Friday, December 10, 2010


The Stupar Project - Through My Eyes Review

The Stupar Project are a rowdy, obnoxious, and kick your all over the place till your lying their bleeding type of band. Claimed to be a Croatian Death Metal band online, but I also sense some hardcore, groove, traditional metal influences in the band as well mixed in with the death, but not to the point of complete annoyance as such deathcore bands that are killing the scene today. The album is called Through My Eyes and is a perfect title for such as it is reflected through the eyes of the master mind behind The Stupar Project, Slobodan Stupar on vokills, guitars, bass, and drum programming. This guy means business and is a new band that started in March of 2010. The vokills are as some claim annoying online, but I find them to suit well for this deadly outfit of a band, and the songs flow together perfectly with each track, and the quality sounds absolutely the best it could be. Friends of his also contributed to his videos on guitar and drums, but 99% of it is made by this Croatian nightmare of a front man himself. The sound is brutal, straight forward, and to the point. Fuck You starts off with a little wake up call to seasons greetings, which abruptly ends with the guy waking up, turning off or smashing the alarm clock saying Fuck You aloud. That was hilarious to say the least, and I feel the same way at this point about this holiday. For what he accomplished in such a little amount of time, and being in and out of bands with the main problems as most one man bands have, I could see this band of his to start to rise really fast. Main influences for this band range from Hatebreed, Pantera, and even Machine Head. The vocals also change up a bit from guttural to screaming on the track Judgement Day, and I suspect it could be a featured singer, or the front man him self but I am not so sure, and then a great guitar interlude follows in with the vocals to bring the whole song into balance. This is a 7 song album, and is a fairly good new album out now. The songs are mosh worthy, enough to even get some fists thrown and steel toe boots in the face flying. I suggest you check out more of The Stupar Project at the links below, and if you enjoy brutal hardcore, with pummeling death metal grooviness, I recommend you check this band out now. Good luck with the project my bro and continue to keep grinding.  -D 
1)Fuck You
4)I Wont Follow
5)The Dead Song
6)Judgement Day

LINKS :!/pages/the-Stupar-Project/109180632434431

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