Friday, March 18, 2011

Abysmal Dawn: Leveling the Plane of Existence REVIEW (by Brainscab zine)

When a band starts off their creations with an introduction of a melodic symphony instrumental two things are going to happen. One, is that you have put your girl friends CD of some damned POP idol, or you are about to be blasted by an earth shattering brutality that causes an un-stoppable nuclear reaction. Abysmal Dawn’s, “Leveling the Plane of Existence” is the later.  Bombarding the listener with a rapid progression of cacophonic noise that causes even the true believers to heave and hurl their bodies in a pit driven slam fest of 10 tunes. “The Age of Ruin”, “Pixilated Ignorance”, “In Service of Time”, “Rapture Renowned” , “Our Primitive Nature”, “Perpetual Dormancy”, “Leveling The Plane of Existence”, “Manufactured Humanity”, “My Own Savior”, “The Sleeper Awakens”, all bring a devastating Death sound even the hardest hitting Artillery cannot keep up.

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  1. Yeah I thought it was a good release except for that opening intro.