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D: 1) First off I'd like to thank you for taking time out for this interview as you are currently on tour. This is my first interview, and my zine with my partner Josh. As I read you started your band in 1999, with a modern 4 track and recorded 3 tapes if I am correct, about a trilogy of moons and planets. What gave you the inspiration to start recording, and under this subject?
R: Thank you for taking the time to interview me Danny, I am now back from tour with one of my other bands Bridgebuilder and have time to write you back. Welcome to the world of journalism, I am honored to be your first interviewee! Zebulon Kosted was not my first band, actually it was my fourth, but working with other people at that time was very difficult for me because of all the compromise involved, so I decided to start my own individual project. I have always enjoyed studying astronomy, specifically I have always been interested in the planets and moons of our solar system. Science is just starting to penetrate the mysteries of our corner of the universe, and I see it as a very exciting time to be observing these new discoveries.
D: 2)Where did your band name come from exactly, and why start a one man band in the beginning?
R: As I always state in interviews the true meaning of the name Zebulon Kosted is known only to the true initiates, sorry brother.
D: 3) I read you're on tour, how is the touring life going for you?
R: I just finished tour with my third different band, Bridgebuilder, a Dark Post Punk Doom band, and it went more smoothly than my tour with the Crusty Punk band Submit and slightly better even than the Zebulon Kosted tour last year. Touring life is difficult but rewarding. Meeting new people, playing in new venues, and seeing new bands is amazing. Getting 3 hours of sleep a night, eating Ramen and driving for 12 hours at a time is not as much fun. You rarely remember the harder parts of tour once you're back home though, all that remains is the glory of having taken the next step to becoming a professional musician.
D: 4) Can you tell me what your latest album is about, and what inspired you to make it?
R: BETWEEN THIS WORLD AND THE NEXT is a concept album about traveling through the 11 theoretical dimensions, some of which we live in, and others that are not yet known to us. I had been doing research into string theory, M theory and different planes of existence when I decided to incorporate all of these different ideas into a story involving someone traveling through and beyond regular physical existence, or giving in to the black featureless void if you prefer to call it that. This is such an abstract concept that I felt very comfortable being creative with the lyrics and music for the album, as well as the oil painting which I created to serve as the album cover. BTWATN is now available from Fall of Eden Records in Scotland!

D: 5) I listen to your music and feel a raw/powerful presence of the “Black Metal” genre in it. What BM bands influenced you growing up?

R: It is quite common for me to hear or read this reaction to my music, but I want to make it clear that I do not consider Zebulon Kosted a Black Metal band. I do keep in close contact with many Black Metal bands, and listen to many bands from this genre on a regular basis, but I am in the process of inventing a new genre, as pompous as that may sound it is truly my intention. The first Black Metal band I ever listened to was Emperor, back in '97, when this kind of music wasn't nearly as popular as it is today. I actually started listening to the early bands like Bathory, Celtic Frost and Venom much later, so initially I was much more inspired by the second wave Norwegian bands like early Ulver, Enslaved, Immortal, Darkthrone and Satyricon. Black Metal is a very important influence on my music still to this day.
D: 6) What is your view on your life in the year 2010, and what makes you evolve with your music as each day passes by…
R: The world is falling apart, in the next 15 or 20 years we could be in very serious trouble, and it seems as though the small amount of change we see happening to act as a stop gap is not nearly enough. Military spending is ruining economies around the world, the air we breathe and the water we drink are getting more polluted every day, we are exhausting our natural resources and new and more sophisticated crime is making people fear to leave their homes. I am fortunate to live in a place like Montana that does not feel the full effect of all of these different issues, and the many other problems that plague most of the world, yet I do study what is going on in other countries and continents and am quite troubled by recent developments. All of this information adds to the anger and sadness that is present in my music. Zebulon Kosted is a conduit to combat all of the injustice I am witness to, either directly or indirectly, and points out my unwillingness to be part of the manipulation and destruction of the human race.

