Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I got a lot of downloaded albums saved in a TF E-zine folder, I have hard copies I must cover first, and I really only have a few reviewers supporting the e-zine right now... Salvatore, Katie Wilcox. The others have been busy, so I must move on and find people to do this full time... Its come to mind to me a few times,  how much longer I could be doing the e-zine for... but if I have the RIGHT people to help me, then this e-zine can flourish, and keep expanding onward. I need reviews done, and also interviews are welcomed as well with these bands. I need people who are on top of it, and also know how to work with bands on a daily basis. I have MANY bands come to me every day, and its just getting harder and harder to keep up with all them. I have bands, music to make, and I also have bands I help release albums, and also bands I keep in touch with on a daily basis. I have quite a load with this e-zine, and Ill put up a list of bands that are going to be featured in the zine. These bands albums, I can provide links for, if only, if ONLY I know, I can trust you not to spread their music around unless they want you to. Also another benefit of being part of the e-zine is you can get hard copies for review to from bands, as long as you ask them, and they agree to it, and are able to mail you. This is like any other zine, but online for now....
Plans will SOON be in the making for actual ISSUES to be made, and I have some one in mind that can do the art for all this. I also have somebody who can make flyers for the e-zine, and possibly hand them out at shows, and all over the area to spread the word about the e-zine. All these will come together, but right now, the bands I must cover now, are most important before I get into any more of this. Its a full time job basically, and its something I wont take lightly, but I have other commitments I must live up to, and I originally did not start this e-zine myself, but I kept it alive all this year. I main site WILL be modified, and also the logo will change as well. I need 110% from you people out there, so if you have the experience, or time to do this let me know. I cant have people just do one review, or one interview, or one exclusive/update every once in awhile. I need REAL support on this. These will all come into play soon, just like my ideas I mentioned above.
Also the group adds, must STOP, I like the idea of groups but its very RARE that you find me commenting on a group, I thank you for letting me join, but the notifications, and all these group adds, are getting  WAY too overboard. I will be cleaning this facebook up soon, and I got people in mind that will still be on my list, but other than that, I need to find out if this is something you are willing to put forth the effort into, and have the time to do it. If you want to review, but havent presented anything to me yet, you are still on my reviewers/interviewers list, just ones that say they wanted to join, and I had no word back from them yet since you asked, I must do away with unless you have something to present to me, and can accept the fact I got a list of bands that need reviews and interviews, other then the bands you already have that need reviews/interviews... Katie Wilcox is a good example, in the beginning she had more larger scale reviews from other bands she already reviewed for, but she passed the test as a full time reviewer, and I will have a interview for her shortly, she is now doing reviews I send to her by link, and bands can willing send her hard copies for review.
Same goes for Salvatore, he has also been a great help as well on reviews, and I like to see more from him as well. He has excellent reviewing skills. I may not be the best reviewer/interviewer out there, but I always give my honest thought of bands work, and more! I do not lie, or make stuff up to make bands happy, I tell you, what I personally think of it, may it be music, art, modeling, and more. Exclusives, and updates on bands are a BIG plus in my book as well, especially if a band needs a little exposure just for the moment. Every little bit of help counts here. So, if your interested, let me know by PM  me, and also remember, SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND!!! -D P.S. sorry if I am slowly cracking under the pressure... ;)

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