Sunday, December 12, 2010


Latest Update with Transylvanian Forest E-zine is that the web zine will be featured in next issue of Autoeroticasphyxium Zine Issue 18#!!! This flyer was made by me, and will be in the issue to help the web zine grow, and get more exposure. The web zine is growing really fast thanks to the underground bands,  the underground supporters, and the underground fans. I am glad its going so well. Downloads at the moment from bands are getting a little overwhelming and I do prefer HARD copy, so if are able to send me a hard copy to my address, demo, full length, split, whatever, that will be on the TOP of my list to be reviewed and interviewed. Bands that can not send a hard copy, cd, tape, vinyl, whatever, then they are on the Downloads List and those reviews are done after the Hard Copy list. Your music is kept private, and only on my file saved. No other people online can get a hold of these albums through me once you mail me, or send me a link to download as I would NOT let your music be leaked out to those you believe that are not worthy of listening, or even if you think its not good because it may interfere with your cd sales on your current label. If you dont care that your music is being downloaded, send me a link, and I can make a flyer for you, if you want. I can put the link on the flyer, and there through my blog spot, bands, and fans can obtain your album through download by whatever place you uploaded it at, and the link you have given me. If you want ME to upload it, I can use mediafire, or sendspace. Your albums and music therefore is safe with me. I been ripped off before with my band, and I know how it feels. I also know how it feels to not get promotion from other zines just because of their elitist bull shit attitudes, and they rather review a band like Metallica or whatever that is big at the moment or some shit. Since I been given that treatment by many zines discriminating me, and my band, I decided to make my own e-zine with Necrowulf of Nordjn. He is busy with his personal life right now I believe so I havent heard from him since our start up of the zine, so I had to take over or the zine probably would not have launched back online as well as it has now. The point here therefore is, everybody gets a chance! as long as its something I enjoy, and is not mainstream, and it is in relation to "metal" or whatever. You will get reviewed, and also interviewed if you want by me. Also read the fine print at the bottom of my flyer I am about to add to this post, those are the style of bands I accept, and I also know more genres I accept as well! I just could not fit them all on the flyer. Spread the word of the e-zine to bands, and thanks for your support. I really appreciate it. -D -l-

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