Thursday, December 16, 2010


Death Chants latest album Amongst The Shadows and this  is a death/black/melodic band, with guttural vocals, high shrieking screams, and swedish metal like technicality. The band resides in Lakeland, Florida, usa, and are self released I believe with their own label, Death Chant music. The album is a pretty good death metal record, and is full of style, and has a different approach compared to the death metal bands that just really suck today. The quality of the album overall is great sounding, clean as a whistle. The band sounds focused on what they are doing, and do it for a reason. The music of this album holds my interest for a good length of the time, but I would say it did not excite me through out the whole record. My favorite songs on here are ...dreaming, Night Terrors, Prelude, Amongst The Shadows, and the cover of At The Gates "Suicide Nation". The album can throw you off at times during songs, but its filled with speed, high energy and some pretty awesome riffs. The cover was nailed perfectly and I thought that was really well. They probably are a really good band live, but if you want something that is filled with new and interesting sounds, then this aint for you. This is more old edge death, and holds up, but I can say this wont be their last release, and they worked hard on this one, but I think they will gain more credibility in a live setting then from their record alone. This is a very cheap album too! its only 1.75$ so if you got 2$ pick it up! No reason why you shouldnt get it. The cd looks like you buy at a store too, so dont expect just a blank disc and a cheap jewel case. The album was released this year, and you can message them if you want to pick up a copy now. I may think it was a ok album, but you may think it is awesome, so please check them out, and show some support. -D
$1.75 plus shipping
Track listings....
1. Among the Shadows 2. MK Ultra 3. Prelude 4. Peddler's Wish 5. Night Terrors 6. Inner Crisis 7. Delirium 8. ...dreaming 9. Revelation 10. [Bonus] Suicide Nation (At the Gates cover)


Flamecult Records Presents: The Underground Alliance Vol 1 (2010)


Track listings....

1 Coils of the Serpent - Defeat Remix 2 Zebulon Kosted - Between This World And The Next excerpt 3 Volksmerink - Calloused 4 Throne of Malediction - Ceremonial Blood 5 Bodies in Barbwire - The Vile CorpseKing/Nailgun Dissection0 6 Nephilim Rising - Torn/Elegy (Etxalar) 7 Chalice Of Doom - Endless Prison 8 br1hatecrew - Burden of Damnation 9 Styg'ian Altar - The Legion Decrees 10 Warseid - Voyager/Winter Legions 11 Death Chant - Delirium 12 ZDD - Zombie Death Dance 13 Throne of the Mammoth King - Sacred Club Of Spikes

Death Chant is a project by musician and song writer Micah including the help of members of Mortifier and other Lakeland musicians. Past releases include Evil Green (mp3 release only 2006), Sloppy Seconds (2007), Death Chant (self-titled 2009), split EP with Mortifier - Reanimated Remains (2009), split EP with Destruction from Within - Shadows in the Mist (2010), and the new full length release Among the Shadows (2010). All music is recorded and produced by Death Chant Music.


| Micah - Guitars Drums Bass Vocals Production | Chris - Vocals Guitar Bass | Boles - Drums | Mike - Bass Vocals | Hector - Vocals | Jarred - Bass |

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