Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ABISMO - Occasus A Lux Enimus Candelae review (Dracolord)

When I listen to this album, which I'll refer to as Occasus due to the title being very long (just like the songs), I am reminded of two bands: Mortiis and Devin Townsend. It's not too difficult to see why Occasus reminds me of Era I Mortiis, but you may be asking why would a a dark ambient album remind me of a Canadian metal musician. Well Devin Townsend actually has released two ambient albums, and his ambient release after the split up of Strapping Young Lad, The Hummer, reminds me a lot of this album. Both albums feature droning, trance-like ambient songs that have low volume mixes (compared to industry standards). For anyone who knows anything about me, it's needless to say that comparing you to one of my favorite musicians, Dev, is a high compliment.

Coming in at a staggering 78 minutes, Occasus is a wonderful listening experience that is made for those seeking enlightenment and solitude. The dark droning soundscapes that are presented on this album are perfect for meditation. I could easily see putting this album on and shutting out the rest of the world to quiet my mind.

The unfortunate thing about this kind of music is that it doesn't lend itself to general play. It really requires an optimal listening environment to enjoy. The focus on low frequencies means that this album can be easily drowned out by environmental factors. There's no way you could truly appreciate this album on a car ride (unless you were driving an electric car that doesn't generate fake engine noise), at a party, or at work. The only true way to enjoy it is to set up a room with a nice surround sound system and a single chair or daybed in the middle and just crank it up.

While this isn't a recent release from Abismo, it has definitely turned me on to the band in general. If you like dark ambiance or you just need new meditation music (that isn't new-agey), then check this album out.

Abismo can be found at myspace.com/abismoambient

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