Sunday, January 23, 2011


TRANSYLVANIAN FOREST E-ZINE has a NEW partner now for the e-zine! Dave, aka Dracolord of ex-ssunfuck and 1st member I worked with for my most recent side project Grim Funeral Techno. He has stepped up, and wants to do reviews for the e-zine, and this is going to make the download-able reviews get done one by one with me and him working together to improve the e-zine. Sorry if your album is not reviewed yet, I have much work to do, and Dracolord and I will be working together to getting them done. Thanks for reading. -D -l-
P.S. the new logo will be coming soon from the lord of logos Christophe and I will have some modeling work/promo shoots done for the e-zine with the lovely Leah Succuba!  :)(IF any more women want to join in too, let me know!!! WE could make a awesome collage pic for the e-zine together!!!)SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND!!!! (p.s. NO competition ladies, this is for fun, and for the e-zine, please join in, and support!!!)

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