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Welcome to Transylvanian Forest E-zine! sorry for my lateness, how are you doing?
It's okay dear, thanks to you, i am doing great, on vacations now haha

1)What got you into modeling and why?
it was when I had my first photoshoot, it was a surprise, because it was for the clothing store of a friend, I only get to see the store, but i didnt know they were taking pictures, so then the owner of the Store asked my sister and me to model for her, so she can get us some pictures because she liked our style, so we posed and everything, and then she gave us the photos and I really liked them, then i research more of the alternative modeling and i started making my own photoshoots with the help of my sister as a photographer, and then I got to know more models, photographers, pages where they promoted the models,also i met bands to which i model merch for the. I am very interested in modeling so that's why I still do it.

2)What bands have you supported with your modeling, and how many organizations are you associated with?
Well i have worked with:
-Gore Back (Promo pics)
-Time To Kill (Merch model)
-Funeral Coma (Merch model)
-Handful Of Hate (Merch model)
-Antythesys (Merch model)
-Kataplexie (Merch model)
-Abigail, Model for his Tape "Alive... In Tokyo"
-The Dust (Merch model)
-Neuroflesh (Promo Pics)
-Neuroflesh (Promo pics)
-Reverend Havoc (Promo Pics, and soon i will be in his cover CD)

And about modeling sites, i model for some:
Gorgeous Freaks (I own the site)
Kustom Cherries (Alt Model Group from my country)
Brutal Hotties
Grave Girls
The Bloody Vixens
Deadly Creations
Morbidly Divine Modeling
Beauty Bitches
NeoNoir Models
Mystical Masquerades
Thrash Metal Bitches
Infinite Zero Modeling
Unforgiven Beauties
NYX Models
The Alternative Model Directory
Macabre Models
Metal Ladies
Horror Pin Up Girls
The Bizr Models
Nekronos Promotion Hell
Satanic Sluts
Alternative Models by Entity International

3)What bands influence you?
Oh well, there are too many haha, mm like: Hermh, Catamenia, Agathodaimon, Satyricon, Graveworm, Shade Empire, Emperor, Sybreed, Sothis, Onslaught, Turisas, Finntroll, Ensiferum, Amon Amarth, Hypocrisy, Pain, Horrorpops, Blutengel, Alien Vampires, Semargl, Marduk, Aborym, Sonata Artica, Inactive Messiah, Whitesnake, Cinderella, Def Leppard, Skid Row, Saxon, W.A.S.P, Sweet, Ratt and a looooot more haha

4)I see your sister is a model as well? how is the communication between you 2, and how does that work as you work together?
Yeah she is, i help her with her modeling and photos ;)
We are very very close, we have almost the same taste in music and stuff, so that's why it's very easy to hang out with her and our friends, we are very alike, many people even think we are twins haha but nope, she's one year and 4 months older than me, but yeah we have very good comunication so we work well together.

5)What is your favorite color? ;)
Mmm that's difficult icant choose only one haha, i love purple, blue, red and black

6)If you could do something right now associated to modeling, what would it be?
Mmm maybe to model for a very important alternative clothing line in europe or USA :D

7)How many bands have come to you for help, and for how long has the name Naty Metal stuck with you for?
Oh well i cant really remember how many, but besides the ones i already mention that i have worked with, maybe 10 other bands, some of them only to help them with graphic design.
When i decide to model, i made a poll in one site haha, for people to help me choose my model name, so i had 2 options, "ChOkONaTs" and "NaTyMeTaL"(This one i had it since i was in some sites like myspace, vampirefreaks, spirit of metal) so people choose "NaTyMeTaL" but i didnt use it at the moment, i dont know why, i start using ChOkONaTs but then i change it for NaTyMeTaL" because I thought it was the best I reflected, i loveee metal a lot to i think it's perfect for me.

8)What is the metal scene like in your area?
Well it's pretty big now, many guy and girl are getting into metal, we are having gigs every week, or festivals, conventions, and many international bands are getting interested in us(Costa Rica), so the metal scene is growning really fast.

9)What is it like where you live, and how does that portray what you do in your daily everyday life?
Well i live in a province called Heredia, and it's very near from San Jose, our capital, so i spend most of my time there in san jose, i study there or i go to bars, malls with my friends. Or sometimes i just stay at home chilling.

10)Any hobbies besides modeling?
Well just to edit photos, make graphic design, photography, music, drawing.

11)Who's side do you take? Euronymous or Vargs??? ;)
Haha mmm that's hard to choosee, i think i choose Euronymous :D

12)If you could do anything right now, what would it be besides doing this interview right now?
Maybe eating an ice cream with brownies haha, i really love food, specially sweets, like chocolates.

13)If you had a choice between cookies or brownies, which one would you pick??? :)
Brownieees haha *_* love them!!!

14)How often do you change your look?
Mmm like once a year, now i am changing it a little, just dying my hair with a few more colors, but about my hairstyle that it's shaved one side, i am not gonna change it for a long time.

15)What does your family think of all of this?
Well they support me a lot, they like what i do, they get used to my look and my way of living, but they also want me to study first. because they know that here alternative modeling it's hard, people dont take it seriously. So it's pretty hard sometimes.

16)Do you feel comfortable around people, or do you stray away?
Well i feel comfortable with people that are like me or that treat me good, like everyone else. So it depends of the personality of that person and his/her attitude.

17)How is the weather their mostly in your area?
Well it's half sunny and half rainy XD so it's okay, now we are having the cold weather without rain, so it's cool

18)How much would American dollars there be worth? a lot? because money in Usa is different depending on which country you are in?
Naah, one dollar here it's not a lot, it's something but not that much n.n, here a dollars is like 500 colones, and with that i only can buy a hamburguer in mac donalds or something haha

19)If there was something you can change positive, or negative in this world, what would it be?
Ohh well first i would change the ignorance and closed minded people, i just hate it a lot, i hate when people dont think before they act or say something stupid to you. And also i would change poverty, crime around the world and the animal cruelty.

20)What was the 1st band that got you into music and are not ashamed to say it!?!
Haha i dont remember, i think i start with glam or heavy/80s music, because of my dad, some of the bands were whitesnake, europe, judas priest, cinderella, scorpions, and a lot more, also with punk music and groove metal like pantera.

21) I really enjoyed this interview, Naty, and I hope we meet very soon :) any last words to your friends, fans, fellow bands, and supporters out their and haters??? ;) -D -l- bye bye
Thanks a lot dear, i really appreciate it, thanks a lot for this awesome interview and for your support! And yeah for sure we will meet ;)
Well to all of the bands that have supported me and for having confidence in me to model for you, thanks a lot, it was amazing to work with all of you and count with me in anything that you like ;) i will always be there for you guys.
And for my fans/friends/supporters thank you so much for liking my work, and supporting me in everything, i really love all of you *_* and it really means a lot for me.
Haha for the haters well thanks to you too for talking about me and for keep checking what i do, that only makes me stronger and better ;)

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