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Hello, Welcome to Transylvanian Forest E-zine! how you been?

1)What got you started in modeling and what influenced you to take up such a profession? you were the very 1st metal model I heard? or so have read.
MH) I originally wanted to be a photographer but after finishing college I realised it was not for me. The final project was a self portrait and I fell in love with being in front of the camera. I always knew I wanted to be a part of the alt and fetish scene.

2)How long have you been modeling for? can you name some big events, or acts you were involved with?
MH) I've been modelling since the age of 18, 2 years professionally. I count my lucky stars everyday. The biggest event is obviously The Playboy Mansion Halloween show but I've been lucky enough to be a part of SMack! NYC, Taboo Sex Show, Montreal Fetish Weekend, Bizarre Ball, too name a few...

3)How long have you been part of the metal scene and do you have any favorite bands or artists you like to mention?
MH) I have been actively in the scene since I was 14 years old and had to sneak into the bar shows all the time. There are a lot of great bands from right here in my city like Begrime Exemious, AMSG, The Order of Chaos, and the infamous Dead Jesus.

4)Where are you originally from? and what was it like growing up?
MH) I grew up in Victoria, B.C. until I was 12 then moved out here to Edmonton. Growing up in BC was lovely, I'm so glad I got my start out there. It's so beautiful and feels magickal. The tattoo on my back is a tribute to Victoria. It's the Pooley angel from Ross Bay Cemetary, which is said to cry tears of blood under a full moon and has been written about by countless Canadian metal bands, most famously Blasphemy.

5)Do you like what you do everyday, and what does your family think about it?
MH) I love it! I am so lucky. My family is extremely supportive. My dad got me into metal via Metallica and Guns n Roses when I could barely walk and my mom is my best friend. I took her with me to the Playboy Mansion.

6)What is the meaning or purpose you think in your life? (deep question lol)
MH) My purpose as I understand it is to be a muse in all aspects I can. I love nothing more than to see the reactions of people, especially other artists, to my work. I love inspiring others. It creates a cycle of inspiration that makes me want to do and be even more for them.

7)What bands have you been associated with?
MH) Well I've performed on the bill with countless bands. I loved opening for my friends The Order of Chaos, they're great. I was supposed to be a part of promo shots for both AMSG and Begrime Exemious before some of the members ended up in jail so I guess time will tell. I recently got the news Ill be in the new Chrome Division album and there might be more collaberations in the future with them.

8)I see you like vampires, and like the vampire image? and you also have a few pics as one too! What do you think about that? is it something you always were into? movies? books?
MH) I like vampires as much as the next goth or metal girl. I just relate to vampires the most of all the archetypical monsters because of my blood fetish.

9)How much longer do you think you can being modeling for and is their any achievements or accomplishments you have that you are proud of?
MH) Well Julie Strain modelled until she was 40 I think so I have plenty of time! I'm proud of everything I've done so far but it is just the beginning.
10)Who helps you in the business? and is their any other models out their you have been or still are associated with? please name a few.
MH) I've done all the work myself, I haven't really had any "big breaks" that have got me here. Just hard work. I have been privileged enough to work with some of the top fetish models in the world though including Masuimi Max and Emily Marilyn.

11)Are you on the road, or do you take a gig every once in awhile? how does this work?
MH) It depends. Sometimes Ill be on the road and do a few shows or modelling gigs in a row and sometimes I fly in and out the next day for a performance. It depends how busy I am.

12)Any good shows you been to lately? any bands that you seen that you were glad to have finally seen or get acquainted with?
MH) I finally saw Dimmu Borgir play with Enslaved openning, which was amazing. It was my 3rd time at a Dimmu show but the only time I'd actually been able to see the show due to getting kicked out the previous times... lets not get into why. I loved Enslaved, they are an amazing live act. I saw Begrime Exemious and AMSG together before they went to jail and it was an amazing show! A refreshing dose of true Canadian underground.

13)What hobbies do you have at home, and what do you do most of your free time?
MH) I do a lot of yoga and reading. Sounds boring but when you live in the true north, it doesn't exactly inspire you to go out and party.

14)Do you have any shout outs to anyone out their you like to mention?
MH) Yes. Hail Satan.

15) What do you think of the underground metal scene today?
MH) I'm not as in touch with the underground scene as I once was. I'm hoping to reconnect to it by doing interviews with zines such as this. I want my fans to know that I haven't lost my love for heavy dark and obscure music.

16)I like to thank you for taking your time from your busy schedule to be interviewed by me :) If you have any last words, to friends, peers, haters, family? let it all out! :D thank you very much Madelina! Keep in touch. SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND!!!! -D
MH) I thank you for your patience and interest in my art. Please visit or


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