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Welcome To Transylvanian Forest E-zine! How are you doing and what brings you here to my e-zine? hmmm? :)
1) I listened to your music, very original in its presence, strong in its aura, how long have you been making music for, and under this sound and style?

ARKANE : Dark ambient / neo-classical solo effort created by ArkanumX,
former member of Daemonia Nymphe (Greece).
ArkanumX's music has been described as mysterious, cinematic, sensuous and beautiful.
Inspired by his home country of Greece, mucH of the expression from Arkane centers on Greek mythology and lore..i Started ARKANE in 2000 Under The name xARKANEx where i released ARCANE ELITISM on FOSSIL DUNGEON

In 2005 I changed The Name to ARKANE And released the Debut Album ENRAPTURED SERENE MESMERISM

four Tracks of This Album can be heard on Myspace...

2) I read you will have a new album coming out next year, in the year of all that ends to most? 2012? what do you think of that, and can you explain what is planned out for this latest of release by Arkane?

2_) I decided To release My most Inspired Sophisticated And Professional Album in the year 2012 together with the end of the world according to some ancient tribes ..Maybe it is not a good idea after all . heheh

This Second ARKANE Album , I regard it As My Real debut ,due to the fact that ENRAPTURED SERENE MESMERISM was Only 39 Minutes Long and Also that after 11 years of deep concentration and profound research , I have finally got to discover the real Sound that i have always dreamt of..Dont Get me Wrong ,It is not a very different perspective from ENRAPTURED ,yet its most completed , sophisticated and mature ..Its Pure
MESMERISING SEDUCTIVE ART In 8 Parts ..Profound Neoklassikal soundtrack-ish Mesmerism connected with Operatic Female Vocals in addition to some Anatolian Mysticism touch in them ..Just Wait And see

3) When did you come up with your band name? And have you been in any other bands previously?
I have been the Founding Member of Famous Project DEAMONIA NYMPHE ..I have recorded two Albums With them ..BACCHIC DANCE OF THE NYMPHS AND TYRVASIA Back In 1996..

4) Do you have any side projects, or musicians you associate with in the music realm?

Im solely fully Concentrated on ARKANE
ARKANE Is A one Man Effort With The Aid of DRG (My Studio Producer) and STEPHEN SVANHOLM Of SIBELIAN on Male Recitations..All Musik Has been composed And orchestrated by Me ,ArkanumX

5) If you had to describe the sound of Arkane in 3 words, what would they be?
SEDUCTIVE ENRAPTURED MESMERISM And That Speaks For itself I reckon ..

6) What are your influences musically, and personally? How does the recording process work for you?
My Influences Are Dark Symphonic Soundtracks Like THE NINTH GATE From Wojchiek killar and DA VINCI CODE from Hans Zimmer ..My best Projects Ever Are OLD DEAD CAN DANCE,ELIJHAS MANTLE, Old ARCANA , THE PROTAGONIST,CELTIC FROST,ARCTURUS and LIMBONIC ART

7) How long have you been making music for and it seems you have done a lot in these years, name a accomplishment you are most proud of?
I been creating musik since 1994....theres nothing done yet ..
The Release Of MESMERIC MASQUERADE SEDUCTION Shall be My Greatest Acoomplishment of Them All..

8) Lastly, since this is a short, but effective interview, do you have anything else to shout out about your music, and do you plan to ever go live? and is there a place where people can directly link to, to find your music for download, and for purchase? I appreciate your time, and wonderful music you got here. Keep rockin ;) -D

8)Thank You For The Great Interview
Order The ARKANE Album From
check ARKANE official website at 

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