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Interview with Necrosadik (old one off of myspace)

Necrosadik Interview with NECROSADIK...
Necrosadik Interview
1)Hails! how are things going Mr.Necrosadik??? and what have you been
up to?
Hails! Everything is perfect. Necrosadik is prepared to launch his fourth and fifth album, and for January a box set, including the first, second, third & fourth album, plus a new EP.
2)How did you start Necrosadik, and why?
Necrosadik was born at the year of 2008. I already have the idea of this project some years before, but when my father died at 2007 I begin to consolidate the future for Necrosadik, then at 2008 my grandmother get sick, so that push me over to create Necrosadik; Necrosadik is the pure hate and despise for life.
3)How many albums do you have?
At the time (October, 19th 2010), I have:
5 albums:
-Destroying Your Life!!! (2008)
· Released by Tapes From The Woods (ITALY) – Tape. (limited to 40 handnumbered copies).
· Released by Ziekte-NL (NETHERLANDS) – CDr.
· Released by Black Pyramid Records (UNITED KINGDOM) – CDr. (limited to 50 handnumbered copies).
· Soon by Runenstein Records (GERMANY) – CDr. (at boxset 2011). (limited to 33 handnumbered copies).
-The Portrait Of My Sorrow (2008)
· Released by Tapes From The Woods (ITALY) – Tape. (limited to 40 handnumbered copies).
· Released by Ziekte-NL (NETHERLANDS) – CDr.
· Soon by Runenstein Records (GERMANY) – CDr. (at boxset 2011). (limited to 33 handnumbered copies).
-The Pain Between Birth & Death (2009)
· Released by Ugly Cunt Records (POLAND) – CDr. (limited to 40 handnumbered copies).
· Soon by Runenstein Records (GERMANY) – Tape. (at boxset 2011). (limited to 33 handnumbered copies).
-Katharsis (2010)
· Soon by Svartgalgh Records (NETHERLANDS) – CDr.
· Soon by Runenstein Records (GERMANY) – CDr & Tape. (at boxset 2011). (limited to 33 handnumbered copies).
-Speak In Silence (A Self-Destructive Introspection) (2010)
· Unreleased, looking for label.
6 Splits:
-“Memento Mori”, split with Terra Australis (AUSTRALIA) (2009)
· Released by The Black 666 Productions (REPUBLIC OF KOREA) – Tape. (limited to 40 handnumbered copies).
-“United Hatred Against Life”, split with HateHordes (SPAIN) & Morbus (POLAND) (2009)
· Released by Ugly Cunt Records (POLAND) – CDr. (limited to 50 handnumbered copies).
-“Walking Down Through The Path Of Desolation”, split with Balpehor (COSTA RICA) & Zwarte Vlam (COSTA RICA) (2009)
· Released by Serpent God Records (COSTA RICA) – Tape. (limited to 100 handnumbered copies).
-“Suicide Sessions”, split with Torture Trap (UNITED STATES) (2009)
· Released by This Winter Will Last Forever (ITALY) – CDr. (limited to 30 handnumbered copies).
-“Through The Halls Of Our Infinital Sickness”, split/collaboration with Manica (NETHERLANDS) (2010)
· Released by Ziekte-NL (NETHERLANDS) – CDr.
-“Hanging Illusions In A Cold World”, split with Lykauges (GREECE) (2010)
· Released by Victory By Fire Records (NETHERLANDS) – CDr. (limited to 33 handnumbered copies).
2 Compilations:
-“21 Years of Self-Destruction And Mass Murder”, best of/compilation (2009)
· Released by Depressive Illusions Records (UKRAINE) – Tape. (limited to 111 handnumbered copies).
-“To Choose To Live Is The Most Painful Way To Die”, best of/rarities (2010)
· Soon by Nihilistic Terror Productions (SERBIA) – CDr. (limited to 45 handnumbered copies).
4)What inspires you to make music? is it hard to start or does it come
Well, the simple part for me are the lyrics, it is quite easy for me, I can be driving or in class or in any part of my day and if one idea comes to my head I try to write it as soon as I can, that’s the reason I always have a pen and a sheet of paper.
My inspiration has different roots, it could be life itself, inner struggles, or simply the past in my life.
My fiancée has been my inspiration in two songs.
5)If there was something you could do for mankind, what would it be?
positive or negative?
Positive: eliminate all human kind, clean this world and burn everything to ashes. Negative: Still alive.
6)If you became a leader or president of a country, what law would you
pass first???
By the political ideology that I have and support, that it is extreme right, first of all, I will not be a leader or president, I will be a dictator, a tyrant and my will is law. So I will approve all the laws that rest freedom to the society.
7)I enjoy your desolate landscapes in your music, how does the
recording process should go when you are making the music?
First, thank you for the kind words. The process during the recording consists in record each instrument singularly, so then I mix them and master them. I record each track of Necrosadik into the four cold walls of my room, so all the atmosphere and ambience comes from the essence of my place.
