Sunday, March 20, 2011


HELL-COME to transylvanian forest e-zine lords of TRYBLITH! and welcome again Nihilus... :) haha

1) How long have you guys being making music for and why?

The others have been making music for a while, I just joined Tryblith in November of 2010 as the main vocalist. Why? Well it is an art and a ritual and it is how we present ourselves

2) What bands influence you guys and what bands have you been listening to lately?
Bands of influence, for me, are bands such as Watain, Wolves In The Throne Room, Altar of Plagues, Graveworm, Anorexia Nervosa, Ash Borer, Austere so many same goes as to what I am currently listening to.... really any Atmospheric and or Ambient and Symphonic qualities

3) What do you think of Black Metal and what does it mean to you?

I think it has become trendy, like everything else in this plastic world..... Means to me? Well it is an art and a way of expression and to convey my inner thoughts

4) What do you think of the underground scene?

I don't care much for it, I don't follow it really

5) what bands have you guys gigged with so far?

No big names.... yet

6) How does the recording process work for you guys?

Shit, basic recording software

7) How did you guys all meet up and decide to start Tryblith? and how did the name come about?

The drummer thought of the name, Tryblith is Welsh for Mayhem or Chaos!

8) Whats your favorite thing to drink? ;)

Absinthe and Chartreuse

9) Who plays what in the band, and how is the communication in the aspect of gigging? is it a spiritual thing, or trance like moments between you guys as you head to the stage? or???

Me (Nihilus) on vocals, Havik on drums, Helvete on lead guitar, Tzabaoth on bass (live) and Josh on bass (studio)
Our live performances are not just shows but rituals as well, I don't know about the rest of the band, but me personally, I get into a trance state of consciousness when performing..... it's much more then music for me

10) How many albums have you guys done and which ones do you like the most?

We have only done a demo, not much to pick a favorite, I like all of our work

11) I heard your demos, and I was wondering how you recorded them? they are raw, but filled with energy. :)

On a computer with microphones of course, basic recording software and thank you

12) What do you all do outside of Tryblith and how do you guys stay in contact?

Live life, practice, and to contact well, simply by phone or internet..... Personally I study and read a lot, look at maps, read a lot of history, after all..... knowledge is power

13) How has the fan reaction been so far to your music?

Very good

14) Is there any bands you like to gig with in the near future?

Of course, too many to name but a few I can say would be (personally) Watain, Wolves In The Throne Room, hell anyone, I just want to be on stage performing what I love to do most in this life

15) What do you think of all the things that happened in Norway in the late 80s and 90s?

It was good that those churches burned!!! Take back what is theirs!!!

16) Old Dark Throne? or New Darkthrone??? ;)

I don't listen to much Darkthrone to be honest, either is ok for me, but their Black Metal is better then their Crust Punk in my opinion, but that is coming from someone who does not listen to punk

17) If you decided to gig with a band, any band, to open for, who would it be? and why?

Probably Watain because of their intention, spiritual awareness, and atmosphere that they create..... I think that 99% of their audience has no idea what they are truly experiencing, they just go because it's a "good show"

18) Is there any way your fans can get your music and where at?

Yes, and search Tryblith on Facebook and the desolate cesspool that is known as Myspace

19) How long do you think this will continue, and do you plan for world domination?

World domination? I care nothing about owning the world, Mother Nature owns this planet and she shall do as she pleases with it, I have no intentions of "world domination"..... That is mundane anyhow, too many bands say that "Oh we are the best, we are the Ineffible kings of this or that" just shut up and do what you do, it's all opinionated, I can go up to a band that says that and say you fucking suck you know?

20) Thanks for your time guys, and I hope to see you all soon... then the real mayhem shall begin!!! :) Any shout outs to friends, fans, family, or people lost in your lives you like to mention to pay tribute to before you go? Hails warriors! -D -l-

Thank you to those whom support us!!!!

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