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Valkynaz/Vinterblot split "Valkynblut" Review (old one off myspace)

Valkynaz/Vinterblot split "Valkynblut" Review
This monstrosity of split personalities of the same member/man under 2 different alias's S.Stormhammer & Surtr has created his own split album of songs from each of his bands Valkynaz & Vinterblot to create a raw, painful, & relentless split of pure & total hate... Valkynblut! This album is only for the strong minded souls that follow the likes of bands such as Moonblood, Azordon, Strings Of Distorted Doom, Ancestral, Hypothermia, and Ildjarn! and etc hehe this album is one of my favorites done by Storm so far! as is all is his great and inspiring music. It is the sound in which pushes the demons out within us, and forces us to create such amazing musical journeys of our own.
This album may seem like a good bye to Vinterblot, I hate it when good bands die off, but I doubt either of his bands will go out unheard or even stop as they are too hard to succumb as the demons, and powers that be of life just make it more thought provoking to continue another album from either band filled with rampage of alcohol consumed, and to feel the power you feel when you play music of such feeling, & heart other then technicality/progressiveness & other digitally polished crap. This is a feeling of hatred through my guitar & music I know and feel very well... and he is a master of this craft and knows this feeling very well obviously! This is only for black hearts who know the difference between the bullshit black metal, and know the true, honest roots of black metal resides in a band(s) of this caliber. F.O.A.D. DIMMU BURGER! There is a new sheriff in town his name is S.Stormhammer & he knows how to get his shit down to the core of black metal!
The songs of the Valkynaz part are chaotic, unrelenting, but not all the same, which tell me most of the hatred & pissed off side of S.Stormhammer comes out through these tracks such as Chaotic Forests Paths, Einsamkeit, but then the softer, mellower approach on the track Rainfall Over Tamriel comes in. It reminds me of days 2 summers ago, going outside of my last home, going down to the creek down the next couple of miles down the road, and sit there with my acoustic guitar in the woods by the creek, and just record what I can while my batteries on my stereo lasted while unplugged out in the open in natures beautiful landscapes. Rainfall Over Tamriel is one of my favorites for sure. It brings good feelings in me of days past....
Vinterblot can also be self destructive but also calmer and ambient like as well. Winters Contagion is a battle ready track with powerful riffing through out, and I Shall Return is a very deep track with a lot of the Surtr's heart & soul put into it with a clean vocal approach & echoing passages of mournful days that continue to stay in ones mind through out their life. It reminds me of family members that passed or friendships/relationships that fell to ruins, so I tend to gravitate to it when I hear it and think of my people I have lost or lost me. The Last Goodbye is a song that pushes the album to the brink of the end of total existence, and shows you what it sounds like when all is coming to a disastrous end, but knowing you will die in complete pride & honor!
I really enjoyed this split album & it has struck a chord in me in many ways. It will be cemented in my mind as a great listen, and worthy of a top rank in my list of favorite, and influential black metal bands for as long as I listen to great & inspiring music... which will be forever! :D Please check out S.Stormhammers music out at these links, and send him your hails! Bands like this deserve to be lifted upon shoulders up high! Thanks for the music brohammer! & stay true to the music & yourself no matter what obstacles lie ahead in this long road we call... life.
http://www.myspace.com/chaosaspect (personal myspace)
http://www.myspace.com/iamvinterblot (vinterblot myspace)
http://www.myspace.com/valkynazbm (valkynaz myspace)
http://sstormhammer.blogspot.com/ (stormhammers blog spot filled with awesome albums for download!)

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