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Nåe interview with Elenyx (new)

(Interview with Elenyx!!! old interview, but just got the chance to post it! )
WELCOME TO TRANSYLVANIAN FOREST E-ZINE!!! how you been, and how was your holidays??? :)
All good, working as always, been busy lately with music-related work and have many projects that I have gotten involved in, but am not complaining- creative work is always good!
1)When did your band start and why???
The idea about Nåe started years ago as it grew from my work with poetry and lyrics together with my art. I made some tracks back then but it was not till last year I putted it all together and made the Nåe project official

2)What is the meaning behind your band, and what instruments do you play?
The meaning is as always.. just to create. I create in all ways I can ,and making music for me are in periods just as nescessary as it is to paint and draw, music is an expression from the inner and then the meaning is just to create and express myself,nothing more
I play all instruments and do vocals, on "Helvetespeilene" Svartalv added synth and Pr. Sergiy from Moloch played the drums
3)What does your band name mean?
Nåe is a old norwegian word meaning corpse or the dead
Nålys is a pale blue light that predicts death

4)Are you signed on any labels? and what albums have you released so far?
The album will be released during 2011 through Concept Machine

5) If you were to describe your sound, how would you describe it or define it?
Unpolished and raw, just like my feelings and thoughts and myself in all I am probably

6) Will it become a live act? and what other things do you do besides making music with your band?
IF I ever do a live act with Nåe that will be for a very limited audience, under special circumstances ..time will tell

7)Are you the only member? do you colloborate with others? or wish too?
I am the creator of Nåe, but have been working together with Svartalv and Moloch on one track, I also have involved one more musician but this will not be public till the album is released

8)What groups or musicians, or artist(s) influences you the most?
That I cannot answer as I never really think about my influences, I have always listened music and played as well ,and find just as much influence in nature and my own feelings and thoughts ,as in other bands. If u ask me what kind of music i listen to then I would say I have a wide specter, whatever fits the mood and feeling in the moment, but blackmetal is probably what fits my soul best and always have.
9)How has the fan reaction been to your music so far?
The reaction have been great, I would say no other. My music may not be for all but that was never the intention, I create for myself and if someone like my creations that is then good.

10) What is the recording process like for you? at home? studio?
It has varied, I record most at home in my homestudio ,but some tracks have also been recorded in another studio as some sounds etc are recorded outside

11)What underground acts or bands would you like to mention or associate with? and like to bring up?
I assosiate with noone, just me. I have many bands I do like and have full respect for in their work but cannot really say that I feel associated with anyone in particular.
I would however like to ask you check out Svartalv-epic Norwegian oldschool atmospheric blackmetal and Conjuration -Death Metal from Norway:

12)What are your long term goals or plans for next year in 2011?
I am working on other band projects together with people so I belive that will take much time, The Nåe album will be released this year and besides that my plan is only to be as creative as I can.
I shall also be dedicated to my work with Concept Machine I:A ,
which is a Production Company - For Music Videos / Music recording / Movie Scripts and concepts for Books, Graphic Novels and t.v series / Artwork /Photography & Cover/Album artwork and design.
13)What is the scene like in your area?
In my area.. I am located far up in Norway and the scene is most nature and not people..luckily ;)

14)how long have you been part of this style of music or been involved in it?
As in blackmetal? Forever

15)How long do you think you will keep making music for?
As long as I will create, and that will be for a long time hopefully

16)What do you think of the underground bands of today?
there are some really great underground bands for sure. I find more feeling and can relate more often to the essence in the music of many of these bands, but by all means there are a lot of great bands that not are underground as well.
17)What bands would you like to see live or do promotion for?
I am promoting some selected bands through Nyx concept,so I am not planning to promote anyone besides that except from the bands I have been and shall work together with, that of course deserve my full support!

18)Is their you believe a trend of music today that should be put away with or is ruining the style or image of what the "real metal music" or old edge metal is?
(dont understand this question .....)

19)If you could do something positive or negative in this world, what would it be? and why?
I am and will take care of myself and my closest, and nothing but that! All for themselves and that suits me fine
20) I really am glad to finally interview Elenyx, and what do you have to say to your friends, family, peers, fans, fellow bands and the good people of this world? :) Take care! -D -l-

As always, thanx for the support and great feedback,-take care as well!
-If you follow the path of others you are nothing but a beast on the fields and have wasted your soul!

+ EPIC NORWEGIAN OLDSCHOOL ATMOSPHERIC BLACK METAL + not ever available untill now ! Taken from the Demo Album - Winterbound

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