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26z : iNURE: A Vision Of Endearment review (new)

I got some really dark stuff for you here people, Naive, from Hollywood, CA, a simple man, with many tastes and musical multitalented-ness has a album here of the likes of many industrial metal bands I heard of now, and in the past while growing up, but I have to say this album is pretty unique compared to the majority of industrial bands I know. In its variety, compositions, and its gloomy-ness. The album is beat after beat, effect after effect, and the sound ranges from all sorts of genres, sub-genres, its really hard to label as just being a "industrial metal" band. Very deep, and well thought out songs... idea... (excuse my randomness haha) with a more 80s Skinny Puppy randomization, crossed with early NIN darkness and Kmfdm like electronic sounds with Frontline Assembly vocal attributes, taking all their sound, dumping them in a blender, with Al Jourgensen of Ministry taking a bottle of Jack Daniels, pouring the whole bottle in, and then mixing it again, and pouring it into a very tall glass, with a shot of Absinthe after drinking, and you get this albums sound, flavor, and after taste... or that is what I just think... that must taste good... haha Well as much as I want to drink something while listening to this album, I listened to it sober, and the next time I get a bottle, or tall can, I will listen to it again(and again haha). The songs themselves, are all different in their own way, and each song has something new to offer. Heavy metal sound, extreme metal, hard rock, a little rap, or industrial/ebm/techno, just very wide variety here guys. Production and quality wise it sounds great, not even released yet! and every song has a sound that almost every type of music lover could get into. The darkness and misery that is in it, might not relate to most, but I feel each track as Im listening, while typing this, and I am just mentally sucked in. Music like this is not found out in the open, one must dwell deep in the recesses of the darkest parts of the internet to find it, and I have found it! Or was lead to it by the master mind of it all Naive. I read his life/personal stories online, in emails, back story, really about him, very impressive rep, and very cold and isolated past, he must have had. I feel for the guy, his music, and I think its fucking great what it is that he is doing for the underground. He also has many contacts with artists in the industry, but this does not stop him from helping underground bands, or people of unknown qualities out. He is a messenger from above, and from below, he is the man that wont leave you to die at war, he is the guy, that said, fuck you! to all the corrupted bull shit in this world, and wants to leave a lasting impression on the ones he respects and feels for most before this world is incapable, of having a "hero". He makes each song not too loud, or inaudible, or overwhelming long, he does it just right, and I think the listeners appreciate that as well. Many talents here as well from other bands, but if you read the info below, that should be it right there. The guy makes very original music, and I like it, I think its scary, powerful, bleak, honest, uplifting, soft, and enjoyable all at the same time. I recommend this album to people who can listen to something and keep a clear mind about it, or is open minded to music. Many diehards of only one type of music wont fall in love with this album, but if you like a little bit of everything, I think you will like it very much. The songs are available before it is out and officially released and that is great as well, but please support the artist by buying the albums! We cant survive with out you!!! Thanks for reading, and to sum up this review... These are not just songs, this is not just a album, or a trend, phase, or a one night thing, it is a part of all of us... mentally, physically, emotionally, in every simple, demented, harsh, and even secret part of us... in the images of what we see go on around us everyday in this cruel & empty world... there will always be... a vision of  endearment... -D 
Track List: Rust At Sea *Featuring Mourning For The Disease, The Consequence Of Truth (Breakdown) *Featuring Levon's Ghost LA, The Simplicity Of Perfection, Isolated (six:15AM), Translucent Rainbows, Zenith, Ingenious (The Great Pretender), Love Is, 15 (Confessions) *Featuring Throne Of Malediction, A New Obsession, (Pyx) Ideograph, ooo (Image Of The Triple Sun), Elusive, Confusion (116)
musicians :
Naive (quiet) on Vocal(s), Guitar(s), Bass/ Acoustic Bass, Piano, Synth, Drums/ Percussion, Programming/ Sequencing, Digital Drum Enhancement, Samples/ Noise. Appearances by Siris Phi (Organ, Bass, Guitar) on Rust At Sea, Z.phen (Guitar) and EzRA (Programming) on The Simplicity Of Perfection, Levon's Ghost LA (Vocal) and Siren (Vocal) on (Breakdown) and Throne Of Malediction (Guitar/ Vocal) on 15. All tracks Written by Velez/ Koeshall except Rust At Sea Written by Velez/ Koeshall/ Regele, The Simplicity Of Perfection Written by Velez/ Koeshall/ Olsen-Parker, (Breakdown) Written by Velez/ Koeshall/ Allen, 15 Written by Velez/ Koeshall/ E. Horner/ J. Horner and The Great Pretender Written by B. Ram, Revised by Velez/ Koeshall. Produced and Engineered by Naive (quiet) at 00665.This CD is expected to be released in 2010.
26z Biography
The Industrial band 26z re-emerges with a new full length release iNURE: A Vision Of Endearment, as well as talk of rescheduling the cancelled 2010 AGGRESSIVE (anti-METAL) performance dates. The CD will include a variety of new material previously unreleased by 26z. See the Discography Section for additional information. To promote the first full length 26z release, front man Naive (quiet) will be re-joined on onstage by former 26z live performers Siren (DJ, Samples/ Noise) and Siris Phi (Guitars, Bass) as well as a variety of Special Guests. Additional Tour dates and locations are posted in the Live Performance Section. Promotional Mp3's and Merchandise are available to promote both the 26z iNURE release and the AGGRESSIVE (anti-METAL) Tour.

(naive in middle)

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