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Welcome to Transylvanian Forest E-zine Mr. Selonath, how you been?

1) How long have you been making music for, and why did you start this band called Selonath?
Maybe for two years. I really wanted a metal band. I could find the best musicians here.. But always somebody suggest a better chance for them, they left me alone again.
So I decided I Will do everything all by myself! That is why Selonath is not really a band. It is my "name" that I use in my music world...

2) How many albums/demos/ep/splits have you done?
My first "Album" was "My Mysterious World". It was never released, I uploaded it to my site, but I don't know if there were anyone who listened to it.
My second work was Light in Might that you listened to.
I wrote one track (called "Spero") for a Hungarian underground magazine.

3)What label(s) are you associated or worked with?
Not Black Metal. But I think it is unequivocal.
Anyway I do not want to class my work anywhere... It is the critical's charge.

4)How does the recording process work for you?
Well, I did everything in Light in Might project. Now, I have many problems with guitar sounds, so maybe I will go with that to the studio to record in better quality.

5)What is the lyrical content of your songs mostly about, or about in general?
The Nature is the most important thing in my lyrics. Our world, science, rapture.
I want to see the rapture in everything, especially in music!

6)What are your main influences, and what inspires you to make music?
The good answer is the Nature. Our life depends on that. I think that... If we want to find the most interesting things (ancestry, energy, mystics, beauty), We have to search in the nature.
Obviously it is my opinion. Maybe for many people the "stupid woman in the bloody tub" is the most beautiful thing that he or she can see all of his or her life... and not the light in our mind.

7)How much longer do you think you will be making music for?

Well, If I have something to write down, I will.
The issue is another question. I don't know are there anyone, who really understand my words, and love them?
8)What instruments do you play? or machines do you use?
I use many instruments, piano, guitars, drums etc, but I can not assert that I can play any instruments very good.
Machines? I use a Mac. I do everything with it. If you think about music machine, I do not like the plastic instrument or computer sound. If I use a virtual instrument this is real recording, not a generated sound by a computer.
9)Have you collaborated with other artists before?
10)What is your album "Light In Might" about?
The Light in Might album is a really short story about my mind. People can love it, or hate it. If someone can not "see" the light in his or her brain, when listening to my works, well… Than it is so unnecessary to listen.
If someone can, those people can love my works, because they understand that I want to tell.
The life is not a theme park. Everybody knows that (naturally most of them don't want to know that). We have to see the rapture in our nature, not in other person. We have to see our future in OUR life, not in a other persons life..  We always have choice. Two ways, a right, and a left way. The choice is mine what I want to achieve in the future.
But… If someone else will tell, what the good, and bad things are, or will choose the appropriate way, than our personality will die. We will die. And many people choose that life, because it is really easy, and "happy" way...
The album of Light in Might shows you another way… That I choose, and maybe who listen to my works, will think about that, what I just told you, you will see, that there is more.. that someone can see around themselves...
11)If you can do something that could change this world, what would it be?
Nothing. Many faces live in our world.. and many will live. We can not change that process. Therefore some (very few) people will "hang out" from this mob. Naturally not those people who think that about them. I think this is another life, that is really hard to realize.
12)I hear a lot of orchestra-like music on the demo Light In Might, and choir vocalists, is that the main theme of Selonath, or music you personally like to listen too? many dark landscapes, and a ambient feel.
Yes, the main theme, world of Selonath is the Orchestral music. I don't know why, but I have to use sometimes the "metal" themes, to tell that, I want.
13)What is the underground scene like in your area and what do you think of it?
My scene is not the underground world, so unfortunately I can not answer to this question.

14)I do not know too many Hungarian based bands, would you like to name a few that you know of?
Like you, I do not know Hungarian bands. Obviously I heard some, but I don't know them.

15)How has the reaction been to your music?
Well.. People told me that, this is a good album with good songs, but I can not believe it!
The criticism (I think) is not 5 sentences, that the censorious "hear". Nobody writes about the background, the deeper mind, aspect of it all… nobody.
If somebody will write positive opinion, and a good delineation about that my work told him or her about.... Do you understand what I am trying to say?
(yes I do Mr. Selonath)

16)How do you think the new year will turn out for Selonath, and is their a new album in the making, or ready to come out?
In 2011 I will make a new album. Unfortunately I don't have much time, to work with that.
Even so, I have many themes, and some ready tracks.

17) I really enjoyed this interview Selonath, and I like to thank you for your time. Do you have any last words to the people who are reading this now,  your family, peers, friends, and fellow bands??? Take care! -D -l-
Thank you for your Interview. I hope people will understand my words. The music is a... thinking, a feeling, that depends on us, how to hang on...


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