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These veteran black metallers are blackened with a cold vengeance, and as necro as hellfire! I present to you SPELLCRAFT. The album is called Stirpe Obscura, and is nothing short of fantastic. The mix of death/black and symphonys is just right. The death metal is also a big influence I can hear as well in the back up vocals I believe they are, but sticking to its roots at the same time. The sound is fast paced, cunning, wicked, and vocally, screechingly epic. The clean vocals also come into play on a few tracks that really got me sinked in, and is reminiscient of old Emperor days. From Spain though,  not Norway, but just as black or even blacker then the Norweigen bands of today. This band also was on my compilation I setted up with Satanica Productions, and was released last summer, Most Unholy Convergence. This guys are bred for war, and know exactly what they want when it comes to making a powerful, and timeless sounding black metal record. Stripe Obscura is their 1st full length release filled with total blasphemy and occultness. Crossing The Seventh Gate has to be one of my favorites, ant the first track The Soul Devour is a good build up to the wall of sound that is displayed in the following track Stripe Obscura. This band would fit in perfectly I say in a tour with Watain, and even the likes of Immortal. Other greats are out now with powerful black metal music, but Spellcrafts Stripe Obscura is a must have and on the top of the list. Another band that reminds me of them is Naetu, but as the old saying goes, they are their own band, with their own experiences. They respectfully earn their rights to a kingdom of their own, covered in blood, plague, and no laws. This band seems to have a good following as well and is pretty well established, so I am humbled to be reviewing their album for them...! Only for pure fucking black metallers!!! -D -l-

Tracks you should check out (Crossing The Seventh Gate, Kiss Me From Darkness, and Beyond The Lost Forest)

Lineup -
Midgard - Vocals (2001-) (Ouija)
Fulgur - Drums (Ouija)
Aldromk - Guitar (Ouija)
Murcilag - Guitar (Ouija)
Scythe - Bass

Recorded at The Room Studios in Barcelona, Spain. Mastered by Tailor Maid.
Slipcase edition limited to 500 copies and includes a Poster.
Track list :
1)The Souldevourer 06:25   
2)Stirpe Obscura 10:54   
3)Sons of the Dying Sun 06:52   
4)Beyond the Lost Forest 05:58   
5) Adaegia     04:26   
6) Crossing the Seventh Gate 05:30   
7) Kiss Me From the Darkness 06:17   
Total playing time 46:18

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