Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Zushakon - World Ablaze Chaosophist (old review off of myspace)

This has got to be the heaviest band that has come from Signapore or I heard so far, ZUSHAKON, is no joke at all my friends. The Black/Death metal pummeling you get is hammering, and the production wise is pretty decent of a band that I believe that just started out releasing their 1st full length album. They are looking for a label at the moment and anyone who gets this bands cd released will be mighty happy that these guys joined up. ODHINN is pretty versatile as a vocailst as well and each track flows nicely with each moan of agony, and scream he spews out into your face, all the while D.S.V. handles all the instruments in the recording process which is very multi talented and impressive of him as well. Zushakon Is Pure Fucking Black Metal! they say, but their is definetely a death metal element to them as well. I got a copy of the DIE HARD EDITION which has the purple logo on the cover and that edition was limited to 55 copies and I am glad to have a DIE HARD copy in my extensive collection of metal cds!
Also info on getting a copy before I forget, Please contact ODHINN for your copy at www.wolvesovodhinn@live.com

The albums songs of misanthropic, dangerous, fast, and epic in many ways. With a Mayhem/Bathory/Celtic Frost/Nightrage/Darkthrone like feel, you can tell right away who influenced these guys. The name Zushakon is original, and I like to know what it means eventually. I really enjoyed the fact that they have that hateful feel opposed to the new black metal falling into higher quality polishness, even though it is a good quality album, they stick to there bloody roots. Singawhore Revisted is a name of one of their songs, and I think that it represents their hate for there country, and I would not like to live there either, I mean I do not know all the regulations and rules their but a hate to be beaten with a cane just because I put out a cigarrette in the wrong place or jay walking or something!

The album aslo reminds me ALOT of the old Sabbat (UK) with Odhinn's vocal style. Each note is nailed with precision, each blow meant to crush you down, each beat meant to pulverize, really hateful stuff going on here. It held my attention after the first 3 listens to the album, and I think Excuse All The Blood Part 1 has got to be my favorite track off the whole album. It is a great cd, just takes a little while to get into while you have 1000 other bands or songs you listen to on a daily basis. These guys have done a really good job, and I cant thank Odhinn enough for sending me this bad ass cd. I would call this review a Pure Fucking Good Review for these warriors. Hails ZUSHAKON !!!

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