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INTERVIEW WITH LORD AZORDON!!! (old one off of myspace)

1) How's life treating you almighty Azordon?

Well, there is a Tar Bubble in it! I just have to get StarCraft II: The Wings Of Liberty to get working on my computer and everything will be great. Otherwise I'm always just writing new riff chops on my electric, acoustic, bassic, and keyboardic machine and if I like a lot and in the mood I go a recordon (Azordon recording something is a term called "recordon") yes! :D

2) If you had a world tour what would you call it, and where would your first show be at?

Azordon doesn't play live! :D
3) How long have you been making music?

Azordon started in late 2007 because I just wanted to have a black metal band like any other black metal obsessed 15 year old kid would. Azordon didn't do anything at all except fantasise about the future. The whole time though I was experimenting with ways to record and mix music in the easiest and most straightforward way without any stupid programs or studios or any of that shit I could never understand or care to do. Finally I found a way that works and after recording and mixing many tracks throughout 2008, I was slowly gaining experience and since then just always making new stuff and occasinally finding new ways to experiment and whatnot.

4) What would you define or call the sound of your music?

Since my Self - Titled album released in late August 2009, I started calling my creations "Azordon Metal" and future albums "Azordon Metal/Folk" because there are a lot more clean and folky parts because I love doing that very much. I call my music those things because it just sounds awesome and it's the only way I can really even care to describe my music because it is just me doing whatever I want to do. If we were to be specific I guess, I can be considered a solo project with a lo - fi sound and quality that plays a hybird of black, death, and speed metal with lots of clean folk parts and influence. I've just been doing whatever comes to my mind since 2009 and I don't really care if it's called Chinese Pop or Death Metal or whatever. :D

5) Would you open for KISS?

Azordon doesn't play live! :D

6) Say you became a member of congress, what would be the 1st law you pass?

I hate and avoid most political and religious shit at all costs and could never even consider applying for such a career. :D

7) Big Mac or double cheeseburger???

Neither really. How about a Pizza Rolls! Anybody want a Pizza Rolls? Post a comment on RedLetterMedia's webzone if you want a Pizza Rolls!!! :DDD Raspberry jelly filled a Pizza Rolls do wonders also! :D

8) What instruments do you play?

I do absolutely everything in Azordon and always will. Maybe very occasionally have a friend do some sort of session role like having Dan O))) from S.O.D.D. (Strings Of Distorted Doom) do session vocals for part ov Ohmazing Unholy Crusade. He's asked if he could do it just because and I was happy! :D Otherwise I do everything and always will. It's the only way for me to really feel complete and content with my material. Even if some of it doesn't turn out so great, I'm still glad I gave it my all. In general though, I mostly play my electric and acoustic machines followed by my bassic machine, than my keyboard machines, and the drum sounds are just there to keep the rhythm.

9) What do you think of black metal today?

Like my opinion about it would really matter? XD I've been through so much flak with the fanboys and stuff over the past few years. Ever since 2009 really I just stopped giving a fuck and focus on my own music doing whatever I want to do and I don't care if it's not "kvlt" or "grim" or satanic or whatever anymore. Sure I still use black metal imagery whenever I feel like it and I still have a lot of black metal sounding riffs and so fourth, but once again it's just doing whatever comes to my mind. I guess as far as the "scene" and other bands and stuff go, I just don't give a shit anymore, I probobly never did in the first place. I've seen so many people and bands change and become burned out from all the black metal shit plus for taking it too seriously I guess. So in conclusion I just focus on my own music the majority of the time. The only black metal related things I really associate with anymore are just my friends projects like Valkynaz and S.O.D.D. and I just still listen to my favorite bands that have inspired me a lot.

10) If you were a professional wrestler, what would your finisher be called?

The Qui Gon chop! ...I guess! :D

11) How many albums do you have?

A lot! I am almost always making new material and if not I am playing my instruments and trying to just have fun and come up with creative new sounds. I usually just record a bunch of stuff and later on I start to arrange them and decide upon the album and that is always the best for me because it's completely spontaneous. Annihilator and Nocturnal Conquest are perfect examples of this. Other times I do get some general idea of what I want to do like for Fragments ov Sorrow I specifically wanted a mostly acoustic/clean type of album but I always just make tracks and later on experiment with the general idea of the album and its name and artwork.

12) Any good bands in your area?

I never cared or payed any attention to what goes on around here. Maybe there are some pretty cool local metal bands and stuff, but again I never really cared or payed any attention. Especially ever since Azordon really got going in 2009.

13) Any sideprojects?

Kvasta is my first side project from 2008. I formed it about a month after I formed Azordon. I honestly don't really even know why. XD I just had that word/name in my head and even thought of calling that my main project, but I'd rather have both Azordon and Kvasta! I guess Kvasta was supposed to be some sort of more epic and folky experimental Pagan black metal band while Azordon was an evil straighforward and Satanic band at the time and I really didn't know what I wanted to do so I just wanted to do everything to try it all out and see what comes about. After 2008, Azordon gradually began to change and after I finished Kvasta's debut, I since then just do Kvasta when I want to take a break from Azordon. I know both of my projects sound very alike in some ways, but Kvasta is more about mystery and obscurity from a different perspective I suppose.

