all of the music tech that I have now. I also custom build my own PC`s for gaming/ the studio room etc and have had to solve a lot of problems with them since I first had a single PC in 1997 

13) Whats your favorite drink???? And do you like vanilla or chocolate??? (funny question) 

Westons Cider ( and may other Ciders as well, there are a lot of them in the UK these days ), Rum and Coke ( also known as `Grog` i.e Rum diluted with something else is called Grog in the Pirate world, YAH HARR HARR ! ) and also Bourbon and Coke ( makes you feel real mellow ! ) . . . . . . . Vanilla flavoured Soda ( aka Cream Soda ) and just Chocolate on it`s own thanks.

14) Whats is it like in the UK??? 

Overcrowded in the Urban areas but better than most other places but not perfect and the metal scene has always been a bit flat here compared to other European countries

15)What equipment are you using right now ATM. 

As of few years ago I`ve ditched my old large mixing desk and Multitrack technology and got with the computer age. At the moment in my studio room I am using amongst other things :

2 custom built overclocked Core 2 Duo PC`s with M-Audio soundcards and duel Monitors for each one.

Pro-Tools M-Powered DAW recording system, plus a load of softsynths, Orchestral Engines, Virtual drumming programs etc etc

A compact 16:2 mixer used for monitoring and sending stuff to the computers

2 large JBL speakers and a pair of Yamaha NS-10 studio monitors

Customized Alesis/Roland & Hart Dynamics midi drumkit

M-Audio Axiom 61 midi controller Keyboard, Novation Zero SL DAW/midi controller panel, Korg M1 Keyboard

8 Guitars ( Washburn, PRS, ESP, Jackson, Aria, Ibanez, Schecter ) with EMG, Seymour Duncan or Irongear pickups

( Joe has a Schecter, Hamer, B.C Rich, Squire a bunch of Acoustic Guitars and an electric Mandolin too ! )

Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 Guitar amp plus 1960a Lead cab. Plus an Ibanez tubescreamer & Hardwire tube Overdrive as pre-amps before the Amp distortion ( to get that nice clunky clanky type of sound )

Shure SM 57 & SM 58 Microphones ( also used both on the Marshall cab in the Andy Sneap configuration ).

Well that`s the main stuff anyways.

16)Name a few childhood memories??? 

The Banana Splits, Spiderman cartoons. There was no hysteria about paedophiles and no Riots either ! Spending a lot of time playing outside because there was only one TV in the house, only 3 channels to watch and no VCRs/Computers video games etc

17)If there was a few things you could change about the world, what would it be??? 

Outlaw Religion, once wisely invented to create order from chaos with the people, has long since been doing the opposite, dang it people, just face it, you are gonna die and turn to dust and that is that ! get used to it and make the most of things while you are here, try not to tread on other people`s toes` because karma ( or retribution ) may well pay you back later, and stuff, heh heh

18) Final question... sphincter says What???  I hope you enjoyed this interview sir, really like your music and wish you good luck in all your endevours. Cheers ! –Danny

At first I thought `hmmmmm` so I checked online, yeah Waynes World 2 eh ? the only phrase that I remember from those films is `There is a God, Heather be thy name`, heh heh, referring to Tommy Lee`s ex missus and ex T.J Hooker star heather Locklear, heh heh ! ( dang, she was a babe back in the day ) . . . .. .. `Waynes world, Waynes world, party time, excellent` ( OK so I remembered that one too ! ha ha )

Yes thanks for the interview it`s the first one I`ve done since 1999 ( on the phone with Metal Hammer Germany I think ). I guess when I finally get some new albums actually finished then I/We`ll be doing some more around the world again.

All the best with your Transexual zine . . . . . . er no sorry I meant Transylvanian zine, hah hah !

Adios, Horns Up, Stay Dark and Paint it Black !


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