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DROWNING INTERVIEW (old one off ov myspace)

1)When and how did your band start?

I started this band in August of '09 as a way to cope with everything going on in my life, as well as mental disorders.

I joined Drowning a bit later after hearing he needed a singer and for that moment i was still available for doing the job. Hellfroste had a look at my other work like Endless Sorrow and Means To An End and said he could use my help.

2)Hows communication since 1 member is in USA & 1 member in Belgium?

Communication is excellent, Surtur and I keep in contact almost every day.

I can only agree on what Hellfroste has to say about this.

3)Hows the recording process?

Recording is a bitch, takes several days to get one song perfected on my end.

From my part everything looks very easy, but i can asure you that it isnt like they always think.
For my vocal recordings i take the nessecary time to create what i want to have. I dont like to finish songs in a quick way because then it will sound like nothing anyway and because of that my (our) lyrics go so deep i take what it needs to express it in every way it has to be, to be felt whats going on really. For this every single track takes a couple of hours for creating a pure madness and intensity between the writers and listeners.

4)Into Nothingness took how long to record?

It took under a week to record the songs.

Hard to tell actually, every song had his own needed time.
So i cant really answer on this from my part.

5)What do you think of Black Metal, and what does it do to you or for you?

Black Metal is my home away from home, a dark sanctuary that brings peace to my weary mind. Though lately it has been straying from what it should be about, Satan. Black Metal has twisted and contorted its roots into many subgenres thus changing the lyrical diversity. However, many bands do this incorrectly and don't say a word of Satan. We're here to change that for Depressive Black Metal.

My thoughts about black metal have changed very much in the years i listen to it. I become more open minded for new things around this genre but will never forget where it all begon. In a small time of years black metal has created such a popularity (in good and bad way) that it became a wellknown genre in the metal world.
I listen to black metal since i was young boy (teenager around 12 - 13 years) and when i look back on the bands from those days and newdays, i have to say black metal isnt that anymore what it used to be (what is natural offcours). But from my view, i think to many people took place into this genre what gives a bad look upon the "scene". To much subgernes and kids without a own personality took their place into this music style. Its hatefull in someway, because it gives those who work hard for their music a bad name.
From my point, black metal used to be a way out for those who where (wanted to be) different. And now lately everyone just want to be "black metal", like its a popularity contest or something. It seems the old meaning of this genre/lifestyle has dissapeared and now "kids run the game".

6)How does it feel to be on Most Unholy Convergence? will you buy copy soon?

My penis quivers at the thought of being on the compilation, but I probably won't be purchasing the it.

I didnt actually know anything about it, but from what i heared. They asked us to be on their compilation album and we would recieve an free copy each. And then i heared we had to buy our own music, so actually i dont care about this compilation album.

7)Hows the label treat you?

The label has done us very well! We're are very proud to be a part of the Rigorism Productions Roster.

The communication between us and the label is excellent i must say. Rigorism productions answered all our questions and needs to release a perfect first album. I am very glad to work with this guy, he is proffesional and does what ever he can to release the band in a fair way.

8)What will the shirts look like?

You'll see when I have them.

9)Will you guys gig? or too hard because of distance?

I aim to keep this project strictly studio, unless we change our minds I don't see this happening.

I think that a live show will not be able to plan. Like you allready said, the distance is way to far for us to create such a thing. Thats why (like Hellfroste says) Drowning will just be a studio band.

10)How many sidebands do you guys have?

Well I've got no side projects. Everything I do is of high importance. Necropalis, Satanic/Ritualistic Black Metal is one (we're working on a split with Dodkvlt), Born Of Ashes, Blackened Funeral Doom Metal, is another. I'll also be starting a project with Skeg from Endless Sorrow, something along the lines of Black/Shoegaze, and another project with the singer of Born Of Ashes, which will find its roots in sleaze rock.

I have a number of bands under my name like,

Endless Sorrow who was founded by me and later joined by Skeg (Australia). (without him the band would probably still be death now - so i wanne thank him for his work in ES). We are now working on a full length that will be done somewhere next year. Also we have released an Demo "Hopeless" and soon available split "From Our Veins" with Final Thoughts (USA) and Lost Inside (USA) by Self Mutilation Services (Mexico). Their have been released shirts from a track on the split album by my own record label Immortal Frost productions (Australia).

Means To An End who was founded by Kold (USA) and me, has released an full length album "Weathered By Time" by pest productions and album shirts under Immortal Frost productions (Australia).

Also do i share another band with Kold called Wounds who will release its first ep "My Illness" by Self Mutilation Services (Mex).

Eratomania is my live band what use to be Endless Sorrow. This band is actually founded by me and joined by Galgrat who is an official member. In change like the other bands i am a part from here i do the vocals, lyrics, guitars and drums. We are now working on a demo "Mental Suffocation", a split with the band Optimism, and some songs for a future full length.

My band |||_-_||| (whats stands for an razorblade) was founded by Cultus out Chile (South america).
I joined this band a bit later because he needed a vocalist and lyricalist to finish the purpose of this band. We have now released a split "Alone, Forgotten, And With No Hope" with Howling pain (Chile) and Galgenveld (Bel) by Corkra productions (Germany).

Hammerstorm is a different kind of band againts the previous mentioned bands.
This band has more an atmospheric, ambient, pagan black metal sound. This band was original formed by Josh Young (Australia) who asked me to join him to continue the band in a very new direction wich i just described above. We are now working on new material for either an ep our full length.

As you maybe have noticed, i also own my own record label together with Josh Young (Australia) called Immortal Frost productions. This label takes allot of work aswell, but we try to do ever what we can for the bands under our signment. And we have a few releases out now and more to come as soon as possible.

I also hold my place in the band called deep-pression for the moment as Session Member.
To work with guys is a great pleasure and challenge for my vocals skills. Hailz To them aswell.

I aswell did some work for the bands called Fornicatus and Galgenveld as guest vocalist.

For contact or information about the band and labels:

personal myspace:






Rigorism productions

Immortal Frost productions

Self Mutilation Services

pest productions

Corkra productions

For any important questions about a band/label you can always contact 1 of these given links.

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