Monday, January 24, 2011


Welcome to Transylvanian Forest E-zine, how are you doing today?
Hi, it's all good. Thanx...(Alen bottom/right, spiky hair)

1)what made you guys want to start this band, and why?
Some 7 years ago we were on a party under influence of alchohol and the idea of making a band just popped out. The founding members, Glax and Dac played some drunk covers of SOAD and Pennywise and we all have been attending hardcore, punk and metal gigs in our local club "Baraka". That brought us together.

2)what are your main influences in the realm of music?
I'd say it's the swedish school of death metal, especially bands from Gothenburg: At The Gates, early In Flames, Dark Tranquillity but also Amon Amarth, The Crown, The Black Dahlia Murder.
3)what bands have you gigged with? past or plan to gig with soon?
The most famous band we've shared the stage with is Behemoth. We've also played a gig in Slovenia with guys from Bleed from Within. In Croatia we mostly share the stage with E.N.D. and Sufosia.

4)what does your band name mean?
Our first drummer Kvrga was a World of Warcraft addict so he suggested the name Moltencore which is some kind of a quest in the game. I'm not sure. At that time we didn't care much about the name so we easily agreed.

5)If you had a choice of doing music in a live setting or strictly in the studio setting, which do you prefer, and which one do you thrive best in?
Live shows by far. Of course you have to enter the studio from time to time to record the songs but we don't prefer it too much! It's kind of stressful time for us!

6)How long has the band been around for and has their been any line up changes, and who plays what in the band now?
It all started in the early winter of 2004. First line up was: Kvrga on drums, Dac on bass, Glax and Mishel on guitars. Koshpa joined the band in 2005. as a lead vocal. Dac was replaced by Che and soon after that Kela joined the band. Also Kvrga was replaced by Brane. Current line up is:
Koshpa – vocals
Glax – guitars
Mishel – guitars
Alen – drums
Adi – bass

                                                                 (LATEST ALBUM)
7)How would you define your music if you had to catergorize it?
It's melodic death metal with some thrash (Slayer&Metallica!!!) influences.

8)What is your latest album about lyrically, and how was the recording process?
The lyrics are mostly personal but are also related to some social and enviromental issues.

9)Is their any fun stories while on the road or gigging you guys like to share?
There's always a funny story on every gig and it's mostly under the influence of, well you know, but we'll keep it to ourselves. ;)

10)How much longer do you think you will be making music for and what do you think of the metal underground of today?
We'll make music as long as it makes us happy and satisfied rehearsing, touring and playing live. The amount of free time will be the most important factor. There are many great underground bands here in Croatia. The technology available today makes it easier for an underground band to sound pro, so soundwise, the line between underground and pro bands is thinner than ever.

11)If you had to sum up 3 words to describe your band, what would those 3 words be? Hmmm?
Wine, beer, wine. :D

12)Do you guys think you will hit the states any time soon, and what is your future plans with your band Moltencore?
No, I think we won't become globaly famous anytime soon. :D Currently we're recording the new EP with 5 brand new songs. The plan is to finish the recording and mixing of the EP as soon as possible and play live as much as possible.

13)I appreciate the time to interview you guys, and being patient with me haha, Do you guys have any last words? shout outs? family, friends, wives, girlfriends, relatives, fans, fellow bands, any thing to say at all? Stay strong brothers! cheers! -D
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to present ourselves to the visitors of your webzine. Shouts?!

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