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PLAAG - UGH! review (new)

From the coldest and blackest realm of Flanders-Belgium, lies a serpent in the grass, a hellish demonic entity, a man with some good and many very bad intentions... he is Somber Von Plaag! This album is still being worked on so this is a review on what I think of the album so far. His band Plaag is a cross between old edge black metal, 80s worthy, catchy riffs, thrashyness at times, and true as fuck. Dont fuck with this guy, he will rip your freaking head off and drink the blood coming out of your neck in front of your own family hehe. The album is yet to be completely mastered, and ready to go, but overall these tracks sound pretty awesome on their own! Songs ov his own defining "blackhearted rock n roll", (or hellrock n roll) this guy really does deliver. Sombers Out has a catchy groovyness to it, but many extreme black metal elements, and flavor are found in this track. The song My Satan is a representation, of what you on your own believe to be "satan' in so many words. It gives the listeners time to think about these concepts, relate, and which I think are great in his songs.

Not a lot of black metal bands of today delve in the world of imagery/lyrics or anything close to what the old school black metallers have done, but Somber pulls it off in his own blackhearted rock n roll sound really well. Lovers of old Darkthrone, early Bathory, early Mayhem, and even a lot of the new elements of Darkthrone can be found in this piece of musical art. Which is not a bad thing, because guitar solos are incorporated, and the sound is not overwhelming, it just has a flow, and that is what I enjoy about this album. Feel is really important in this style of music, and is also a
anomaly all in its own wickedness. The titles themselves are pretty decent, Silently Beaten To Death, very original, and so is the track. The albums titles such as Steelteethed, and more, the songs just have a real sound, it is what I like the most about the songs. The guitars are not too technical, and the drum patterns fit perfectly in with the music. Real drums too! It is so common to here many BM bands resort to drum machines, or do it purposely, but this band, I dont think so!

The track entitled Christmas Time (The Birth Of A Retarted Child) well lets just sit down and read the title over again hahaha its obvious what it is about, but dont let the title throw you off! More cold and shredding riffs are found. The album does not even come off entirely as punk either, just straight up metal riffs, but very black metal in all its simplicity. I Hear You Weep, has a strong opening of riffs, and double bass with some well played guitar orchestration. The songs length is also short (at the most 5 mins) so dont expect a 10 min epic, just plain good old fashioned black hearted rock n roll. Vaderland, the last track is a instrumental, and strikes a nerve in me. I played it probably 3 times already. Great track. So if any of you non-believers want to hear this album almost completely finished, and unmastered, its here online, go here... Daniel Vrangsinn ov the almighty Carpathian Forest is mastering the album for Somber which is a real honor I say. You must be pretty well respected to get those props and support. To sum up this review, check this guys music out, and support the underground! UGH!!! -D

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PLAAG is a one-man band from Flanders - Belgium consisting of one member: Somber.

Plaag plays hellrock'nroll... nasty, mean rock 'n roll with a Black Metal dressing on top.

However at times not to be taken too seriously.

Some songs are meant to provoke, some just for the love of blackhearted rock n' roll and others just to vent hatred towards ignorance, numbness and plain human stupidity.

Nature is the highest power and nature truly has a more important place in my heart than mankind.


 "SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND for under ground is where the true artists roam"

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