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=^.^=ssunfuck=^.^= INTERVIEW/REVIEW (old one off of myspace)

Another masterpiece of noise and feedback that reaches galaxies beyond our own, and makes things go BWooooOOOOOooooMMMmmmmM in the night is Ssunfuck's latest Ep Can I Go Live? This is another example why Dracolord pushes the envelope, and makes music that cant be defined as no one else's but his own. The 1st track Am I Dying just kills my speakers and I am thinking the noise is coming from the wire attached to my stereo to my laptop but it is actually the music itself, amazing. The 2nd track of harsher noise is up on He Went To Jail with a steady beat, and slowly moving towards a very harsh and noisy illuminance of suffering and pain that you feel when you are locked up, mentally or physically in your own cell. Define Reality reminds me of the scene in Waynes World when Wayne sees the naked indian leading him to Jim Morrison and almost exactly sounds like that music in the background, it is a 59sec track but definetely worth hearing. It is labeled as noise but it has another meaning to it all in itself I think. Dancepad Revolution, what a awesome name, is a drone track, and starts off with a sample which I am pretty fond of in my own music. This track reminds me of aliens and ufo's for some reason. I would dance to it, but unfortunately I dont know how to dance, and I m not a fan of the game Dancepad Revolution but it is a clever name for a track for sure. Do You Feel Blame is a track that is like the 2nd track, more harsh noise, but is more EVP like and the sounds are just deafening and can hurt your ear at a high volume so I had to turn it down a bit. Very cunning, and sadistic Dracolord is to torture people with his own song. Everybody is Jealous, well, that could be true because this Ep is fucking great and so is Dracolord! but other then that the track is slower, and more gloomy then the rest. Its is labeled as synth drone. I love the songs sample, everytime I hear it I just have a smile, and I could imagine so did Dracolord. I cant make out the name but the rest of the sample of the guy saying "gets beat up the show, apparently everybody is jealous." Wow I wonder what that sample is from, I am not so sure, but I just read the liner notes and I think its from Brian Envo but Im still not so sure. Either way great sample though!
Here comes another Drone track on Merge Your Ovaries lol and funny title in itself but the song is not funny at all, its a very serious track, with Dracolord likes to call terrible sequencing, but I think this one came out pretty well. More samples on this tune as well, very funny sample, "are you trying to Merge your Ovaries or something? I get it!" hahaha very clever and another sample I have no idea where it is from. Multidimensional Lattice keeps it up a notch, with a more noise feel I guess, but it sounds a bit industrial to me with the sounds with more hilarious samples, and if you try to understand the song, you will never have a girlfriend so I will continue! hahaha N3 001 is a more synth noise track as labeled (or at least Dracolord thinks) with a organ like sound, and more repitiveness but just enough to give the track a certain edge that I like. Feedback has got to be another favorite of mine, with the clicking in the beginning to the cosmic sounds coming in, it is very eerie and creepy in a way. That is just how I like it.
To add some more detail besides the songs themselves, this was originally planned to be a full length album. Michale Emerson was sampled quite a bit for this Ep(solves my sample question) and is mostly a noise oriented Ep then the last album I heard Murder Time With Friends. Ssunfuck has also done a cover of Burzum's Han Som Reiste, excellent cover in his own style. It will be a track featured on the "FORSVUNNET FILOSOFEM: A Tribute to Burzum." compilation. It is to be released by Suicidal Sovereignty Records sometime next month! Their is also other great artists on there as well such as Dark Metamorphisis, Ablaze Eternal, Melankolia and others. The album for Can I Go Live is also mainly influenced by the man that started one of the best pure noise bands ever, Merzbow. I suggest you look him up.
To sum up this review, it is the last review unfortunately for Ssunfuck, and I enjoyed this album very much. It has got to be one of Ssunfuck's best and my favorite so far out of all his releases. The album can be downloaded and you can send Dracolord a message about it to http://www.myspace.com/ssunfun but you should already know that by now. Till then, BwwwwoooOOOOOoooommmmm!!!!!!!!!!!! -D -l-

