Tuesday, January 4, 2011

IRREVERANT SOUL Ep Review (old one off ov myspace)

I have not been listening to a lot of death metal bands lately, but this one fronted by Jessica Horner, and Eric Horner on drums is a death metal wake up call for sure! This band resides in Montana and also are members of the band Throne Of Malediction. The sound is raw death metal, barbaric, and cunning to say the least. The songs The Suffering, Moonlight & Death, and Dying Possession are one of my favorites on this ep. The sound is I would say described as a old Carcass feel, but with Jessica's vocals it also makes me think of Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy just a bit, but more guttural and less shrieking.

The ep can be found on my page to buy @ http://www.angelfire.com/band2/beltane/soddXA21.html
The rehearsal videos can also be found on Eric Horners youtube page, and I really enjoyed watching those as well. The band is a project I believe, and is a great project I have to say. I like to see a Throne/Irreverant Soul gig one of these days with a a lot of beers in my system to get the demon within me unleashed raging through the pit.... hey its still cool to mosh, especially to Irreverant Soul! FROM WHAT IS DEAD!!!
The sound of some tracks are also a little different with a more ambient like feel with Waltz Of The Macabre, but you always get that charge of pure death metal on every track to follow. They even cover there own Throne Of Malediction track Never Enough as the last song of the Ep. Songs to definetely get charged to are the first 4, and then the ambience of Waltz Of The Macabre comes in with the cover of Never Enough to conclude the Ep. Pick it up now if you have not yet! This a soon to be death metal classic! HORNS UP HIGH!!! -l-

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