Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Moltencore is the 2nd band I reviewed that are from Croatia, and these guys are melodic death metal outfit with no remorse. The band's name is taken from PC RPG game "World Of Warcraft" if you didnt know hehe. The songs influence from a range of bands of the more melodic genre style of music, if you dont know shit about what I am talking about then why should I mention them? Lets just throw the word Sweden out their... they also opened up for great bands as well, including Behemoth. The album Infinite Metamorphisis is filled with great riffs, breaks in between the songs, and vocals trading off from high pitch screams to some nasty guttural growls. Reminds me of a lot of bands in my own area, but they tend to have a style that is pretty unique all in its own. Many hardcore fans would appreciate the lethalness of Moltencore, and is amongst a large group of bands coming out that are part of this scene. Being underground, and residing in Croatia sets them apart from the bands that are out now I think. The song titles overall have great names, and the album radiates pain and misery in each track with its own twist and turn. No happy note here. Filled with anguish, filled with suffering, the song Hypocrisy is one of my favorites, and the title of the song is just cool just because the band Hypocrisy is. My Golden Cage, is another winner, and starts off with a pummeling scream to hammering down each nail in the coffin with each riff laided out. Lex Talionis is another favorite of mine. The band has many talents and this is a overall fairly good album for their first full length, with excellent quality, and production as well.  At The Gates is also a favorite here for sure. They have a pretty good following, and earn respect along the way for playing with many greats as well. It could be possible that this band eventually hits the states the way they are going. The album is download available, and many links and other updates can be found at their sites. Prepare for more devastation tracks and live shows from these guys. -D
Moltencore 2004 yılında Hırvatistan'da kurulmuş Medolik death metal grubudur.Parçaları genel itibarı ile isveç death metali izleri taşımaktadır.Arch enemy, Dark Tranquillity,crown gibi gruplardan etkilenmişlerdir.Grubun şu ana kadar yaptığı en büyük başarı 2008 europe metal camp'a katılmalarıdır.Grup Koshpa - Vokal Mishel - Gitar,Glax - Gitar ,Adi - Bass,Alen - Davul'dan oluşmaktadır.2007 yılında 3 parçalık bir demoları ve 2010 yılında çıkardıkları Infinite Metamorphosis adlı bır albumlerı vardır.Parçalarını grubun web sitesinden dinleyebilirsiniz.

2010 albümleri için;

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