Friday, March 11, 2011


The opening intro to the demo by New York’s Frozen Cadaver is reminiscent of a B movie horror flick, eerie organ keys end with a blast of horns, making it seem like something is about to pop out at you. That which pops out at you in the beginning of “The Ugly” is a sample of what seems to be a conversation between a killer who hears voices and a psychiatrist or police officer.  I expected a gore grind song after that, but was given a very strange mix of D-beat drumming, guitar supersaturated with distortion and vocals that at times almost sound like they could be on an Obituary tune. Frozen Cadaver are not setting out to raise the bar, but merely write simple songs about murder and gore and have fun with it.  There are some things you really wouldn’t expect here, but for the most part I think this is just a few guys who have an intense love for horror movies and want to express that through some simple metal tunes.

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