Monday, March 14, 2011

FUNERA - IV- Tangled In The Architecture Rust and Razors Review (by D)

Funera's latest album IV- Tangled In The Architecture Rust and Razors is a very interesting album. This band has been around since 2006, and has a bunch of albums up for download already. Now the album, it has a very eerie, and desolate atmosphere, I believe the process to make a music of this sound was just something that was not meant to be heard by the ears of people in this world...this is the sound track for the dead, long and gone from this Earth. It is the type of music that can bring grown men into their own realm of madness, despair, and misery. Very depressing, and very strong feelings must have been put into this. Sampling and field recordings on this one.

I enjoyed listening to this album while reading some Hellblazer comics, and its is the perfect atmosphere for such a read. The songs are lengthy at times, but brings a sound that is mostly for systems at home. I like how each title has a meaning behind them, and how they all inter-twine with another on the track list. If you like ambient music, this is a album for you.

The songs seem to draw mostly from its ambient silence, but a clean and solid structure in the music itself and not filled with static or noise that you hear on most drone albums I been hearing lately from other bands. I just feel if I am walking down a road, alone, with no place to go, most likely at 3am at night, this is what I would hear in the background. The songs 1-6 have this feel, and it something out of a very suspenseful movie to me, filled with the paranormal, and its presence just radiates it more then anything to me. It has a way of creeping up on you, and getting in your skin. Its not your typical drone, or even noise album at all really. Its is something that makes its way slowly into you, and lets you sink deep into yourself.

The album overall is pretty good, but since I am use to hearing more in the songs, I tend to listen to its last album before this was finally mastered into this album, that album was called Tangled In The Architecture Rust and Razors (Refabrication) which I will review after this one. The cover art for this album seems to fit with the musical content as well.

It held my attention after all, and you really have to be in the right mood to listen to this style of music. Tonight, was the night to hear it. -D

1 Unborn- Realization By Conflagration
2 Nightmares, And The Actualization Of Perpetual Decay
3 Offering
4 Echoes Of Never
5 Echoes Of Always
6 Environments of Dysphoric Disintegration
7 Conclusion- The Torn Eyelids of Derilect Structures
Country - Canada
Lyrical theme - Urban/Industrial Decay, Silent Hill, Insanity, and Surrealism

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