Thursday, December 16, 2010


Right now I am listening to some brutal stuff right here! and not BrOotal ITS BRUTAL....PERIOD. Well this band Nierty is on the Misantrof ANTIrecords (norway) twwlf(italy) and here is their latest metalpiece ACOLYTES OF THE DESCENT. I read they describe themselves as a combination of Black-industrial Death-Grind all served up with an undertone of misery. Hmmm interesting, and so far I feel that notion while listening to the track Catechism of Hate. They are full of misery, and a full on grinding type of band that gives you no space to breath, only to just suffer song after song. And this ladies and germs is a good thing. The band started in 2006, and is fronted by Serpent-Vox, Skaven-Guitar, Xaphanas-Guitar, Mortabeast-Bass, Skinblaster-Drums, Archvile-Session Opratix, as follows. This group can appeal to death metal heads, some black metal purist's and even the grinders that follow bands like Brutal Truth and Blood Duster. They seem to fit very well in this insane following of bands that are slowly hitting their peak to the point of knowing what it is to be a real underground act. This cd is also for free download at Misantrof anti-records, an experimental Norwegian black metal antilabel run by Danial Vrangsinn of Carpathian Forest on Halloween night. The cd is sadistic, pulsating evil, and is a abomination of all things morally good in this world. It is a 9 songs album with artwork included upon download. You can find it here : The albums sound is well produced, driving, and at times reminds of old Obituary, and old Entombed. Each track has something to offer, and I have to say my favorite HEAVY track on the cd is Excystic. A catchy grinding track I say. The track Fields of Extinction is the shortest track on the album,  but it sounds like it is the sound of what extinction really would sound like. The Acolytes Of The Descent is worth a listen, and I would not be surprised if you thanked me for mentioning it. To request a CD of acolytes of the descent contact skaven667@hotmail.comor order directly 


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