Friday, March 25, 2011

Lustre - Vaticannibalistic Tape Review (by D)

Been awhile since I reviewed a tape! Here it is...

This band Lustre is a black metal band and is from the country of Turkey. The band consists of Sarrum on vocals and guitar, and Martin Ciappara on drums. This duo here released a cd and tape, I got the tape, from 2008 called Vaticannibalistic. This album reminds me of a rawer 1349, crossed with a more depressive, and colder feel. The band is still active, and this tape is not as raw as you would think, but the quality is very black metal to me. The songs consist of religous symbolism of the darker side, and also is a band that is not afraid to throw its own weight around on the subject.

The album was produced by the drummer himself, and this was not a cheap production. Each song has a strong 80s feel, but also thrashy at times too. I am not sure if they have another album in the making but they seem to have their music down pretty well and keep it as dark as possible with out destroying the overall feel of it,  its a listenable album at best. Clean vocals echo through out, and its a very dark vocalizing I have not heard from most bands lately. Deep, and suffocating.

I just always look for that strong point in the music, and I cant really put my finger on it, or find it in this one, but its a good listen nonetheless. They also threw in a Bathory cover of Blood Fire Death in the mix, and its pretty impressive cover holding the same mystic as the original  I think. I recommend you get the cd, and if your lucky you could get the tape. Its a great addition to my collection, and is a bit on the thrashy side but the black metal sickness is well played out on this one. I would recommend this band to people who like black metal in its purest form. Check these guys out at
and if the sites are still up for a listen or to pick up a copy now.

1. The Intro 3.17
2. Antropophagus 8.08
3. Divine Fetish 7.49
4. The Sin 9.42
5. Summoning of Black Fire 5.02
6. Blood, Fire, Death (Bathory cover) 10.49
7. The Secret God 7.43
8. The Outro 3.13

Total playing time 55.43

download album here :

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