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This is Chalice of Doom, Jordanian Doom/Death metal at its finesse. I recently read they also just found a new drummer, Yousef Al Turk, so info may not be entirely accurate right now. The band has a single out now called "Endless Prison" for me to review here. It is a great single to start off with and reflects a lot of what COD is really all about in more musical compositions then one. The song feels endless once you get into it and their are many twists and also progressive turns in the way? May it be when I hear this I feel like I am listening to old Opeth, it is a real turn on for my ears, and it is just fucking marvelous I say! This song is available through Azmo, hit him up, and dont be a dick haha he is a great guy, and also his band Forgive Me is also featured on Most Unholy Convergence! You should look them up too. Here is some more insight on the band, and I also made a video for Endless Prison, hope you guys like it. -D

Chalice Of Doom is a Melodic Death/Doom Metal band that was formed in Zarqa, Jordan in the begining of 2010. After some months of writing materials, they recorded some tracks, and they are prepairing for their first full length album. The album will contain depressing melodic death doom music with the emphasis being more on the melodic atmospheric side.

In the spring of 2010, Chalice Of Doom began writing and recording the first demo "October Bled" before releasing the full-length album. October Bled saw the band move towards a slow dark doomy sounds. The Demo was recorded and mixed by Chalice Of Doom and mastered by Ahmad Seffo And Azmo Lozmodial.

Fares Swedan - Harsh Vocals
Azmo Lozmodial - Spoken Vocals, Keyboards and Programming
Ahmad Seffo - Lead Guitars\ Bass Guitars
Thabet Abu-hammad - Rythem Guitars
Yousef Al Turk - Drummer

Music And Lyrics By Azmo Lozmodial, All Solos By Ahmad Seffo

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