Thursday, March 24, 2011

DARK METAMORPHISIS Interview with Count Draclecarde (by D / Dracolord)


1)When did you start your band, and why?

D.M was started back in 2006. Originally it was meant to be a touring group, but I ultimately decided that the music I wanted to create was much better suited for dark bedrooms, rather than lighted stages.

2)What is the main theme, or subject, or difference to each album you made in you discography?

Well the subject matter of album definitely varies, as does the music itself. I usually begin each album with a certain musical idea in mind, and try to base the songs around that. Many of the albums are based around various concept stories, but I don't really consider the message to be too important. I think each album should be interpreted by the listener. I try to make the music as atmospheric as possible, to help the listener tap into their own imaginations while listening.

3)What do you look for when your making music? Is it more about the riffs, the atmosphere? or?

Definitely atmosphere. That is really what Dark Metamorphosis is all about. I try to make music that you can listen to in the background, or sleep to. D.M. is way more effective (at least to me) if you just sit back and let the music absorb you. That's what this band all about.

4)What is the recording process like, and how does it work for you?

Generally I try to get a basic outline of how the song will start and end, and I just fill in the middle with whatever feels right. I never plan out my riffs, I just let the music guide me.

5)Where can all your supporters/fans pick up your albums at?

Well the only album released on CD is "The Cult Of Draclecarde", and that can be found at Satanica Productions ( I am hopeful that some of my newer material will eventually be released on CD or tape, but I unsure whether it will happen. Fans can check out the official youtube channel: I try to update it regularly.

6)If you had to decide which song to name as your worst, which would it be? ;)

That's a tough one. I am really unsure. I'm unhappy with most all of my songs in some form or another, but if I had to choose, I would say some of my earlier demos are pretty fucking shitty.

7)If you had a song you like to name as your best, which one would that be?

That's definitely a toss-up between "Hand Of The Heavenly Bride" (from the Human Again album), and "Are You Morbid Yet?" (from Kingdom Gone), those two are definitely "classics" in my eyes, along with a few others. I would really like the chance to release a compilation/best of, of a few of my favorites, someday.

8)What bands influenced you, and how long have you been a musician for? Lessons? self taught? both?

There are dozens of really strong influences that helped me to become the musician I am today, but I would have to say the main ones are: Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost, and Darkthrone. I have have been a musician for going on seven years now, and am completely self taught at everything that I play.

9)If there is a few underground bands you like to mention, who would they be?

Wow, there are alot. I have so many friends in the underground scene who have helped me along the way. Desolation, S.O.D.D., Buer, Ravenhelm, Equilibrium Ablaze, Melankolia, and Ssunfuck are just a few names off the top of my head, but there are certainly many more.

10) This is my last question for you, what do you think the reaction has been so far for  your latest masterpiece "Kingdom Gone"? and what do we expect to hear in your latest album "In A Heart Beat" ???

Well, other than a few kind words I have received (yours included), there really hasn't been too huge of a response. It is absolutely the album I am most proudest of, thus far. The new album "In A Heartbeat" will be pretty similar in style to K.G. actually, but  with  more of an emphasis on moods and ambience. There will still be brief symphonic moments,  hellacious choirs and thrashy riffs thrown in, for those out there who enjoy that type of thing. I can say with genuine certainty that I am pretty pleased with what I have so far, and I hope that fans of the band will enjoy the finished product.


1) How do you feel about your growth as an artist during your tenure in the underground scene?

I feel that i've made quite a journey during my time as an underground musician. Having met so many great musicians who've helped me out, and all things i've experienced, I think i've grown quite a bit.

2) At one point you were churning out an album month after month. How do you feel about your newer material as your production time has grown?

I definitely feel that it has significantly improved. I've been spending alot more time trying to refine each song, to the best of my ability, rather than just speeding through production. There is alot more experimentation now, as well.

3) If you had the opportunity to hang out with any musician, who would you choose and what would you do?

I would honestly love to just chill and talk metal with Fenriz for an afternoon. Maybe throw back a few beers.

4) You've done a couple of covers in the past. How did you come to the decision to cover Cat Scratch Fever?

It was done as a joke. Someone suggested I cover the song, so I tried to take the song, and make it as black metal as possible. I think i did a decent enough job.

5) For those who don't know of it, can you describe what you call 'negative sleep'?

Negative sleep is what occurs when one goes to sleep with Dark Metamorphosis playing in the background; is tortured by nightmares, and wakes up with a start a few hours later, feeling 10 times more tired, slightly sick, and sore. Not something I'd suggest, but 9 times out of 10, it works. You, of all people can confirm that. Maybe i've stumbled onto something here. If you want to ruin your night, give it a try.

6) Who is your favorite Satanist? Do you even have one?

I honestly have no clue.

7) Your first album's concept was based on the first game in the Thief series. Do you have any plans on covering the story of any of the other games in the series (or any other intellectual properties)?

I don't know if I will base any future albums around Thief, or anything similar. Though you  will definitely be seeing more song/album titles in reference to things that I enjoy. Lately, I have been centering the themes around concepts that I have created. We will have to see when the time comes to start a new album. You never know.

8) Unhealthy Opera is probably my favorite album you've done, and if I remember correctly, it was recorded in a weeks time. How the hell did you pull that off?

I basically recorded that album having had little-to-no sleep each night, and I was probably under the influence of something or other at the time. I am glad you enjoy it, though. It is one of the only D.M. albums that I consider to be 100% black metal.

9) Your vocal styling comes off as very textural and unintelligible. What secrets are you hiding in your lyrics?

The cure to cancer? Secrets to world peace? We may never know.

10) Do you have any wisdom to share with anyone interested in music in general or maybe with just living life?

Not particularly.

Thank you for answering my questions. If you wish to cap off the interview with some last words, feel free to do so.

I want to thank you guys at Transylvanian Forest for taking the time to interview me. I appreciate the interest. So long.


  1. I still really want to release the Dark Metamorphisis / Zebulon Kosted Split on Kapustin Yar Records, I have not forgotten, and am looking forward to it's completion!!!

  2. I sent you my parts sometime last year I believe. I can resend them, if you don't have it anymore. Email me about it.