Monday, March 21, 2011


This band here is from Finland, and formely from Russia. This cd is filled with death metal and black metal sounds, coming from a place filled with such great artists to live up to. This band is on Hammer Of Hate Records, and the band overall has a good.  Intense streak about themselves, but they just sound a little too much like a lot of past bands I heard from the death/black scene, and they come off a little too generic at times. They are still overall, a good group of musicians though. The albums first track is a build up, the same old build up I hear from all these other bands, and its hard to get into it, but once the track kicks in, I am more at ease. They have a smooth, and great quality sound production. that is not raw at all really, and the black metal elements that work with the death metal edge in their style, make it a bit more interesting... Its important to me to have atmosphere, and this is something it lacks. Its not a cd you can throw on a million times and enjoy every time really to be honest.

What I do actually like the most about the album, is the vocalist has this very "breathy" vocal style and shouting which I like a lot ala Napalm Death, but raspier, and not as psychotic as Barneys though. The music overall to this album to me, is lacking, which is sad to say, but I think the next album, or if they have another album probably sounds a whole lot better, and hopefully... more lively. The songs are lengthy too, and the album gets a one thumb up, and one thumb down in my book. Live, they probably sound a whole lot better, but who knows, they could be great live! The day you get this cd, listen, enjoy, then move on. This is not a album that would entice you as much as you would think.  -D

  1. Abyssus Abyssum Invocat in Voce Cataractarum Tuarum - 2:29
  2. The Void - 7:59
  3. Corpus Dei - 6:24
  4. The Black Devotion - 4:40
  5. Divine Flames - 9:02
  6. Nightside of Eden - 1:55

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