Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This is the first album by A.W. , it is a 2008 release, last review was a 2010 review. I believe this was the album that brought the A.W. magic alive, its more guttural, and a bit different then the later two. The inner wolf is a dominant figure in this album, and can be seen on the front cover. The Eagle is also another symbol, and means many things to different people.

The first song Silence Before The Great Mountain Wind, is a trance like and very uplifting song. A favorite of mine, as soon as I heard it. Not a lot of black metal underground can touch this one man talent. I do think Astral Winter, and other under ground bands theme wise, but sound wise, not too many like him out there. They can hold up with Astral Winter, say caliber, and velocity. Big sounds, huge walls of sound!

I throw the word epic around a lot, but if you look the word of in the dictionary, the definition is APPALACHIAN WINTER... !!! Do nOt skip songs, listen to the album, through out. -D

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