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Welcome to Transylvanian Forest E-zine, how you guys doing?

X: Doin good thanks

O:Doing great, thanks for asking.

1)When did your band start and why?

X: the IDEA for Frozen Cadaver started back in either the winter of 07 or 08, i am a huge fan of Gorelord and him being a one man band really inspired me and made me want to do the same in getting a one man horror lyric driven band started. I then told O about the idea and before you know it it became a 2 man group.

2)How many albums has this band done?

X: so far we have only recorded the original "Frozen In Death" demo, which honestly i really only dig one song on the demo, and right now we're working on our "Welcome To The Chopping Mall" EP, which i think is the true start for the band, then somewhere down the road we plan on doing a full length titled "Frozen In Death: The Directors Cut", there are some other things in the works but i'll let O tell you those

O:We also have been jumping from drummer to drummer now, and we work by email. Its a long process I think, not being around each other, and just playing, but we are getting tracks done. We recently recruited the drummer Neil Schneider of Lake Of Anal Mucus/Dawn Of The Hero, and I have decided that Lucas Happensack of the band Abishua should be the perfect one to fill in to get our 2nd ep ready for release. He is very talented in technical death metal style of drumming, so is Neil, but unfortunately, his kit is put away till spring time because of this frozen weather. Also we plan to do a split cd, but we will reveal more about that if we get around to it.

3)How does the horror genre and death metal blend together in your music?

X: They're just made for each other i think. They go hand in hand. when you think of slasher and horror flicks you think of the deaths in them. When you think Death Metal, well what else can you think about haha

O:Its like they were just meant to be, were can you go wrong you know? Killing Is Our Business, and business I say is very good!

4)How did your band name come about?

X: Well it was cold as shit in winter so that helped prolly, but i dont know really, it just popped in my head and once i come up with a name i like i tend to roll with it

5)Who does what in the band and what other musicians have you been associated with?

X: For right now i do both Guitar work and Vocals, also on the 1st demo i put in the drums from the Garageband program on my comp

O:I do back up vocals, and plan to get on guitar for future recording once we get togther and do as much as I possibly can. Ill even learn bass if I have too.

6)What made you decide to do a Soulfly cover? and what does the song mean to you?

X: "No Hope = No Fear" is very special to me. It's a cover i've been wanting to do for years now. Max Cavalera is one of my inspirations and to me "No Hope = No Fear" is one of the definitive Soulfly songs

7)Is their any other future cover songs that could be coming up soon?

X: I don't know, there very well could be, especially during live shows, whenever we get around to doing them haha but as of right now i cant think of any to do

O:Same here, but we will make sure each one is just as good as the last one.

8)What bands influence  you the most?

X: my biggest influences, specially for Frozen Cadaver, has to be Gorelord (aka Frediablo) and Max Cavalera, They've both inspired me so much in the music world, Also i have to say Mick Thomson of slipknot, Mick is the reason i ever picked up a guitar

O:I have to say in the realm of death metal, Bolt Thrower, Brutal Truth, Blood Duster (the 3 B's of death metal) and many other bands like Napalm Death, their is just so many....

9)How long has the 1st Ep been out for and what is it all about?
X: "Frozen In Death" was recorded in 08 i believe and was just put up on music players this year

10)What are your plans for the 2nd Ep now "Welcome To The Chopping Mall"?

X: My plans for "Welcome To The Chopping Mall" is to just show what exactly Frozen Cadaver is, i consider this to be the true 1st Frozen Cadaver EP, i want this EP to just destroy the last one, and i think it will do so

O:"Welcome To The Chopping Mall" I believe is going to turn out really well, and with X and I putting our efforts together their is no way we can lose. This 2nd Ep is going to be more focused, heavier, sludgier, more gruesome then the last, and thats a fact.

11)How is the fan reaction so far to your music?
X: so far i think the fan reaction is well, and so far the people that have heard the new cover are digging it. And i know O enjoys "Frozen In Death" haha
O:I enjoy the 1st ep, it definetely needs improvements, and has its moments I enjoy.  Especially the drumming hahaha! just kidding,  but we did our best with what we came up with in that short period of time recording it.  The Ugly, everybody loves that. A lot of people are up my ass asking me if its released so they can post it on their sites and shit, but I know I could have it released, but its up to X, and once the 2nd ep is done, maybe we can add it as a bonus disc for kicks & giggles. The fans love it too, and I think we will make way more fans after the 2nd ep is out for sure. Believe That!

