Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This band came to me out of surprise one night, and after I listened to their album, it was a atmospheric black metal presence like none other! It has traditional instruments involved in the muscianship of the full length, and has a very tight sound to go with it that just begins to broaden your mind on the realm of black metal once you start to listen.

They are from Sri Lanka, and have this album released under the label Depressive Illusion Records which I find to have a good reputation as a pretty well established label. The album is called Decease. The traditional instruments they use are as follows, the Thammattam, Dawul, Horana, Yak bera, Pantheru and also Indian traditional instruments like the Sarod has been in the mix of this recording process of this great release. The recording process has been on going for almost more then a year, and it is nothing short of purely original. The songs take you from a slow melancholy approach to a ferocious approach relating to days of blackened war and oppression in their home land hidden in a length of 30 years time. That is war even Rambo would not even want to be involved in! Raging Flames Score The Battlefield is a track that was written and composed by
Ramindu Deshapriya. His involement brought in the sounds, atmosphere, and screams of the rotting fumes of the helpless and now deceased in raging battle.

Blood Of Singhale, is a track of war, and explains how the battle was won and how many poured their blood & sweat to get to where they belong. Decease has a total playing time of 51 minutes, the first full length album to gain international underground black metal scene notice, and soon further success. You can order a copy once it is out on Depressive Illusion Records(Ukraine), and also Salute Records (Sweden) once it is available. This is a constant war or pure hatred and vicious black metal you never heard before.... -D

Dhisti - Decease
1. Intro
2. Fuck the Imperialist Bastards
3. Raging Flames Score The Battle Feild
4. Blood of the Singhale



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