Tuesday, March 15, 2011


D.G. Klyne of Appalachian Winter is the creator and founder of this very legendary sounding band and has made some music that catches my ears. It unites with my soul! On each of his albums he has sent me.

If you like strong, fast, theatrical, very tight sounding, huge choruses, I suggest you look up this band. Very under rated, and a NEED to know in the underground metal scene.

It comes off as a black metal band, but with a mix of fast progressive power, but very original in its themes, of frozen lands, never ending winter, the call of the wilderness, and discovering a true meaning in this world that is greater then us. With a hint of Viking Metal almost, this band is not a after thought.

I Become The Frozen Land, comes with more then a simple and predictable black metal sound. Operatic vocals, also come into play, in many tracks on each album, but they are very distinct, and flow very well with each song on the album. Very graceful at times as well.

Acoustic/folkey and serene passages in between, this album reminds me of Nordland I in a way, and II. The drumming is very powerful, and each song just blows you away with its mystical presence about it. Really tight drumming, the guitars and keyboards just make it that much stronger. The vocal range is great as well, and seems to flow smoothly with the rest of the music going on. Thunderous, and vicious vocals. Very well done, the production is crisp, and very lively. -D

Artist: Appalachian Winter
Album: I Become The Frozen Land
Year: 2010
Genre: Symphonic Black / Folk Metal

01 Northern Blood 5:56
02 Winterdance 6:04
03 Bearhearted 5:38
04 The Rage of the Great Mountain 5:04
05 The Freezing Night Howls 8:14
06 Call of the Lonesome Wind 4:07
07 Deep Within the Mountain Forest 8:43
08 The Storm and the Mountains 7:41
09 I Become the Frozen Land 7:07

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