=^.^=ssunfuck=^.^=  INTERVIEW

1) Hello there Dracolord, how has things been, and welcome to TF ezine. So what spawned the birth of your band, SSUNFUCK?
Things have not been well. Thanks for asking though. As for what spawned the birth of my "band", it was mostly a desire to express myself creatively, and music was just a means to do that. Now if you want to be more specific, the reason I started Ssunfuck was because I thought it'd be funny to start a band that was as pretentious as Sunn O))) but without the acclaim that they receive.
2)What influences you to make the music you make, and why?
Well one influence is probably the nature of my existence. Some people have a real need to express themselves creatively, and I'm one of those people. As far as musical influences, I really draw inspiration from musicians like Devin Townsend, Claudio Sanchez, Owen Pallett, Patrick Wolf, and Frank Zappa. Those guys really do things I like as far as songwriting goes. Count Draclecarde (from Dark Metamorphosis) is an influence on me as well. That guy just doesn't stop churning out good music. I kind of feel bad for not naming any female musicians, so I'll go ahead and name off the lady members of the Dupree family, the singer/bassist from Deerhoof, Kaki King, and Nico as other musicians who have influenced me.
3)I enjoy your sound very much, there is a few I can compare your music to, but its hard to do that as most of your sound stands on your own. Are you satisfied with the originallity of your band? because I think its pretty original.
Thank you for saying I'm original. I'd call myself unrefined instead, but that is my own personal opinion. I'm not really satisfied with my sound due to the fact that I see it as unrefined. I'm probably just holding myself up to higher standards than I can't meet. I have a tendency to do that.
4)How many albums have you done?
As Ssunfuck, I've done one compilation album, a few EPs, and one demo.
5)Do you plan to release under a major label, or hit it big on a tour with Metallica? ;) (its a joke question)
I don't plan to release under a major label because no major label would have me at this point or any point I can picture myself in the future. As far as hitting it big on tour, I'd never want to go on tour with Metallica in their current form, and they wouldn't let me tour with them because I'd try something like this.
6) What gives you the ideas, and helps you make the music you create

My ideas stem from dumb musical scenarios. For example, a lot of Delusions of Pagan Ancestory was just manipulated recordings of me hitting metallic objects together. I took a pair of oven racks and clanked them together for one song. I don't really have any help with the music I create. If anything helps me, it is a combination of boredom and guilt associated with a lack of productivity.
7)What instruments do you use, and what do you enjoy doing most musically?
I mostly make use of a second hand guitar. I have a keyboard that I've been learning to play, but I don't care for it's limitations. I really, really enjoy playing the piano, but unfortunately I have limited access to that instrument.
8)How is the writing process go for you lyrically? is it natural or takes time to do?
I don't really write lyrics because they tend to conflict with existing melodies I try to craft, and that is why I rarely use them. All the lyrics I actually make use of are improvised on the spot (which is why they're not that great). That is one part of songwriting I really need to work on.
9)What do you think of bands you associate with, and what do they think of your music?
I'm enjoy most of the music from most of the bands I associate with. I'm not sure what they think of my music.
10) How has the reaction been to your latest ep "Can I Go Live" ?
The reaction I've gotten from it has been "oh I'll check it out." So far two people I know of have downloaded it, and I don't know what they thought of it.
11)What styles of music do you enjoy listening to most?
Progressive rock, metal, avant-garde music, anything noisy, indie pop, and experimental music in general are styles I enjoy. I also like listening to concept albums. Joe's Garage blows my mind every time I listen to it.
12)Have you worked with musicians in the past?
When a friend of mine and I were learning to play the guitar, I tried to form band with him, but it never worked out. It probably had something to do with my laziness, a lack of skill and recording knowledge, and the fact that we approached songwriting and guitar playing in completely different ways. Other than that, Dark Theory took an ambient track I made and didn't care for and wrote a song on top of it. I don't know what motivated them to do it, but I enjoyed getting to name the song.
13)If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it??? ;)
$100,000 of it would go to personal development, about $100,000 more would go to learning the art of recording and sound engineering, $300,000 would go to living expenses for 5-10 years, and the rest would go to an attempt to make a movie.
14)Do you have any hobbies or things you do outside of the music realm???
I watch television, movies, and videos on the internet. I do some reading. I try to write short stories occasionally. Sometimes I draw. I do a little bit of everything.
15)I really enjoyed this interview, and I wish you great luck in all your endevours. I also cant thank you enough for the laptop because if I did not have it, I dont think we would be doing this interview lol so what do you have to say to all your friends, family, peers, and fans???

Thank you for letting me buy an interview in exchange for the aforementioned goods. To my one friend who knows about this band, I say, "thanks for making use of some of my dumb ideas." To my family who knows nothing about this, I say, "I'll be glad of the day you're out of my life." To my peers, I say, "stop being better than me." To my fans, I say, "do you really exist?"


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