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(Midgard is in the middle)
1)When did your band start, and who is part of Ouija now and how did your band name come about?
In 1994 from the ashes of LEVIAL (our old death metal band) we decided to form OUIJA because we needed another way to communicate our feelings and the different changes about the concept of our music in that moment…so OUIJA was born…currently we are working on new material and this same month will be released our new mini-cd.
2) What is part of the lyrical content mostly, and what is your latest album?
Now I write all the lyrics; with them I want to transmit darkness, hate, war against Christianity and everything established, but I don't try sending any specific message, everyone must get their own meaning about my thoughts…
About our new album entitled ‘Adversary’, it will be a preamble of our full length which will be available in the 2011.
3) What label are you on and how is the label treating you?
‘Adversary’ will be released under the Spanish record label Xtreem Music,the boss of this label is an old colleage, we signed with him in our first work ‘Riding into the funeral paths’ when he was the owner of Repulse Rec. So it was easy to take that decision; is the most important record label of extreme metal in Spain and they are a extremely professional with your bands.
4) How is the fan reaction to your music, and how are the gigs?
First of all, you'll find only true metal of death in our gigs, we enjoy with our new material a lot and also we want people to join us in our live concerts to get together a totally dark atmosphere and aggressive at the same time; all of us together, will open the gate of hell hehehe...
5) What caused the split up of the band, and why the reformation???
The cause of the disappearance of OUIJA, today is something without any importance now…the return of the band has been something natural when I listened the new songs of Map, I found a lot strength and darkness in them, for this reason, together again, we decided to return with a new project.
6) Name some bands you gigged with and what do you think of them?
With different Spanish and Europeans bands,but the essential for us is that they feel what the do, be honest and's the most important.

   (Latest album cover)
7) How does Ouija differ from Spellcraft?
OUIJA and SPELLCRAFT are different bands with different history too, each one follows its own way; but they are close bands at the same time, all of us are friends since our childhood.
8) What do you do in the band, and what do the other members do in the band?
At the moment I'm a responsible for all the lyrics,the main creator of the sound is our founder ans guitarist Map.Our inspiration comes from different sources...but always full on anti-christians hatred.
9) What is the album Riding Into the Funeral Paths all about?
It's our first album,was released in 1997 by Repulse Rec;nowadays we follow very proud of this work, it was recorded of a primitive form but very effective with the means that we had then.
10) I see their has been lineup changes since the past and how did you jump into this band as a member?
In 1994 this one was line-up Baret (bass),Dany (drums),Map (guitar),Ferriz (keyboards) y Midgard (vocal)… After a decade of silence, fusing our strengths once again Map the founder guitar and brain of the compositions of the band, with me vocalist of the original line-up Midgard. In this new stage, three members of Spellcraft ;Fulgur(drums), Aldromk (bass) and Murcilag (guitar) joined the band so the line-up is totally completed.

11) Name one of your favorite songs, and describe what the lyrics mean to you?

I have a lot of favourite songs in the metal music,I cannot choose just one song;would be unfair hahaha...

12) What made you want to start making this style of music in the first place and what other bands have you been in besides Ouija and Spellcraft?

I've only played in SPELLCRAFT and OUIJA. I have to admit without any problem; that I'm a great fan of the eighties classic metal,old thrash and death metal… I've grown with it, never renounce to your roots… later the black metal arrived to me and this style possessed me totally.

13) If their was one thing you could change, positive, or negative in this world, what would it be?

Difficult question. But I'm not their rescuer,only I can be their punishment.

14) Who would win in a CAGE fight? old Emperor or old Hellhammer? ;)

Old EMPEROR always.

15) What are your main influences?

I like the old school very much, bands as Slayer,Kreator,Sepultura(old),Morbid Angel,Sabbat(English band),Mayhem,Bathory,Rotting Christ,Entombed (old) and so on...their sound and attitude always will be in my heart,but nowadays there are also great bands...generally speaking Metal music is still in a continuous evolution that makes this style great and different from all the rest.

16) I enjoyed this interview very much, what do you have to say to your friends, fans, band mates and peers? and any last words my friend? :) cheers!!! -D -l-

Thanks so much Daniel for your interesting interview and support I hope to meet you in a concert in your country,it would be great;

Links from HELL!!!

The anticipated return of Spain's most legendary Black Metal band OUIJA is now embodied in form of a 4-song mini CD entitled "Adversary" which was recorded at Moontower Studios by Javi Bastard and later on mastered at famous swedish Unisound Studios by Dan Swanö, resulting on an astonishing recording which shows a more intense and dark side of OUIJA as well as keeping these awesome melodies and great song structures which will for sure please not only every long time fan of the band, but every lover of great quality Black Metal!!

Track list for "Adversary" is as follows:
01. Flagellate Me
02. Magma
03. The Blood Centurion
04. Yrasrevda

This new MCD, whose songs will remain exclusive, is planned for an immediate December 2010 release and will serve as a perfect appetizer for the band's upcoming 2nd full length album planned sometime in late 2011. You can already listen to a new track that the band has posted on their official MySpace at:

El esperadísimo retorno de OUIJA, la más legendaria banda española de Black Metal, está ya materializado en forma de un mini CD con 4 nuevos temas titulado "Adversary" y fue grabado en los Moontower Studios por Javi Bastard para luego ser masterizado en los famosos Unisound Studios de Suecia por Dan Swanö, resultando en una impresionante grabación que muestra una cara más intensa y oscura de OUIJA al mismo tiempo que mantienen ésas buenísimas melodías y grandes estructuras que sin duda gustará no sólo a los fans de toda la vida de la banda, sino a cualquier amante del Black Metal de alta calidad!!

La lista de temas de "Adversary" es el siguiente:
01. Flagellate Me
02. Magma
03. The Blood Centurion
04. Yrasrevda

Este nuevo mini CD, cuyos temas permanecerán exclusivos, está previsto para una inmediata edición en Diciembre de 2010 y servirá como un perfecto entrante para lo que será el 2º álbum completo de la banda a finales de 2011. De momento ya puedes escuchar un nuevo tema que la banda tiene disponible en su MySpace oficial:

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