12)What are your favorite horror movies?

X: "Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer" is one of my all time favorite horror films. Michael Rooker is so good in that movie and the first time you see it it's just so chilling. Also "The Prowler" & "Intruder" are two of my favorite slasher films, Def two of the last great slasher films of the 80's

O:Damn it, hahaha was going to say Henry, well I like that, Maniac is a favorite of mine now, and Phantasm, and I seen a lot of Clive Barker movies, and love anything Jack Nicholson, and Bruce Campbell. I am a definite horror movie guy, just X is up a couple of notches on the horror genre ladder then I am hahaha

13)Do you guys have any other side projects?

X: i think we always do, Just O's are more active than mine haha Aside from Cadaver i have IDEA'S for other projects, one im realy hoping to get started one day is "Visions Of Tranquility", its a more softer and tranquil type of music, all instrumental too. Also my solo Martyr-X stuff, you can check out that stuff at

O:Well I have 2 projects I am working on, and my band Strings Of Distorted Doom I have been doing since we started FC, so Im glad both our bands have lasted this long. Expect a break next year for Strings, but I will be back on it when I find stable members. All the while, me and X will be infecting the masses with FC's 2nd ep, and keep it grinding.

14)How long have you guys been making music for in general?

X: The 1st time i ever recorded something was in... 03 or 04? and my first real song was "No More Last Chances", it was the first song i ever recorded that had drums (from a drum machine), guitars and vocals, one friend had it a while ago, i dont know if she still does, i would def like to hear it again

O:Ive been in a few bands with our ex drummer of our former band 3 On A Meathook, from power metal band Rival (long story), to thrash, and then it became sour between me and him. A few days stunt in a band with a bunch of stupid kids who wanted nothing more then sit around and play Ps2 all day, so my 1st REAL, and exciting band was not until 3 On A Meathook as a main vocalist, but we dissolved in a month I think, and started Frozen Cadaver, and I started Strings Of Distorted Doom. When I started Strings and started to actually play guitar again, it was great. We did one demo for 3 on a meat hook, but the tape is destroyed. We did more with Frozen Cadaver and Strings Of Distorted Doom on my part then any band we been in so it just only going to get better. I started writing songs when I was 14 so that was always something I was good at. X is also a talented lyricist/song writer him self as well.

15)What are future plans after the 2nd ep?

X: Just to keep the sickness going i guess haha just to keep getting our name out there and hopefully making some music that people want to hear

O:Thats for damn sure. Kill!!!

16)Where can people find your music, and where is it available?

X: we have all our songs as of right now on our ReverbNation page:

17)Does your band have plans for gigs soon?

X: I fucking wish haha If we could get gigs going right now i would die, unfortunately i dont think thats in the cards right now thanks to us not being to get together

O: I cant wait to do gigs either, and I think the word of our band will spread faster that way as well. Their are quite a few venues in our area but we plan to start small, work ourselves up, and then we should be ready to hit the bars, clubs, and bigger venues in our surrounding areas for sure. All we need now is to get closer to each other because of the distance, and a stable drummer. It should be loads of fun.

18)Why are you guys so freaking awesome??? ;)

X: Haha umm.... I dont know about "freaking awesome" but we just do what we do and follow what we think is where our music needs to be
O: we just are.... (smiles)
19)If their is one thing you would want to change in this world, positive or negative, what would it be?

X: Getting deep now huh? haha i would def have to see get rid of all the negativity, no more racists, no more rapists, no more homophobes, no more hating on people for no good reason, i cant stand that shit, just get rid of ALL the negative shit

O:Same on what X said, and also we need more job opportunities because its hard to be in a band with out the green, and a lot of people just need to wake up, and look past their own bull shit. Sick of wars, sick of scams, and corrupt governments, I just am sick of it all. We need to bring back the 60's hahahaha! just kidding. We need a lot of changes in this world....

20)I am glad to have interviewed your band, and what do you guys have to say to your families, friends, fans, and fellow bands out their before this interview is over?

O: Thanks for your time! :) Long Live Gore!

X: Thanks for the time, Long Live Gore!

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