Sunday, January 23, 2011

CLAYMORE - Prolonged Active Antagonism REVIEW

Bone crushing and unrelenting symphonic metal to my ears! This album is the last full length offering from the warriors of claymore!!! This album has been out since 2008, and the songs radiate mysterious knowledge, only to those that listen closely! The music sometimes gets thrown around, place to place, in a weird sort of symphonic, but black metal edgy-ness to it. The album is filled with 10 mystical tracks belted out from these guys that are from the metal underground of Bulgaria.

The music is a cross of many lyrical themes involving fantasy, dreams, war, warriors,  times good, and bad. Their is no lie in their music, and it stands on its own well, with its own defining sound. Songs from centuries of chaos, warriors ready, and built to kill. It is the ultimate album to go to war with! Also it is fun listening to while playing World Of Warcraft, or playing Mortal Kombat III ! This band has had a few demos in the past, but this is their most solid, and strongest sounding album yet. New tracks are also on the way, and these songs for this album Prolonged Active Antagonism can be found on their reverbnation for free download. This band has been involved with bigger acts as well in the underground scene while gigging, with bands such as Napalm Death among other greats. Very metal, and very persistent this band is. I could imagine seeing this band hit the states soon! This would be great if more bands from other countries from the underground such as this came overseas, this would really raise awareness to the metal scene of what great bands like this are out now doing their thing, and doing what they want to do, and that is, kick ass!

The songs are progressive, fast, not too exhaustive, pretty effective nonetheless and each track offers something new I think. If Dream Theater went 1000 times faster, and had more blackened vocals, you get Claymore. This band is on a role now recording new tracks for their next release, and have merch out now for you to buy, shirts, and more. This album I say is recommended to fans of Children Of Bodom, Dream Theater,  Dream Evil, Dark Tranquility, Evergrey, and Symphony X. I suggest you check this band out, and keep the underground alive! Very dynamic, and elusive indeed! This band is on the road to glory, warriors of claymore, stand strong!!! -D (main site)

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