8)What makes you get up everyday. and live each day in this world? Does
some thing or some one in your life push you to strive to be the best
person you can be???
Well, at the beginning, when Necrosadik was created, I live for the hate I feel, the necessity of being the sickness in life. Then, at the middle of 2009 I met the most important and special person I could imagine, my fiancée, Laura Del Razo Becerra, after that day, she became the reason to be alive, the reason wake up every day and say “Life, you will not defeat me, I will defeat you!”. She is everything to me.
9)What labels and muscians have you asociated with???
Ok, this is a big list, but here we go…
The Labels that supports Necrosadik are (from the older to the newer):
· Tapes From The Woods (ITALY)
· Ugly Cunt Records (POLAND)
· This Winter Will Last Forever (ITALY)
· Black Pyramid Records (UNITED KINGDOM)
· The Black 666 Productions (REPUBLIC OF KOREA)
· Serpent God Records (COSTA RICA)
· Depressive Illusions Records (UKRAINE)
· Evil Tapes Records (MALAYSIA)
· Victory By Fire Records (NETHERLANDS)
· Satanica Productions (NEW ZEALAND)
· Nihilistic Terror Productions (SERBIA)
· Black Ambient Records (UNITED STATES)
· Meaningless Haze Recordings (UNITED KINGDOM)
· Black Sign Productions (MALAYSIA)
· GraveLord Productions (UNITED KINGDOM)
· Okkult Darkness Records (BOSNIA AND HERZEGOWINA)
· Stockpicker Records (UNITED STATES)
· Svartgalgh Records (NETHERLANDS)
· Runenstein Records (GERMANY)
Then the musicians associated with Necrosadik:
· Baal – Electric Guitars (Session Musician for the third album “The Pain Between Birth & Death” (2009) and many splits).
· Dark Flames – Acoustic Guitars (Session Musician for the third album “The Pain Between Birth & Death” (2009)).
· Gustav – Violin (Session Musician for the third album “The Pain Between Birth & Death” (2009)).
10)How is the scene in mexico been for black metal? and is it something
you feel a part of?
Well I am not part of the black metal scene of Mexico, I prefer to go by my own, without getting close to all the rest of the society.
The black metal scene in Mexico is growing, many bands of Raw and Depressive Black Metal has been appeared and everything is becoming strong.
11)How is the fan reaction to your music, and what do you want to give
out as a message to your listeners???
Well the fan reaction is totally different, some of them hate and despise Necrosadik telling that this is no music, but I answer that Necrosadik is not for weak people. Necrosadik is for the free minds, the torture ones.
Some fans likes the music of Necrosadik, they feel identified by the pain and desolation in each scream and in each note.
To my listeners, I just can say, that feel free to sharp their blades because Necrosadik is here to dry off their veins.
12)I enjoy your latest album KATHARISIS, what is it all about to you???
Well “Katharsis”, is the most personal album of Necrosadik, because in this album I explored each step in my personal evolution, here I discovered how much I changed since the creation of Necrosadik at 2008 and now 2 years later I am still here, facing life, facing death, facing pain and more strong than ever!
13)Do you plan to gig?
Well I have been invited to participate in two festivals here in Mexico, but I am not interested. I also have offers to play at the Netherlands, Brazil, the United States and recently at Sri Lanka.
It is hard to me, because I am engaged and I am studying the career of Laws, so if I tour here or outside Mexico it will take time and it will broke some plans I have with my fiancée and our future life. But everything can happen, so maybe, maybe I can accept one offer.
14)What do you think of the metal scene of today?
The metal scene today in general is a shit. Because many bands argue to be metal bands and they are only copies of the old metal bands, so they don’t explore new ideas or sounds. In other things, the metal scene has been invaded by many people that I consider like human scum, because they follow the image, not the ideology.
15)What do you think of the metal underground???
Metal underground it’s totally different, because they make music for the pure idea of express their ideas and feelings, they don’t look for big deals or for being popular. They look for purity and pride.
16)What instruments do you use?
I use electric guitars, violin and organs. I make all the vocals, I write all the lyrics and all the atmosphere comes from my essence.
17)Any side projects?
Yes, I have one side project with my friend Danny from S.O.D.D., it is called “Close To Perfection”, we play Acoustic Black Metal, and we have recorded our first EP that soon will be released by SATANICA PRODUCTIONS.
18)What do you have to say to conclude this interview? I really enjoyed
this interview my brother and thanks for your time. What do you want to
say to all your friends, family, fellow bands, and people that support
your music and you personally???
Well first of all I want to say thank you to Danny & Transylvainian Forest for this opportunity and for their support, then I want to say to all my listeners that go and kill yourselves, they don’t deserve anything!!!
To my friends, that are a few, thanks for the support, to my family nothing, to the fellow bands that keep alive the flame of hatred and pain, to the people that support my music to buy more blades and mark their skins, to me that is hard to live each day side by side, and to my fiancée that I thank all the support she gave me and for all the good moments across these 10 months.


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