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1)When did you band start and why?
- The band was started in 1999. There was a need for heavy bands in town so this is how Claymore appeared..

2)Who does what in the band?
- Currently there are five members. Martyn - guitar, Kamen - drums, Velislav - bass and backing vocals, Tzvetelin - keys, and me, Svetoslav - vocals. I also write the lyrics. We all work together on the scene production. We want to be different. Not just some "song-applauds-song-applauds-bye-bye" show... we are not circus performers, sorry...

3)How has the fan reaction been to your music and at gigs?
- Always good. Funny people like to criticize us on the internet but we don't really give a damn. Those, who know the band with the current new line-up always give positive feedback.

4)What bands have you gigged with? And what places have you gigged at so far?
- Claymore has played lots of shows from small venues to open airs and stadium shows with well known international acts. I don't really get the point of the question since I believe it matters what your band plays, not who you have played with but here's some... Napalm Death, Mystic Circle, Destruction, Sinister, Graveworm, Lord Belial, Exumer, Savage Grace, Kathaarsys... I don't remember all of them, sorry. In fact, being the opening band isn't such a great accomplishment. Everyone could be on your place and play in front of somebody else's fanbase and most of the times you end up paying for it. It is different with festivals, where people go to meet with friends, to have drinks and to have fun, no matter who plays.

5)What is your main influences?
- Life and what it brings us. We are not influenced by colleagues but rather by our true selves and beings.

6)How does the recording process work for you guys?
- First we record the demo in our rehearsal room and when we all agree on the result, then we record again... drums, bass, guitar, keys, vocals... like any other band, I guess.

7)Is their a reason why the band is named Claymore?
- The Scottish two-handed (Highland) claymore was a large sword used in the late Medieval and early modern periods. It was used in the constant clan warfare and border fights with the English from circa 1500 to 1700. We wanted to make heavy music. This sword is very good for both offense and defense. An allegory could be made with us, fighting for personal and spiritual freedom. Once one has the chance to wield such a heavy sword maybe one will understand...

8)What do you think of the metal scene today, and how is it in your area?
- In times like this, with the "economic crisis", etc the first thing to die is the cultural life and I think one can get the point. Maybe the whole electronic media and internet thing is killing the entertainment industry too.... Who cares!? We adapt and we don't care... I hope this is the same with other musicians.

9)Name a few bands you would like to gig with?
I can't. I don't care who I play with as long as their show does not suck and they don't turn the tour bus into a pigsty..
                                                                ( ZEAL of Claymore)
10)What is the ideology behind Claymore and what message do you want to put out their to your listeners?
- I kind of already answered on that while I was explaining the name of the band but, hey, you never know... I can't say we belong to some ideology or that we have it fixed and unchangeable and that we strictly follow external sources. The message gets pretty clear once one gets to feel our music. When one sets aside the imperfections of external coloration, one can see a colorful image, no matter if one lives through it from the inner self or externally. When one enters the musical sphere, one entirely merges with the internal experience of the human soul and one must leave matter and space entirely. The musical element is linear and undimensional. It could be experienced undimensionally through the line of time, thus one perceives the world as one’s own world. If one goes deeper into the secrets of music, one could understand that the musical experience is extremely close to the harmonic/melodic cosmic relations, from which the whole human being grows. The human being is internally made of music and one has artistic and musical perception insofar as, as it coincides with the secrets of one’s own musical structure. The true art is always coming down to the fact that the human being is looking for it’s relations with the spiritual world. This is where one should start digging.

11)What label are you associated with?
- We are currently looking for one that will support us more, but if we can't find one, we will release our next material digitally (itunes, amazon, napster, etc.) and on-demand from our online stores. We are associated with Forces of Satan Records (this one is of Infernus of Gorgoroth), Toxity Records and D.O.P. for our previous album only.

12)How long does it usually take for you guys to write songs, get into the studio and get things going, and how is the communication between each band member while you are recording or playing live?
- It is different. Sometimes it takes days, sometimes it takes months... Once we start work, we work fast. The problem here is to find the time and enough money for a decent recording. We will never release something that we don't like ourselves. Sometimes we argue about some things because we are totaly different but that is the thing that actually helps us improve. It is the ability of everyone to express and experience but this is solely just not enough to make you an artist.

13)Has their been any line up changes?
Yes. A lot. I am the newest member. I have joined the band 3 years ago. As far as I know, there have been changes with different vocalists (claymore also used to have a female backing singer), keyboardists, second guitarists, etc.

14)How many albums have you done so far?
Only one. It happened right after I joined. I re-wrote all the lyrics and we did it. Before that, Claymore has released several EP's and a live album, also given away the first demo from 1999. We are working on a new album and we hope to make it with a clearer sound. I will skip the "this is going to be a great album" or "better than the last one" bullshit. I can only tell it is going to be more blackened than the previous one.

15) Is their any bands you like to mention?
Fallen Art, Inspell, Shambless, Eufobia, Kathaarsys, Coprostasis, Dimholt, Past Redemption, Nihilist (BG), Kuln...