D: 7) What intrigues you about the cosmos? It seems to be an ongoing lyrical/musical concept, are you trying to contact another life form from another galaxy with your music?
R: I am attracted to the unknown. I enjoy writing poetry about, writing music about, and painting images that are somewhat abstract and mysterious, I find freedom in that. So little is known about what lies in the deep darkness of space, as well as the deep darkness of the worlds oceans. If humans were able to stop spending as much money on killing each other to one day soon send new missions to the stars, and new missions to the watery depths, we would find things that will shock us. These things may be beyond what we read about or watch in science fiction novels and films, it may be so far beyond our comprehension that we don't yet have words to describe it. I see it as my role as a musician, poet and painter to create new and intriguing art that spurs other artists imaginations into action involving these subjects.
D: 8) I love the song “Ginsbergs Grasp”, who is that talking!? And what is the story and/or concept behind that song?
R: Alan Ginsberg was active as a beat poet primarily in the 60's and 70's. The sample found on the song Ginsbergs Grasp is from a television interview he did in the late 60's where he shares a poem that he had written about nature. The meter, or rhythm, of the poetry just happened to fit well with an acoustic guitar song I had written, so I laid the former on top of the latter and had something that was very fresh and different compared to the more Metal oriented songs I was writing at that time. The song was released as part of the Alost (France) / Zebulon Kosted Split and for only the second time out of the 20 or so Splits Z.K. has done, it was offered as a free download for the fans. I still think even for as simple as it may be that it's one of the best songs I've ever written.
D: 9) What do you think of all the great bands coming up from the underground? Do you think these bands will take the world by storm, and rise above the so called “metal scene” as we see on tv, that seems to be taking over and becoming a ridiculous trend ?

R: My opinion is that many forms of music, not just metal, stay underground for a reason. Some of it may be too Avant Garde, some of it may be ahead of it's time, and some of it may just not be well thought out or performed. If you have no interest in catering to a larger market most likely your band will never become mainstream, but that doesn't mean you are treading new musical ground. Some bands are content copying the success of others, while others are so strange and disconnected from everyone and everything else that they will never fully be understood. The underground is full of all different kinds of characters and strange stories, most of which will only be known to a small number of people during a small window of success, few are able to stand the test of time. Cult is a word often used to describe

interesting and well composed underground music that for one reason or another doesn't reach mainstream consciousness. Many people try to find a way to be labeled as such without gaining substantial financial compensation or fame.
D: 10) What inspired you the quote, “He who knows he doesn’t know, knows…?
R: This quote comes from the Theosophist Joseph Campbell, and is a slightly different wording of a saying coined by Socrates. It simply means that the wise man understands that he knows very little. I used this quote on the reverse side of the first Zebulon Kosted T-Shirt that was produced, and regularly use it when I begin corresponding with someone new. I think it's helpful in keeping yourself grounded, and realizing that even someone who may be older still has a lot to learn about the world.
D: 11) How does it feel to be part of the “MOST UNHOLY CONVERGENCE” compilation to be released by Satanica Productions?
R: I am always excited to be part of a new compilations! Comps are a good way for new fans to find your music and share it with their friends who are interested in the same genres. Its also nice to be getting distribution in New Zealand, where Satanica is located, and hopefully this extends to Australia and Southern Asia as well from this release. They are are a quality label and I wish them continued success.
D: 12) When can I get a copy of 1 of your great albums, and will you be able to possibly play a show in New York where Transylvanian Forest is located?
R: I don't usually promo a lot of material out, but I can send you something soon if you'd like. I try to be very careful financially, and unfortunately that means not being able to send out free discs to all sides of the globe. I plan on being on the East Coast for tour in the next 2 years if everything works out properly. Hopefully I can play a show with your band S.O.D.D. while I'm out there!

D: 13) Last but not least, thanks again for your time, and supporting Transylvanian Forest E-zine, keep doing music that makes you complete and true. What do you have to say to all your fellow bands, peers, family, and fans?
R: Thank you once again for the interview, I had fun as usual Danny, I very much enjoy talking about myself as most people do hahaha!!! I will continue to make music that makes me happy, whatever form that takes. I encourage my band-mates, peers, family and fans to continue doing what they feel passionate about, even if that means being belittled by people who caved in to negative capitalist tendencies long ago, and no longer have time or energy to be creative. Free yourselves from the bonds of wage slavery......real eyes, realize, real lies......

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