Metookie - A joke side project I started in the summer of 2008 that was heavily inspired by Vondur! I use it to fuck around and entertain myself and hopefully some others who give a shit haha! :D

I've had other side - projects and collaborations with some people online and one in real life, but most of them were short - lived and not significant enough to even mention here.

14) If any black metal band could come back, dead or alive, with your magical powers, what band would it be?

Lycanthropy's Spell by far! I REALLY would have loved to meet Mastermind Sarmak because his music really inspired a lot of Azordon's music and just the way I see a lot of things about music and life in general. Very rarely does a band do that for me. Almost everything else I listen to especially since I got more involved with my own music is just to get some inspiration from the guitar melodies and whatnot or really just background noise to pass the time. But few bands like Lycanthropy's Spell and Ildjarn really did make a difference in my personal life.

15) I have a tendencie of asking stupid questions, what do you think of that?

I think that's a very smart and thought provoking question sir! I wonder how That Guy With The Glasses would respond to these honestly too! ^_^

16) How many compilations are you featured on?

I think three hehe! What makes me really happy though is that on two of them, my friends projects are on them also! :D

17) Any ohmazing moments while recording Nocturnal Conquest?

Every time I create something it is an ohmazing moment for me, but for Nocturnal Conquest some ohmazing moments were recording the few tracks that I dedicated to a couple great friends of mine! :D I'm really happy they enjoyed it too! ^_^ Means a lot! SvartSoldater especially because of some of the riffs in the song that are really heavy and crushing. Abigail because of the beautiful clean melodies, they sound almost mysterious and cosmic. Plus I did some soloing throughout! Recording the title track because of the epic part near the end where I do the clean chant for a little bit. You know the part I'm talking about! :D Quake II because it sounds cool and makes good sequel to Quake from Annihilator and once again it was completely improvised. Overlord II and Azordon's Endless Baal Runs because the keyboard melodies sound pretty cool haha!  The Unholy Apocalypse IV because it's really epic, soothing, and beautiful whilist being REALLY funny because of the lyrics in the song. If people can understand them they will probobly either laugh their ass off or scratch their head in confusion or anger as to why such a song has ever been made! :D Secret Magic songs are always fun of course! ^_^

18) How was the trip to the Ukraine?

Pretty good I can say. It was nice to go somewhere else, but all I really did the whole time was play one of my relative's acoustic machine comming up with new riffs and ideas which I would eventually use for my future recordings. Most importantly for me though was that I met the first two tracks from Nocturnal Conquest and what inspired them there! :D Really great experience meeting some friends basically! :D Otherwise it was okay, thank you for asking haha!

19) What do you think of all your music you done, and your music now?

As almost anybody who makes stuff, I can barely stand half of my old material, but everything from the Self - Titled album and after I actually do enjoy and am very proud of. I guess it's because I started really developing and progressing with Azordon's sound and style and every single album has something to tell and look back upon and they are all linked together in some way like a series of chapters in a long and crazy book. Some people call that book life, but I call it Star Wars! But really though, it shows some progression through time and all of the different creative things I did which I'm happy about. I'm sure this will continue growing and developing onwards!

20) Will you ever play live?

I believe that I have already answered this question! :D

21) Whats your musical influences?

Pretty much everything I said before.

I can pretty much say that Azordon started out as a typical black metal band inspired by the usual first and second wave black metal shit of course, but I listened to lots of different shit the whole time. From Satanic, Pagan, NSBM, some RAC, a little bit of depressive, Dark Ambient, Folk, some other shit like Thrash, Death, some Power, and so fourth. I had my main influences of course, but I often found myself trying to merge influences and ideas together and ever since I got more experienced throughout 2008 and 2009 with composing, recording, arranging, as well as just expressing myself better with my own style or whatever, I really just influence myself for the most part now. All I have really been doing since Hateblood is improvising on the spot and comming up with whatever I do. Also my friends projects like Valkynaz and S.O.D.D. always inspire me with their mastery! :D

21) If there was 1 thing you could do right now what would it be?

See some of my friends and play my electric machine in front of them while we eat a Pizza Rolls and drink Cranberry Qui Gons! :D

22) Thanks for your time brother! What do you have to say to your family, peers, fans, and fellow bands? :D

Thank you for the fun interview and for showing interest in me and my music! It really means a lot to me and is one of the things that keeps me going! And thank you very much of course to all of my close friends and few fans out there I've seen who get something out of what I do! :DDD Even to some of you haters out there who can't stand my music or whatever, thanks for at least showing some general interest in Azordon anyways.
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