16)Any side projects?
Yes. I have several but for now they are nothing special, unfinished or haven't released an album yet. Names are: Zealotry, Skeptik, Uzurpator, SensenmanN. The last one is the one I currently work on besides the new Claymore album. It also features one of the Inspell guys Nikolay Velev. Once I had the chance to record with Zlokoba but we got totally wasted in their place and didn't record anything. Does that count? Ha-ha! The other Claymore members do not have side projects and their other bands are no more.

17)old Darkthrone OR old Mayhem??? which band do you side with?
Can I side with both? Ha-ha! I like Darkthrone better.

18)What are the lyrics mostly about or mean to you?
Depends... mostly it is on how to bring destruction in all spheres (planes) of existence, how to alter the world, use the power of the true self, etc. I am not the "giving a fuck" type of person.

19) Is their any places you like to go next with Claymore and what do you believe is the next step for the band at the moment?
Releasing new album and touring to promote it, no matter what...

20)I enjoyed interviewing you guys for the e-zine, and any last words my friends? -D
Thank you for this interview and hope to see you on some gig some day. Curse less, drink more! Cheers! 

The first warriors of CLAYMORE joined forces in the summer of 1999 in the city of Ruse, Bulgaria. There were only Kamen (drums, ex-VIPER, ex- Will-o'-the-Wisp, ex-TRUN), Martyn (guitar, ex-VOMITORY) and Velislav (bass, ex-VIPER). Since then the formation underwent radical member changes, but Tzvetelin (keyboards, ex-IK-1) and vocalist Svetoslav (ex-Coprophag, Zealotry, Skeptik) joined as permanent members to form the current line up.
CLAYMORE quickly became popular among Bulgarian fans with unique and pure style of melodic death/black metal combining aggression and melody as one with influences from other styles like heavy, thrash, grind as well as a good amount of classical music. ....Their first ever performance is in September 1999 to start a long tour in many cities across Bulgaria captivating audiences everywhere. This earns them a place at the biggest Bulgarian Underground Music Festival (Bourgas 2000).
At the end of 1999 CLAYMORE record their first demo tracks. They are quickly followed by a EP CD tilled "Warriors of Claymore" in 2000, which is posted on many web magazines and played on radio shows in Bulgaria and abroad.
During 2002 CLAYMORE worked hard on the sound quality for the recording of the actual EP "Released" consisting of 5 songs. These songs represent their style and part of their live shows.
CLAYMORE 's remarkable popularity and success earns them a place in "Trash till Death", "Heatework festival", "Heart Rock festival", "Chaos Festival", "Thrash Attack Festival", "Park Rock Open Air", "Massacre Festival", "Legacy Open Air Festival", "Barock Fest", "Nightmare Fest", etc. where they played alongside well known international acts.
In 2007 the vocalist receives editor’s choice award for outstanding achievements in poetry by presenting the lyrics to theInternational Library of Poetry in Maryland, USA.
CLAYMORE recorded with "Askeer" awarded sound engineer Plamen Mirchev "Mirona" and self-released their first full-lenght album "Prolonged Active Antagonism" before they took part in the, headlined by GRAVEWORM (IT) and Lord Belial (SE), "The Black Curse Over Europe" tour in 2008. The album was then distributed by D.O.P. and the band signed with Toxity Records to release the songs on "Vodafone live!". On the very next year CLAYMORE signed for this album's distribution with Forces of Satan Records from Norway (owned by Infernus of Gorgoroth and Vile Horg). One of the tracks (Holy Terror) was included in "The Legions of TchorT" compilation #6. CLAYMORE is currently working on new, but symphonic, material...
by N. Kovachev & S. Georgiev



Temple Of The Maggot - Pile Of Corpses (Mog) (3:13)
kay Pacha - Atipana Wanka (Pe) (2:43)
Satanel - Light of Totalitarian Constellation (Ita) (3:11)
Astarium - Infernal Vengeance (Rus) (5:02)
Sacrilegio - Trasmutazione (Ita) (3:55)
Erevos - Grotesque Blasphemy (Gre) (3:49)
kaiserreich - A Noi la Notte (Ita) (5:04)
Nibirus - Spirit (Fra) (3:07)
Heathen-Lifecode - Serpents Of The Deep (Enochian Transmutation) (Ita) (2:24)
Artep - Eye Of The Serpent-Oko Hada (Can) (5:42)
Cocaine Cowboys - Son Of Evil (Ita) (3:33)
Gorlock - Ghost Asylum (Usa) (2:24)
Southern Extremity - Worlds Apart (Ita) (3:09)
Désolation - Trinity (Fra) (4:35)
Mass Obliteration - Supremacy (Ita) (2:53)
Nierty - Shroud Of Dead Vines (Uk) (3:37)
Animae Capronii - Shadows Of The Norther Empire (Ita) (3:32)
Claymore - Holy Terror (Bgr) (3:40)
Lilyum - Hate Campaign (Ita) (4:29)
Deviator - Necrolust (Ukr) (2:56)
Vartras - Bildnis des Todes (Ger) (4:00)
AbvulAbashy - Worshippers Ov The Idols Part II (Sgp) (3:12)

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