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The Stupar Project Interview

Welcome To The Transylvanian Forest  E-zine! how you doing?
Thank you for having me. I'm doing great! You? :)

1)When did your band start and why?

Band started in March of 2010. when I recorded two demo tracks at my good friend's
home-made studio. It was just a tryout recording. I wanted to hear these two songs how
they sound for real, not just from guitar pro.

2)What style is your band, and what do you do in the band?

Well, I like to call it "hardcore groove metal", because you can find all these genres
in my music. I'm the only member of this band and I do everything hehe :) Vocals,
guitars, bass guitar and drum programming.

3)What bands influenced you, and what drives you to make music?

Hatebreed is the band that influenced me the most, but there are Machine Head, Pantera,
Slayer, Six Feet Under, Terror... Almost everything I listen to and maybe you can't hear
in my songs.
Hmm I guess it's the way I can express my self, my thoughts, happiness, anger... And I
love to make music, better then do nothing and watch tv or drink myself silly :)

4)What bands have you gigged with? or do you plan to gig soon?

With The Stupar Project I had no gigs yet, but I found people to play with and
rehearsals are about to start soon. Plans to gig with, well we'll play my good friends
from Vai Ficar Preto (grindcore) and then we'll see. Whoever wants to play with my band
is welcome :)

5)How is the scene on your area?

Croatia is a small country. there are good bands and the scene is not that bad. People
here like to say that everything sucks, nothing happens, everything's dead, and when
some bands come and play, almost nobody come to the show. They rather stay outside and
drink... I hope new kids will come more often to the shows and support hardworking

6)What is the song F**k You about?

Ha ha good quiestion. Well it's a message to all of my enemies to fuck off, to stop
talking shit about me, my friends and my family because I don't allow that. I had problems with somebody backthen when I wrote that song so that situation was an inspiration.

7)Where did you guys shoot your videos?

"The end of our time" was in abandoned magazine across my house and "Fuck You" in my
garage hahaha :))

8)What or where did you record your album? The quality is pretty good, and great

I've recorded it at my good friends's recording studio "Crna Zemlja" Osijek, Croatia.
His name is Mario Markovic and he really knows the job. :)

9)What inspires you to wake up everyday and deal with the bullshit that is everyday


A lot of things. My familiy. my girlfriend, my dog, friends, music, sun that shines,
snow, almost everything... Life is good when you have someone to share it with
eventhough is sucks sometimes, but we have to stay storng and have hope in a better
tomorrow. If you think bad, you won't see good things that surrounds you.

10)How many people know of your music, and what is the fan reaction so far?

Hmm I don't know but I think it's not a big number yet, but people who have heard my

band say that it's very good, and I'm glad people like it.

11)Plans for a new album?

Actually, I already wrote 13 songs for a new album but just music. It will be recorded
next year (2011) in "Crna zemlja" recording studio and hopefully you'll like that album
as well :)

12)How many people have you been associated with for this band?

I've beend associated with four good friends of mine. They'll play and I'll scream and
pretend to sing :)

13)What is your favorite bands out now?

Hatebreed is my number 1 but not less At The Gates, The Crown, Terror, Barcode (Denmark,
awesome hardcore band), Death Before Dishonor, Disfear, Slayer, Pantera, Max's
Sepultura, Metallica sometimes, Demericous, Mastodon... I can't remember all the great
bands I listen to. A lot of them, and not just metal and hardcore. I like hip hop too.

14)How long did it take to record the album Through My Eyes?

Recording, a few days I think, but post production and mastering took a whole lot
longer. About a month or so.

15)I enjoyed this interview my friend, and do you have any last words? -D -l-

I did too. Thanks for having me and I hope in not that far future from now, The Stupar
Project will come to the states and rock the house :)
Stay safe!

The Stupar Project - FUCK YOU [Music Video]

The Stupar Project - The end of our time [MUSIC VIDEO]

"The Stupar Project" is a one man groove metal hardcore band from Croatia, formed in March 2010.
So far, "tSP" recorded a demo with 7 songs called "Through My Eyes" and videos for "The End Of Our Time" and "Fuck You" songs.

The Stupar Project - FUCK YOU [Music Video]
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