Monday, January 24, 2011


This is the first time I have ever written an update as such onto a facebook page. Six months there is no way you would have found me even considering using facebook for anything, let alone Satanica.

Well, things certainly change don't they? And, unfortunately so has Myspace - to the point where it has become unworkable for us to use now. The last straw came this morning when I could not even open the "customize" option on myspace to add a new release to our profile there. Despite now being on a superior internet connexion than what we had at the old HQ, albeit running on a slightly older PC.

Therefore I had the choice ov trying to get a computer that would run myspace or get a social networking site that would run on this computer. Guess what I chose? heh

I instructed Baphgirl to establish us a presence here on facebook & we will be moving the business we did on myspace over here in the immediate future.

It is probably a wise idea as from what we have learned on the web, myspace is in deep shit & may indeed disappear compleatly in a relatively short period ov time. Yes, the rats are already leaving the ship!

The idea is to replace showcasing the upcoming & recent releases on myspace with doing it here. However if that does not prove to be practicable we will simply put them up on

It is nice to be able to type into a site that doesn't hang up for several minutes after as little as 30 seconds..! ;)



PS: We will not be deleting the myspace profile as such, we will just be directing all business away from it. Which we have already been doing for quite a while. The best way to contact Satanica is through email:
SATANICA IST KRIEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -D

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