Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FUNERA - Tangled In The Architecture Of Rust and Razors (Refabrication) Ep (by Sal)

Swirling, tortured and unrelenting. Funera is just that,a one man project by some demented fuck who goes by the name "Trauma". There is something truly dark to experience here, definitely something i look for when it comes to noise and experimental. The pulses of whatever electronics this dude uses are captivating to the point of dizzying neurotic day dreams, latched with tortured vocals underneath the layers of noise. The first track "Tangled In The Architecture Of Rust And Razors (Refabrication)" delves straight into the second track Corridoors of Spatial Dissonance", feeling very much like one piece. This mini Ep runs at around just under ten minutes, although it took me for on a journey where time did not exist. Ill definitely be looking forward to new material from this guy in the future. This release is available streaming and as well as for download on http://funera.bandcamp.com/album/tangled-in-the-architecture-of-rust-and-razors-refabrication

-Sal Caputa

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