Monday, January 10, 2011

Latest Update + FREE NOISE exclusive

Just got my computer running again 110% so expect new stuff up asap. I like to advertise this site, and I suggest you check it out!
All over MySpace and several websites we've noticed a huge amount of free download releases.  So Amex Nori decided to put them all on one website, together with interviews, a section on the Combined Label Experiment and a Magazine (Free Noise Press).  
We'd appreciate if you take a look and submit your releases.
Now why are we doing this?  We just love the music you al make and we wish to support you.  However, we feel that, even with the help of the internet, it's hard to find affordable quality music.  So putting all of them in one place seemed like a good idea.  
In my previous blog ( you can read about the Combined Label Experiment.  We put that section on the website too.  It's not ready yet (there's still some serious thinking to be done) but it will be in the near future.
We also added a shop.  This will of course link to the various releases that are not free (but cheap, hah) and to some stuff we create (like shirts, caps, pens, whatever).  You can buy these things.  The money will be used for further support and (if we get enough money) to organise a festival in the future.
Oh, and finally.  We're working people.  We don't like to but we have to.  So please don't kill us if your release or any other page on this website is not complete yet.  It might take a few days sometimes so please be patient.
Thank you.
As a music genre, noise is overrated
But then again, so is mankind

Work with me

What’s more important for your label?  
-To make a lot of money? (you should try to sign Justin Bieber than instead of an experimental band)
-To get the imago of a tough, harsh and narrow minded business man? (You should start working at a bank than)
-To release and spread the music of good, honest musicians to as many people as possible? (Welcome to the club)

So I was thinking.  What if a music fan in Mexico wants to buy a Misantronics CDR?  The shipping costs will be higher than the actual CDR.  What if he also likes a band from Germany?  Twice the shipping costs?  What about distribution and combined shipping on a larger scale?  Say this Mexican music fan can actually buy all of these CDR’s from a Mexican label.  Way less shipping costs.  Less risks of postmen ‘losing’ the items

As Ed from Syrinx said. “DIY labels always have the best ideas”.  And maybe so is this one.

So let’s say the Mexican label Meximum (fictive, unless someone likes it and decides to name his own label that way) has the opportunity to copy & print CDR’s with permission from other labels.  It’s better for him, less work for the others and less costs for the buyer.

Other pros: Let’s say the Mexican fan also wants to buy a t-shirt.  Well, he can but everything from MY label, still less work and shipping costs.  

What do we need?
1.        Writeable CDR’s (but every label has them)
2.        A Printer to print on the white site of printable CDR’s
3.        A cover printer
4.        A standardized cover design (24*12 cm is perfect for a cover)
5.        No whining about money

Why part 5?  Well, if Meximum sells 5 Misantronics cd’s to 5 people in Mexico, I’m pretty proud of him and myself.  Let him keep the money, I’ll probably sell some of his cd’s here too, so I can keep that money.  So let him do as he pleases with it (preferably give it to the bands signed to his label somehow).  And so will a label in Japan, or Australia, or Vietnam.  

I’m positive we can spread the experimental sound way better this way and we all will profit in one way or another from this project.  Not just the labels but also the musicians and the fans.  I despise contracts, obligations and control from some idiot above.  Let’s to this together and try to be respectful towards our collegues.

If you need more information, or want to join this experiment: mail to

Thanks for reading,


The Free Noise Archive is planning to be one of the biggest collections of free download music on the internet.  To have your music linked, simply send us an email with the correct links to the files and a cover photo.  We'd also appreciate a little information about your project for use in the Free Noise Press section of this website. 

But, we have to have some rules.  The music you submit has to be your own.  We don't want any trouble by hosting cover albums and thus having our butts sued for something we didn't really know about in the first place.   Second, we'll probably don't have the time to listen to all the releases, so please give us the genre, label, file type and other usefull information.  Check the releases below for an example.

Legal shit
Amex Nori and Free Noise are not responible for the links on this website.  All links are provided by the artists themselves.  Links to malware or material containing copyright violation can be reported to We will take proper action and remove the link and (by repetition) the link to the artist. 
Please note, all releases on this website are for free.  They can be submitted and added for free.  However, updating this on a regular base takes a lot of time and work.  We really appreciate your respect, kudos and thanks.  If you like to donate, you can send a gift by PayPal (  Thank you.
Finally, many of these releases are high quality noise, experimental, ambient, dub,... music.  The artists work very hard to get these to your ears.  Support them, let them know how you like their music and spread the music.  Feel free to submit your own releases too. 

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